Selling Cybersecurity - Advice For Vendors | CISO Talks


and how do you think that vendors who

perhaps create this consultative

approach rather than perhaps we've just

alluded today where you've got the

salesperson getting them to sign that

dotted line and do you think this is

something that should be started from

the outset and for example in our

organization we run risk assessments and

we do it free of charge because we feel

that this is not something you should be

paying for you and we give you a with

things being aggressively balanced view

on your situation do you think that

helps to attract more of a consultative

approach rather than perhaps just a I'm

a sales person you're a customer some

dotted line I think it comes down to

authenticity mmm you know when people

can people can detect that straightaway

you know if you're authentic but if you

go into a meeting if you're open about

you are here to help them but if you

can't help them you'll shake hands and

walk away because your solution your

service you're offering will not answer

their use case and that comes down to a

consultative approach that comes down to

knowing the market that comes down to

know and how your tool or service works

inside out and it comes down to a bit of

experience as well hmm

you know it's um I'm I'm slightly

annoyed at LinkedIn with the amount of

life coaches who contact me who are not

out to their twenties yet you know and

I'm like how can you be a life coach

when you're not out to your twenties

absolutely you know you haven't seen

anything of life you know and I'm nearly

50 I know that's difficult to believe a

nearly 50 both you know when I think

sometimes people don't get it audience -

well mmm I think you're gonna go into it

and do that type of stuff or cell SEO

services or send me five emails on the

bounce when I have an answered you first

one asking me did I get the other emails

I did I just haven't responded to you

because it's not for me at this moment

in time treat humans like human beings I

think absolutely and a good good point

there we mentioned LinkedIn do you think

LinkedIn is a good medium for vendors to

perhaps market their ways or do you

think that LinkedIn really is

is his ill-used by vendors at the moment

it's good and bad it's like everything I

think too many go in for the kill

straight away too many his old next

product is or next thing it's great it's

brilliant buy and that's kind of okay

you know it's but I think that people

who make a difference on LinkedIn are

the people who want value so the people

who have value without asking for

anything the people who give up their

time and their knowledge in their

experience to help with the people you

then build the trust you then build a

brand and then I think people will then

come to you if they have a question or

have an issue so people may still say

well that's a bit Mac of alien that's a

bit you know but actually if you if

you're out there giving more value than

you're getting in eventually somebody's

gonna come to you somebody's gonna think

you're worth asking an opinion of all

and may go and check out your website or

your services you know what one the

biggest guys one of the guys I follow on

LinkedIn is Gary Vaynerchuk

yes great guy from from vaynermedia you

know it's more value than Danny you know

and he says quite often that some of the

people who are charging for the LinkedIn

type of gurus you know you can get

everything you want from him for zero

cost mmm absolutely right

gritty but he's well-liked I love them I

love them and you know his language is

great as well I think he pulls no

punches mmm I would imagine if you met

him in real life that is how he would be

yeah nothing is nothing's manufactured

there hmm I think people who get a

little bit wound up w drops the f-bomb

every now just you know that's that's no

problem isn't with their sales in our

InfoSec industry really is that

sometimes they don't know anything about

the technology so that's the sort of

customer facing arm of the company and

really it's a sales engineer that

actually knows what they're talking

about but that doesn't tend to always be

at the front it's mainly yeah this is

the sales this is your point of contact

he's the guy who's gonna see you from

cradle to grave if you like yeah that's

a problem it is a problem of about sales

guys before will me into meetings tell

me that they're gonna introduce me leave

me alone to talk technical stuff and


come back afterwards to get the peel

type of thing you know I think that's

the that's the bad side of sales I think

the the the real good side of it and you

know I don't want this to come across as

a Salesman bashing side of things I've

caused from a an elementary point of

view and being the VP you know that's

where we are at the moment you know

where will it grow in our company

growing our sales go on our education of

the customers grow on our exposure so

obviously people need sales to survive

but I think think the real good sales

guys and the really good ones I've

worked at before and gender a trust with

their customers hmm almost almost before

you get to any kind of discussion about

what the product is or what the services

the 14 to you as a person absolutely

right I think also as well that it's not

entirely up to the way that you go to

market with your product but if you look

at maps of Perpetual versus subscription

licensing I think that's the

subscription licensing can be favored

because it makes the vendor maintain

that relationship every year

not-not-not what rather than perhaps

selling of a petrol license sure sign

the line and then that's it until

renewal that's that's that's a problem

that I think many vendors have you know

they're focused on perpetual licenses

and they're not interested in keeping

that relationship with the customer long

time yeah would you agree oh absolutely

you know most most customers on the

perpetual side of things get a call

every April or whenever they yeah

whenever the licenses okay how are you

doing that we're gonna renew next year

you know and I'm not sure whether you

know if that was your own personal

relationship you probably get out to

that relationship slitty quickly right

you know you don't you don't want to be

you don't want to be spoken to once a

year especially if you've had issues

throughout the year you've raised those

and nobody's dealt with those issues or

you've had problems you know so from a

subscription point of view and I think

it does lend people to have that


however haven't been in manage services

for a very long time you know that's

second nature to me and and to what we

do you should have those conversations

all the time and the customers you'll

feel free to be able to pick up the

phone and say hey what about this

and you should offer as I mentioned

earlier on about the value you should be

off a be able to offer that value you're

not getting paid for you you're not

getting anything extra hmm the customers

derive and value from it absolutely

that's really important yeah it makes

sense know one of the questions I'd like

to ask you is is around AI and AI

technology within our enforcer cold do

you think that the technology will ever

be so good it will replace the need for

a/c so in an organization I think we've

got a long way to go until that happens

you know Amazon still have issues detect

and real reviews from fake reviews there

was something recently on Amazon that

there was a bunch of fake reviews there

that they they couldn't detect will

happen at some point in the future I

think anything's possible right we'll

Liverpool win the league in the future

we're all hoping right so so so

anything's possible are we anywhere near

that I don't think so and we've got a

long way to go I think we're really at

the basics of AI Machine lens doing some

really good stuff you know we've got

people beaten chess champions and stuff

like that because it's a logic based

approach and you can do a lot of

computations but I think when you come

to the finer intricacies of the human


there's we're only at the very beginning

of that