How to Sell a Watch Online: Selling One of My Watches Online Step by Step

after close to pretty much a year

without making any changes to my wash

collection or making any substantial

purchases think it's time for some

changes and I decided to part ways with

a few of the watches that I have my

collection one of them being this iw CC

right here and I was gonna sell it and I

was thinking about the process of

actually going to sell a watch and with

this in mind I thought it was a good

idea to go ahead and document selling

this watch I have a pretty good

experience now probably selling close to

like a dozen watches online and I wanted

to go through the process for me and how

I usually go about it so guys let's jump

into this

so before we get too far into this I

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okay so Before we jump into my main way

of selling watches and I have went this

route before I've had a YouTube channel

and have sold many watches that way as

well as now currently selling them with

the YouTube channel so I've done it many

times now probably close to a dozen

times I want to go that route in that

route is eBay but just to talk about

other ways because you know for some

people there's pros and cons for every

single way in which you sell watch one

way is through the forums and Facebook

groups there are Facebook groups that

are completely dedicated to selling

watches and depending on the group I've

hear good things about it as well as

going to forum places places like the

Rolex forums watch time as well as other

forums that you may have heard of like

what you seek I've heard mixed things

about all these places kind of the pros

and cons for all of them sometimes you

can demand a higher dollar these are

gonna of course usually be more educated

buyers and usually there's only gonna be

a market for maybe more sought-after

pieces and there is the anonymous factor

for a lot of the forums you don't have a

name associated with somebody you don't

have the reviews and background so it

might be a little bit difficult but in

addition you have to always also

consider how you're gonna get payment

and go about that there's a lot of

different ways about this I prefer to

have the security some of these places

do have that lined up where you can

transfer funds and you can have ways of

going about it

overall I think you can get a good

return going this route so the next

place you can go is through a dealer and

dealers I think are great place to buy

watches selling watches as well if

you're somebody that just wants to get

rid of something quickly different

dealers of course they're going to of

course have to make money there they're

in the business of buying low and

selling high that's just the name of the

game that's business in general so I am

no fault in that and I will say about

this you might not get the same return

that you would get if you're going to go

independently but anybody that has sold

a watch or has tried to sell many

watches know that it is something that

takes a lot of time so that route might

be a good route if you're just somebody

that does not want to deal with the

back-and-forth posting of a watch and

having to answer questions of people

that might be interested you're gonna

get people that may just ask questions

that don't you have the money to spend

on you get a lot of people that will


ask questions for the sake of asking

questions and not really interested

buyers so there's a lot of pros and cons

to it one thing I will say this was

probably only a suitable solution for

people that have a watch that is going

to be very sought-after so say like an

example like omega watches rolex sports

and steal watches where there is a true

market for them you're not gonna be able

to sell your usually affordable watches

to a dealer they're not going to be able

to move it make the profit margins

needed and especially if they have a

bigger team and have overhead so and of

course I'm gonna show a shout out to Baz

watches and you if you want quick money

for your watch their partner the channel

they will always do that it's really

secure and a great way to go about it

now the final round that you can go is

through marketplaces like chrono 24 and

ebay and where I have the most

experience selling watches is through

eBay and the one thing I'll say about

eBay of course there are negatives to it

with their fee structure but I will go

in a little more detail about that I'll

have a link as well as to adjust in the

description to an article that talks a

little bit more about their tier

percentage that they take in terms of

fees as well as factoring in PayPal so

something to consider but also the one

thing I will say when you even when you

factor those in when you're looking at

comparing it to maybe going to do the

rap or Thor the forum route I think it

does check out to be pretty similar at

the end of the day if you're going for

the route and trying to make the most

money possible and selling a watch it

you know it's it's not going to be

something that you're gonna be able to

do independently unless it's a very

sought-after model so just getting the

money having the ability and ease to put

something up on the market and have

people direct traffic's through

different searches and find that watch

for sale that's the perk of eBay and

that's probably the greatest thing

around it as well as setting up a system

for you to usually safely receive funds

as well but the one thing I would say

about eBay I think is probably the

better route to go for the majority of

watch sales just the fact that for

cheaper watches more affordable watches

where there might not be the opportunity

to get as much traction on a place like

the forums where maybe people aren't

seeking out that particular model or

through a dealer who just won't simply

be able to take that model because there

is not enough money to be had for them

to take and buy it and keep it as

inventory and sell it that's the perks

of eBay I've been able to sell watches

you know under $100 and still make some

money I'm talking like fashion watches

that I just wanted to sell off many


oh that was kind of my gateway of

getting into the hobby of course so you

have that in your back pocket for eBay

so I would say for the majority

purchases it's the way to go and just to

kind of go through this today I have my

mintage IWC that I'm going to be selling

so let's go through this process step by

step on how you can sell a watch so the

first step in selling your watches you

need to know as much information as you

possibly can about your watch both the

particular watch that you have as well

as different models that are out on the

marketplace today and that is especially

true when you're selling a vintage model

you want to know everything that you

