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jeweler Jake Jenny wants my opinion on

pre-owned jewelry let's get started

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friend Eric salmon a few things and

there's not a whole lot that can go

wrong with a piece you know if you buy

it from like a pawn shop they're gonna

want to test acid tests there do some

type of testing to know exactly what

they're buying they don't want to buy a

gold plated

14 karat gold chain they need to make

sure that it is indeed 14 karat gold so

they might make a small file mark into

the link or the piece of jewelry so make

sure when you're buying it to inspect it

and it's everything is good it's

polished it's clean there's no foul

marks or anything like that scratches

and also if it's a gemstone or diamond

piece has diamonds gemstones set in it

you want to make sure that those are

intact as well now it's very hard just

to look at a piece and say oh the

settings good

so when buying a piece like that you

might have problems with stones falling

out over time the place you're buying

for it does it have a warranty anything

like that because you'll probably end up

going to a local jeweler and having

those stones replace and fix you just

don't know if that ring was dropped or

how long of the settings bad at the

diamonds are chipped gemstones or chips

so those are the things you have to

factor in when buying pre-owned jewelry

don't get too nervous when I say

diamonds and gemstones can fall out

because that could happen anywhere you

could buy a brand new piece and you know

six months later a diamond falls out but

the good thing if you buy it from a

jeweler a jeweler store that has a

warranty they'll fix it and take care of

it for free at least they should and

most do I know I do with all my pieces

that just happens it's the nature of the


so you want to have that peace of mind

when when buying a piece with a warranty

that you're protected all your Julie

would be taken care of the other thing

why said you're not gonna find pre-owned

jewelry in a jewelry store because you

don't walk into a jewelry store and they

have a cabinet showcases of new

jewellery and then they have a showcase

of pre-owned really all jewelry is new

to you and now most a lot of jewelers

will buy a lot of pre-owned you might go

and see we buy jewelry diamonds Rolexes

things like that because that's how they

make a lot of their money they buy very

cheap from people like you and then they

clean it polish it and say it's new it

takes about 20 minutes to get a piece

that looks like it was put into a

blender and spun around and all chipped

and worn to look just like new you just

clean it polish it and it's good to go

so you don't always know when you're

buying you might even went to a Jewish

store and bought a piece and it's you

know ten years old you have no idea

because it looked brand new and you

thought because you're buying it in a

jewelry shop it is new but so that's

kind of the thing you don't you like go

to the doughnut shop and they have all

the fresh baked doughnuts and then they

got that little cabinet to the left

where it's like the old day old

doughnuts or they're selling for like 25

cents or 50 cents that's how it should

be but jeweler shops

they'll just clean polish it and put it

all in there and say it's new the

benefit of for you to go shop on eBay or

go to a pawn shop or second-hand shop

and search for a pre-owned or use piece

of jewelry is the price it should be

less than a brand new piece if you're

going to a jewelry store and buy it so

that is the trade-off you're gonna spend

less but are you gonna get the warranty

are you gonna get the peace of mind it's

whatever is important to you when you're

shopping around so that's the thing you

should expect and anticipate to pay less

unlike you know any piece of jewelry it

doesn't matter because they are paying

less pawn shops they're buying it with

the to keep in mind that they're gonna

scrap those pieces they'll try to sell

them so they should be significantly

less than if you were to go to retail

store and pay so that is the trade-off

do you want to just buy something you

know that's a little less pre-owned and

used or do you want to go to Jewish shop

and spend a little bit more now I know

you guys are wondering what do I think

what do I recommend for you lately just

talking to a lot of you guys be a DM


I'm hearing a lot of different stories

and so most of those stories are bad

stories about spying jeweller

experiences I would just recommend

shopping around and doing your research

for whatever piece you're looking for

whether it's through me or through

someone else you just need to know what

you're looking for and shop around and

just gather all the information you guys

hit me up constantly this is a three

millimeter rope chain should it be this

price should it be this way and

sometimes you know I have to break the

bad news to you guys that it's not a

solid chain it's a little overpriced and

you know that's just what you get for

shopping around that's the good thing

about all of this is you guys have the

ability to shop around whether it be you

want to buy some off eBay pawnshop or

through me through someone else

it's that's the beauty of it is just

shopping around and doing your research

and finding the right piece of jewelry

for you so that's what I would recommend

I don't necessarily recommend buying

something off eBay or through a

secondhand shop or pawn shop unless you

do all your research and same thing if

you're going to retail shop or like go

online and buy in a chain do your

research and I will make an eBay where I

go on eBay I'll screen record and we'll

shop around for different change just to

show you guys kind of what I would be

looking for and I would I want you guys

to be looking for when you're shopping

for a piece of jewellery so stay tuned

for that video just do your research

shop around and know what you're buying

when it comes to any jewelry pre-owned

or not and just get the best deal the

nice piece that you deserve that's it

for today's video and we will see you on

our next jewelry video