How to (actually) make money selling used items online

have sold items online but how efficient

has it been and how often have you come

away disappointed with online selling

tips Eric Gunn is with me you do this

all the time I do you go down to a


yeah I think I do you know what first it

was a stressful and felt overwhelming

but now that I've kind of got the hang

of it I'm gonna teach you my ways yeah

exactly is to so there's lots of

websites that we've known that sell

things online like Kijiji or let go and

that sort of stuff and they have apps

and that's great

but you're kind of opening yourself up

to the world yeah which can cause

problems cuz it might be someone who's

down the street but it could be someone

who's in another town and they're like

hey did you ever drive over this way

could you bring that $10 flattered that

you're selling no no sorry so what I

really like to do our Facebook groups so

Facebook has like a marketplace again

that's open to everybody but if you find

these groups in your community hmm that

are a lot of them are mom groups right

you join those and you sell your items

there and it is so easy okay there are


what are you have rules so you're you're

gonna post as you would on your wall

yeah you're gonna do a post it'll ask

you to list a price we'll get to that in

a minute the name of the item so you

want to be descriptive especially if

there's a brand name involved put that

in the title of the item add a

description you're going to include

photos you're going to include

measurements you're going to include how

old it is the condition it's in and that

sort of thing and then people comment on

it as they would on a Facebook post okay

so here's where it gets tricky

there is etiquette that you must follow

if you want to stay in these groups or

you'll get the boot so people will

comment and generally the first person

will just say interested okay and that

means they want it so you then have to

make an arrangement to send a private

message to agree to a pickup time and


okay the next person might put

interested or next and that might there

might be 1015 people there might be five

people and you have to work your way

through that list you'll have some

people that'll just automatically send

you a private message and say oh I want

this I'll come pick it up today but

really if you want to be following the

rules you have to work your way through

the order of the people that have

contacted you can't take like a bully

offer know like the person that slides

into your DMS right it's like yeah but

I'll pay you double the price right

can't do that I mean you can but you're

not supposed to you're not supposed to

okay so you do the first person that

comment right it should be theirs cuz

it's first-come first-serve you get in

touch with them privately right like in

a private message in a matter yes


and then and then what happens what

would lead you to go to the next person

if they all this if they tried it and

they say your item is $30 she's like oh

I'll give you $10 for a goal and you

just say no I mean you have to negotiate

a little bit like anything like a garage

sale right yes I'm okay with negotiation

but if they're gonna try to cut the

price big time you say no sorry and then

you go to the next person okay exact

that makes sense yeah exactly

so let's talk about what you can sell

okay I'm like not junk no you know you

can't but you don't so junk right no no

but you can sell almost anything what

you have to do is just make sure of a

few things so yeah we're looking at this

right here you can sell electronics but

the thing you need to do is wash them

first this this is how do you guys see

the dust on this thing ya know who's

gonna buy that in its current condition

wash it clean it test it make sure that

it works

same thing with anything electrical as

well right another tip is to group like

items you're gonna be much more likely

to sell things if they come together so

instead of just selling one or two

placemats a group a pair or a set of

four placemats with some matching

napkins you're gonna get much more

interest in that right hmm same thing

with vases if you just put one on there

people aren't gonna be interested show

people how they could style it in their

home take really nice photos of them and

they're gonna want them nice kids stuff

kids clothes actually growing up close

to you but kids items sell amazingly

online yeah so let's talk about Lego

Legos one of the best things that I've

ever sold on line and any sort of

building toys at all yeah build them

build them and take a picture because if

you just show the box or a bag of it

you're not necessarily gonna know that

you have all the pieces and they're not

gonna want it ooh I like to have it

built take a photo of it built and then

if you want to disassemble it you can if

things are in packages original

packaging you can charge slightly more

okay if there's games check all that and

then seasonal items yeah you want to

sell ahead of the season so don't sell

your holiday stuff now start digging out

your spring decor your Easter items and

that sort of thing and start selling

those ahead of a holiday because people

are gonna be looking for that now not

after the holiday wraps up that makes so

much sense okay that's interesting that

you seem to hold the Lego yeah and let's

talk can we talk yeah you should really

yeah okay yeah let's talk about how to

take the photos really really important

important because that's basically

that's your merchandising at 100% so

photos are really really poor so I've

got some examples here of a handbag of

mine so let's look at the front shot


so what you want to do is you want to

take an overall photo of the whole thing

you want to spread it out to make sure

it's flat you can see in the first photo

it's the whole thing you can see the

front of it you can check out the

condition the second one I just plopped

it on the table you can't see on you but

it's not valuable to anybody that's

right then let's look at the back same

idea you want to give a full shot of the

entire bag so people can see it

especially if you're dealing with

brand-name items now don't forget to

take photos of the inside because people

do nasty things to the insides of their

handbags and people want to know they

want to know what it looks like in there

so open it up completely and the people

can see the compartments they can see

the pattern all of those things no

stains in there exactly if there's any

damage which there is on this you need

to take a photo of it a close-up photo

and either use a ruler or like I did

here your finger to show the scale of

the size of that damage for people to

see writing yeah and then for

collections you want to show them off

really well too so first we've got

t-shirts oh that's cute so you lay them

out completely flat do that with the

front in the back so people can see the

sizing they can see the pattern they can

see if there's any stains we all know

what kids are like yeah and then yeah

just make sure that that works really

well in books as well lay them out

spread them out people want to see the

conditions of those two what a great

thing to do just to sell the books that

are like a whole collection right when

kids are in graphic novels it workable

collection better that way people will

like that and when you're pricing I just

want to say yeah it's generally a third

of the overall original price just a

third of it third of the original price

that's why yeah talk about picking it up

okay safety so what you want to do is if

you're really really nervous person go

to a public location meet in a parking


some police stations will have kind of

days where you can go and do this

another thing is don't give anyone your

address unless you know they are on the

way to your house so you're not just

gonna give it to the first person less

you have an agreement that

are coming for short okay sir someone

else's home do it in the daylight and

often you can just do porch pickup 100%

you even if you don't have to see them

ever yeah yeah okay good this is a good

little lesson I got to get on it