possibly can more details the better if

you're someone like myself it does a lot

of that legwork upfront when you're

buying a watch that's fantastic I can

tell you a lot about this watch and

that's all due to good research upfront

so that goes for both ends but make sure

you factor that in and get ready when

selling step 2 what you need to do if

you need to look at the marketplace and

I think this is something that a lot of

people gloss over I think many people

either get too ambitious with the price

that they're asking for or they just

simply will look at the listing prices

what is currently on the market which

doesn't really tell the true story about

what you're actually going to get for

your watch so if you want to actually

see how much you could probably get for

your watch what you should do especially

on eBay eBay is a fantastic tool even if

you go those other routes and how much

you should be asking for if you decided

to sell in a different way eBay is a

great tool to figure out how much you

probably should be asking for what is a

good indication of what it is on the

open market so to do this search for

your watches reference or model then

scroll down to the bottom left of the

screen and there will be the ability to

click a little bubble it says completed

once you do this you can see what people

are actually paying and see actual

listings that people have put up and the

frequency in which they're doing it I

think this is huge because it tells the

true story about what is the actual

value for the wash you're going to be

selling so you can take that in your

back pocket and have a better

expectation of what you should have that

list price Act I always try to give as

much as you can but that's what leads to

keep you a little bit grounded here ok

so now once you have a sense of what

your watch is going to be able to go for

on the market in terms of a price keep

that in your back pocket for now but now

what you want to do is take as many

pictures as possible so eBay allows you

to take quite a few pictures about up to

a dozen pictures that you

include one of the most annoying things

as a buyer of a watch is not getting

either good quality pictures or just not

simply getting enough do you know how

many times I see a good price watch but

I only see like one or two pictures for

me isn't I'm never going to take that

risk and especially if you were

something that's just selling a watch

for the first time on eBay and you don't

have a reputation to go with it this is

something that where you just want to

overextend here and provide as many

different angles many different shots as

you possibly can if you have the ability

to showcase the movement do that if you

can do it without damaging the watch at

the very least give a sense of what the

service history will be but take as many

pictures as possible and I put this

quick little rundown together and how

you can take better pictures just using

your phone so if you want a little bit

more insight on how to take better

pictures for listings let's do this

couple quick tips don't take pictures in

the actual eBay app take them on your

phone first and then upload when you're

doing your listing second step unless

you have very good camera equipment

don't even bother trying to shoot inside

go outside hope for overcast skies if

you don't have those try to get in the

shade because harsh lights never really

a big fan bringing out the best of your

watch but let's just go through this

really quickly alright so I'm outside

this really is an ideal place to be

shooting so I'm gonna go over to the

shade and then let's take a few pictures

all right so I'm here in the shade and

as you can tell the watch is gonna look

way better here without the harsh light

it's gonna allow the light to diffuse a

little bit more properly and look a

little bit cleaner and really bring out

those nice details in the wash so take

as many shots as you possibly can get

some close-ups also get some close-ups

of it off the wrist get some side

profile shots as well as the case back

take as many as you possibly can eBay

usually allows they're on ten to twelve

I'll be able to confirm that in a moment

but just take a surplus so you have

everything that you need when you go for

your listing okay now once we have our

pictures taken we can then go ahead and

start our listing so going through this

process what you want to do is you want

to pick a good title the title that's

going to get people's attention but also

isn't misleading so just be honest but

also really speak to the condition of

the watch if it is like new or is in

really good condition go ahead and

mention that but don't be misleading

being honest is always going to be the

best route especially in the long run

and you also want to make it easy for

people to be able to find a particular

model that you're selling also make sure

to pick the right category as this will

help in different types of

searches on eBay in the marketplace the

best aspect of eBay in my opinion is the

ability for there to be directed traffic

towards your listing if you're selling

this independently it's gonna be hard to

get that traffic the fact that millions

of people use eBay on a day to day basis

is going to help with this but you have

to set the right actual structure around

your listing to make sure that people

can find it next talk about the

condition and again just be honest about

this if it is banged up in certain areas

talk about that and then just say it's

pre-owned and then you can add more

information in the description now

moving to that description you want to

include as much information as possible

for one get your measurements get the

case size look to lug actual height

thickness lug with info and the crystal

is the original any blemishes on the

crystal is it all original I would go

into as much details as possible

especially when you're going to vintage

route people want to see all that

information you want to allow people to

be able to trust you and given

information in addition you can make an

unlisted video to YouTube and just put

the link in the actual description of

the video maybe you don't put your face

in it but you just talk about it you get

some video footage of the actual model

and you can put that in the actual

description it's just another way to get

people to feel comfortable in making a

purchase especially if you're going to

vintage route another important thing

that you're gonna want to include is

service history if you have that service

history you want to include it be honest

about it tell how the watch is actually

running and don't try to deceive

somebody that's never going to turn out

well what you send them the watch now

for setting the price you want to refer

to what I mentioned earlier about

