How To Sell Home Security

do you sell security systems

door-to-door well you're gonna want to

watch this video hi I'm Paul su Korea

this is door-to-door mastery now if you

sell home security systems door-to-door

I want to invite you into my brain

because I personally allowed myself to

learn and acquire all the talents that's

required and needed to basically sell

door to door security systems and master

this art closing a ton of sales

door-to-door yes I've even closed ten

sales in a day this is not to put me on

a pedestal it's basically to show you

that yes it is possible if you

understand and learn the process now the

number one thing that I personally and

by the way I've had my own dealership

I've grown super large over 350 400 plus

doorknocker selling home security and I

have master dealerships all throughout

Canada and the United States who do

actually hire me to train their sales

staff why do I say this not to enlighten

you or not to just boast about it it's

to have you see eye-to-eye with me so

that you know who you're talking to when

learning about home security sales now

home security sales the number one thing

I always touch upon when I'm actually

training and teaching brand new reps is

you need to if you want to master this

art and you want to close a ton of sales

you need to sell yourself in on the

products and services on what it can do

for both you and your potential customer

so let's talk about security so let me

write that down so it sell yourself in

now when I say and talk about sell

yourself in I'm not talking about lying

to yourself with that home security is

an awesome thing you need to understand

all your features and how a potential

customer can benefit so let's talk about

a couple of the features now one of the

features for example can be a keypad

another feature can actually be a siren

another feature can be a door sensor so

let's talk about these three features

number one we're talking about the

actual keypad now mister mrs. so and so

if someone were to heaven forbid come in

from your back door while you were


wouldn't you like to know that your

system would actually tell you backdoor

also do you have any kids you do if

let's just say your wife is cooking or

your perhaps in the kitchen cooking and

your child tries to open a back door

you like to know instead of them running

off and you not knowing that back door

got opened okay so me personally I like

this I have kids I'm a family man if you

know this about me but that's one big

thing that I absolutely love sold myself

in on this now with a siren what's

awesome is if I'm at bat in bed sleeping

and someone would actually come into my

property I'd like to be awakened so I

can handle that situation loud sirens

going off sell myself in look you cannot

just continue going out every single day

selling security systems durand or if

you have not fully sold yourself in on

how amazing and bad you know what this

product is yes a SS bass this product

really is okay home security and home

automation with the new introduction to

home automation it's unreal how far this

technology has gotten I'd like to be in

the Bahamas which I was a couple of

months ago being able to control my

thermostat up and down forgot the air

condition forgot to heat on turn it up

and down I want to tap in to see what my

kids are doing boom go to my smartphone

I'm able to do that when I sell myself

in on how amazing this products and

services are what do you think how do

you think I'm gonna present myself when

I'm talking to a potential customer I'm

going to show them that excitement and

we all know that sales is the transfer

of energy and emotions and I hope I'm

bringing and delivering this energy and

emotion directly to you when you have

that my good friend you're gonna notice

you're gonna increase your sales hey did

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