Selling Used Items on Amazon FBA

today I want to talk about I want to

talk about people who are afraid of

selling used items on Amazon I am just

you know surprised at the number of

people who don't sell used items on

Amazon you know they they're stuck in

trying to just sell news i new items and

and they you know they have a lot of

false information out about their about

selling used items some people don't

even think you can sell used items on

Amazon but you can yeah there's a few

categories we're selling used items this

is not allowed you know that Amazon

doesn't want you to sell used baby items

they don't want you to sell used

clothing or use shoes they don't want

you to sell used grocery items I mean

that's just gross thinking about that

anyway used grocery items but you know

but selling used items and many

categories on Amazon can be extremely

profitable just this year I've sold a

Lego set for you know $200 I've sold a

book for 80 bucks I sold a DVD for 20

bucks I sold a video game for 50 bucks I

sold a lot of different items and they

all had the same thing in common they

were used and so I want to talk to you

just a little bit about some some myths

that people believe about selling used

items on Amazon some people think that

like I said that Amazon won't even let

you sell used items but they will you

know the number one item that's probably

sold used on Amazon is books you can

sell books and like new very good good

acceptable condition and and they will

bring you back if you find them at the

right price that will bring back some

good money so so look into that a lot of

people think that used books are just

not worth your time I sell a lot of used

toys and when I say used when you're

selling it on Amazon you need to make

sure that it's listed is collectible

Amazon does not allow you to list it as

used it needs to be collectible so when

you're listing used toys on items be

sure you're doing as collectible but

I've sold used board games used Legos

for huge amounts of profits

and you know I learned so much with

someone used board games that I hope

wrote a whole book on it the resellers

guide to board games how to turn play

money into real money if you want to

find out about that book you can go to

full time FBA comm forward slash board

games but there's so many items out

there that are worth if the ROI is right

if the sales rank is right it's worth

spending the time to look into used

board games spending the time to make

sure that all the pieces are there maybe

even spending a few dollars on eBay to

buy replacement pieces for pieces that

might be missing it's worth your time

just like not every single new item is

gonna be worth your time you know not

every used item is gonna be worth your

time but the right new items and the

right used items they'll work out for

you really well and so think about it

when you're outsourcing don't don't be

scared of sourcing used items as long as

they are complete and in working

condition used items in most categories

on Amazon are completely it's it's good

and very profitable to sell you know

yeah it looks like somebody says that

they're sitting in a Harry Potter clue

today for 65 bucks that's awesome I love

that another tip for you when you're out

there doing retail arbitrage if you find

an item that is you know supposed to be

new at a Walmart or Target or any other

type of store and the box is kind of

dinged up a little bit maybe there's a

small tear maybe you're sourcing books

and there's a little tear in it or

whatever it's supposed to be new but you

find out that you oh man you know I've

scanned this item and it's just you know

it's not really good profit I mean it's

not it would be really great if I could

sell this as new because I could

probably make like $25 on this if I sold

it as new

don't don't forget to just glance over

to the they used or collectible listings

to see what it's going for as used or

collectible because you might not make

$25 but you could make 10 or $15 so take

that just extra second to glanced over

if you're you find a retail item that

might be the show there's a little bit

too much shelf where maybe you can sell

it as used like new

and still makes some good money um a lot

of people are also these days worried

about being suspended on Amazon and

people think you know if I just sell new

items you know I won't be in danger of

being suspended but cynthia stein author

of the books suspension prevention says

that in with the clients that she's

helped reget their account reinstated

none of them were suspended because of

used items the items that they got

suspended on were new items that were

you know that the customer thought was

were used so they were used items that

someone was trying to sell as new so

again when you're listing your items and

you're listing

used items be sure that you're choosing

that it's actually used if you want to

find more about information about

Cynthia Stein's book you can go to full

time FBI com forward slash prevention

and it'll take you right to the Amazon

page where you can check out her book I

highly recommend it I'm in the middle of

reading it right now and it's just

there's so much to learn about

protecting your account and that's a

whole other periscope that we can talk

about someday I've got so many more

myths that I can talk about overcoming

you know just things that people believe

about selling used items on Amazon that

just aren't true if you're not selling

used items you're missing out on tons of

profit potential you're leaving money on

the table and you really need to just to

consider adding used items to your

inventory over on the blog full-time FBA

com our most recent blog post was all

about overcoming more of your fears when

it comes to selling used items so check

out that blog post I have more items I

have more myths that I just talked about

I replace those myths with the truth

that's out there and there's even some

homework for you I've got a job for you

to do if you are not so unused items on

Amazon right now walk around your house

and look at certain items that you may

have maybe old board games maybe old

books maybe you've got some some toys

that your kids never opened maybe you've

got some stuff in your kitchen that's

still in the original box and you've

never used it but it's you know the

has been open so you can't sell it as

new check it out scan it see those

things see if there might be some used

items in your house that you can make

some money on on Amazon right now

and if the profits not good for that go

check on eBay and see if it's going for

more on eBay

so so again don't be afraid of selling

used items there's so much profit

potential out there for that that's all

for today thank you so much for watching

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