Genuine Dealer Secrets Tips How to Buy Gold for Investment Profit or resale Jewellery Video 1

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hi guys welcome to another short video

by antiques arena my name is Walter

O'Neill in this video I'm going to talk

to you about gold now

Gold's expensive as everybody knows it's

hard to find costs a fortune now over

the years one way I bought silver no

gold is basically I have signs up if I

work the Matic fair I buy gold right by

silver and I set my price and my price

is set to caramel three-pound under


so if stops left on 50 I'll pay a pump

for 850 I leave myself a little margin

you will be surprised how many people

will bring good quality go-to and scrap

it in now once I've had this gold in you

know makes no odds if it's a watch

because the bracelet it doesn't matter

doesn't matter what it is Samarra if

it's a handful of gold rings or I don't