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I'm your host Victor Antonio and today

I'm excited to do another lightning

round and that means I dig into my email

my youtube channel

anywhere I get questions I try to solve

them so today I have three questions I

want to answer from three of my

subscribers specifically on YouTube so

thank you for the questions by the way

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us check it out all right first question

comes from I don't know if I'm gonna get

the name right but I always do my best

Kishore Kumar Kishore ki shor Kumar now

Kishore was listening to my sales

influenced podcast number 86 on how to

follow up and he has a simple question

but I think it requires a big answer he

says hi Victor I'm selling security

system services services and I would

like to know how to quantify a feeling

of being secured that's an interesting

question right let me say it again hi

Victor I'm selling security system

services I would like to know how to

quantify a feeling of being secure now I

can only assume because that's all you

gave me - sure is that you're trying to

figure out because you've seen my past

podcast I've heard them or my videos

where I talk about you have to quantify

the value of why people should buy

something now when you're selling a

security system what you're selling is

indirectly an intangible right in other

words you need to make people feel

secure so let's take a step back because

the big question is is how can you sell

more security systems more effectively

so here's what I would do and I'm going

to answer the question by backing into

it if I were to be

selling security systems here's the

first thing I would do step number one I

would target the right area in other

words I would find an area a market

where I know security systems are needed

for example maybe there's certain areas

where there's more crimes than others so

my first question would be are we

targeting areas where you need security

systems for example I live in a very

nice neighborhood really nice

neighborhood and the crime rate around

our neighborhood is so low it's almost

unheard of which is a good thing so for

you sell me a security system maybe I

wouldn't want to buy one now again

that's not saying I would because I have

a lot of things in my house I would like

to protect so again there would be a

reason of why I would buy one but

nonetheless if I want to have a higher

probability of success my first step

would be to find target areas that have

a high crime rate now you can go to your

you know your city center and get all

this information so once I know what the

area is kind of where some of the

problems are you know step number two

would be to get the information in that

area in other words I would actually go

again whether it's City Hall the city

center police to try to get some Police

Department reports and what I would be

looking for is you know how many

break-ins how many house break-ins did

they have let's say in the last two or

three months or how many car thefts did

they have in the area in other words

anything that has to do with security

you know I would want to know what's

going on in that area now step number

three is I have the right target area I

now know what's happening in that area I

know that crime is high again break-ins

are happening car thefts are happening

people break it into cars so then what I

want to do is step three is when I talk

to customers you know I want to talk

about what's going on in that area and

talk about what if this were to happen

see many people live in an area but they

really don't know what's going on around

in that area so you now have that

knowledge so imagine for a moment you're

talking to a potential client and then

you say something like this did you know

that last month alone there were 35

break-ins in within 1 mile radius of

your house you know the customer said no

I didn't know that did you also know

that the number of car thefts or

break-ins rather has also gone up by 20

percent just in the last six months and

then you can really begin to talk to the

customer about you know what if that

happened to you what would you have to

replace how much effort would it take

you to replace your valuables what would

be the cost how much time and effort

would that cost you see now what you've

just done here is you know obviously

you're selling to a fear the fear aspect

of owning a security system I get that

and you don't have to always do this but

making people aware see because I'm not

trying to scare people I'm trying to

make them aware of what's going on in

their area and by making them aware I am

providing community service a community

service so don't feel guilty about

sharing this information you're giving

them information they probably don't

have it didn't know so you're doing them

a service you're informing your

potential buyer about what's going on in

the area if I can inform them about

what's going on in the area talk to them

about how you know how will this if

somebody broke in your house how would

that impact your insurance what would

you have to go through what would be the

replacement value how much time and

effort would that cost you you know the

stuff you have is valuable could you

replace it so forth and so on so this is

how I would quantify the motivation for

them wanting to do something

the real value that you're asking more

pretty sure about quantifying is what

would how can I quantify what it would

take for them to replace what they've

lost how much time and effort would that

be and this is all brought about when

you really explain the people that look

you're living in an area where there may

be a lot of crime and because there's a

lot of crime I'm making you aware of the

data and because I'm making you aware of

the data I want you to know that maybe

you need to buy a security system so and

that's how I would handle my sales

presentation I would make them aware

first of all again step one target the

right area step two get information

about the area

you know house break-ins car break-ins

thefts and then step three would be to

talk to the customer about what if this

were to happen to you how would this

impact you and that's how I would

approach selling security systems now

the next question comes from ezel

it says sales easels sales and then

double e s out and sales ezel was I

think that yeah it's gotta be ezel he

basically was watching by

or she's starting a conversation that

was one of my podcast and sales ezel

asked the following as a sales

representative for a solar water heating

company how do you start a conversation

with the client again he was watching my

program one of my videos starting a

sales conversation and the question is

as a sales representative for a solar

water heating heater company how do you

start the conversation oh there's so

many ways to start a conversation on

this one sales ezel but let me give you

some ideas the first thing I'd like you

to do is to find something that maybe

your customers don't know about that's a

great way to start a conversation you

know if you provide your customer

insight if you've heard my past podcast

you know I use the word Insight a lot

and I define insight as information

beyond the obvious and give them

something or tell them something they

don't know make their head go huh I

didn't know that so for example you

could ask some questions like for

example did you know that by using a

solar water heater you could cut your

bill in half by 50%

most Hugo whom I didn't know that or you

can say something like this did you know

that if you bought a water heating

system you get a tax credit and you can

write off 30% of that item or did you

know that your savings in the first year

alone can be X amount in the second year

this amount by the third year this

amount within the first three years you

can save this amount of money and again

a simpler question if you want something

really simple sales easel is as people

how much money are you spending on

heating water

and then you'll probably know what the

average is so basically what you want to

do is ask a question you know ask a

question they don't know anything about

how much is it gonna cost you how much

is it gonna save you rather what's the

tax credit but the big one they want to

know here's the big one sales ezel they

want to know how fast am I gonna get my

money back if I bought a water heating

system and it cost me let's say $5,000

how fast am I gonna get that money back

what is my break-even point so if you

were to say something like this did you

know that the average person who buys a

water heating system has a break-even

point of three years and most people

live in their houses for an average of

eight years which means that after the

first three years you'll begin to save

money so for the next five years if

you're living in your current house

guess what you're gonna be saving X

amount of month and they're gonna huh I

never thought of that

and again what I'm doing is simply

sharing with them new ways of thinking

about the water heating system so again

there's many ways that you can share the

information it's not that hard anyway

that's it for this sales influence

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hi I'm Victor Antonio I'm an author a

sales trainer and keynote speaker a

multitasking what makes a great speaker

is it someone who delivers the real

content that the audience can use is it

someone who engages the audience so

they're part of the learning experience

or is it someone who can motivate an

audience to push them beyond their

comfort zone and discover new abilities

the answer is yes but the most important

thing to remember is that I'm not there

to look good I'm there to make my client

look good

simply put it's never about me and it's

always about them