finding models that were recently sold

once you figure out what the current

market is for that sort of watch offer

it up for a reasonable price if you want

to get ambitious you can however if you

want to sell always try to do it for a

fair price in addition you will have a

couple different options here for the

listing itself one being do you want to

put it up for auction or do you want to

have it by now there are positives and

negatives for both but for auction you

will gather a lot of attention

especially if you start your first bid

very low however sometimes you might end

up not getting what you want for your

watch you can also set reserve prices

for auctions but there are fees that are

associated with it so personally for me

what I like to do is just put a Buy Now

price and what you can also do is allow

people to give offers as well that maybe

are a little bit less

then the particular Buy It Now price and

that gives you the ability for one put

it out there give people that maybe want

to buy it the chance to just buy it when

they're ready if they're ready to pull

the trigger great if not and you're

seeing it you're not getting a lot of

good feedback and a lot of people are

showing interest or not getting a lot of

traffic to it you then can see if people

are going to provide offers maybe at a

less surprising and then once you get

those actual offers what you can do is

either approve them decline them and

also set a minimum offer amount that you

will automatically be able to decline so

just a few things to consider there I

personally like going to buy it now

route now for the duration I personally

like to go for usually a week that feels

like a very good amount of time for me

when you make it extra long sometimes

it's hard to get people really excited

about the listing and I feel like seven

days is the perfect amount of time to

garner up attention while allowing

people to not lose interest in the

actual listing itself if you have it set

to buy now in seven days I also find

that some of these longer listings it

allows people to maybe want to buy the

watch more spontaneously than they would

if it was an auction because they might

not want to wait the full duration of

the listing and we'll just end up buying

it because they don't want to have to

wait for something that they really want

so that's usually what I do seven days

that's the duration buy it now and for

shipping usually what I like to do is

either have a flat rate or include free

shipping probably depends on the price

of the watch itself if it's a cheaper

watch a more affordable watch say under

maybe $300 might be a good idea to have

a flat rate and it might be also be a

good idea to just keep it to domestic

shipping so you want to maybe turn off

international shipping because that

would really eat into the margin

especially when you factor in those fees

from eBay but if you're selling a more

expensive watch it might make a lot of

sense to do free shipping because that

will allow you to separate from maybe

other listings in the market especially

if it's a competitive watch there's a

lot of different listings and maybe

you're charging a little more of a

premium for the watch itself when you're

selling it so just couple things to

consider one thing that I usually do is

either do free shipping or that flat

rate and then I'll set it to domestic

especially for in the place like the

United States a lot of buyers

they'll be navigating looking for maybe

the potential watch that you're selling

and then will often happen if somebody

is internationally based what you can

usually do is they might

hey can you make this available

internationally and then what you can do

is off through those messages on eBay go

ahead and agree to a specific amount

that you want to go for and then go

ahead and read list it now once you are

ready to go ahead and list go ahead and

list the item and then just give it time

and always be sure to answer any

questions that people have even if it

seems like they might not be a potential

buyer you want to have a good reputation

if you maybe want to sell more watches

in the future independently which I have

in a managed to sell a lot of different

products on eBay probably hundreds of

products on eBay at this point now and I

have a pretty good rating there so it

helps with that regard but especially if

you're starting out and say somebody

does buy your watch make sure that you

receive that payment PayPal is going to

withhold the funds before that you can

transfer it over and you have to ship

out the product first however make sure

that you can see that that has been paid

for before sending out the product get

confirmation you usually you can go into

your PayPal account and see that there's

going to be withhold funds waiting and

you'll usually get a notification for

that so once you get that you can feel

pretty confident about sending it but

always look for that just in case to

make sure that you don't send out a

product that hasn't been paid for this

is usually always covered but I always

like to be extra certain before sending

something out and finally to wrap this

up I will link to a helpful article down

below that explains the fee structure

for eBay and PayPal if you want some

more information about that I hear a lot

of misinformation eBay has a kind of a

tiered structure when it comes to

percentages that they're gonna take from

the actual listing depending on the

amount that it is in the actual category

that it's in so you want more

information about that I'd recommend

giving the article down below or read so

you can be really educated when going

about this but for me I think it's

always worth it because eBay for one it

allows an a secure way to exchange the

funds and then also you have the ability

to be seen by people all around the

world and you have that traffic being

sourced to your page so there's always

shortcomings with every single one to

sell a watch it can be a very hard to

sell watch depending on what you're

trying to sell but for me this has been

the way which I have had the most

success and have done and of course not

a watch dealer but it's just what I feel

the most comfortable with and I think

for the majority the audience out there

it makes the most sense and in addition

guys if you want to go ahead and check

out the watch that I just put up for

sale my IWC vintage item

see I can link to it down in the

description to the specific listing and

thought this would be a good way to kind

of kill two birds here put up the watch

which is always you know take some time

as well as making a cool video about

this because I feel like this is a

subject that a lot of people talk about

but haven't actually went through the

steps on how to do it so that's how I do


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