Buy and Sell Used Furniture for Extreme Profits

hi and welcome to flipping furniture my

name is Karl Ross I'm so excited to have

you here and our website today if you're

looking for a unique way to make a lot

of money then you are at the right place

today I want to introduce you to the

exciting world of flipping furniture

there's a lot of money to be made here

in this business there are a lot of

auctions happening right in your own

backyard and not just auctions but there

are estate sales taking places in the

cities that you live in and if you can

manage to get yourself until some of

these auctions or state sales you can

find some incredible deals where you can

buy furniture appliances toys or

whatever you want to specialize in for

very cheap and turn around and flip it

for high profits for example this chair

here hand-carved chair and this chair

here the set I paid $100 for the set I'm

currently selling it for 800 dollars

these are the type of profit margins

that I'm talking about this chair here

it's a hunt Senor chair it's very rare

the only other place I've been able to

find this chair within the museum

sitting in Boston Massachusetts I paid a

few hundred dollars for this chair and

I'm selling this chair for $3,000 now

those are the types of profits that I'm

talking about and as you can see it

didn't cost a lot of money to buy this

stuff as long as you buy right in the

flipping furniture business you can make

money now again I just happen to

specialize in chairs you don't have to

fool with chairs there are people that

specialize in dealing with appliances

you even have folks who just simply buy

gumball machines in bulk and resell it

it's all about flipping so it really

doesn't matter what you sell the

strategies are the same the stuff that

I'm gonna be talking about you can use

the same strategies just towards

specializing in refrigerators or stoves

or appliances maybe you just want to

specialize in selling kitchen dining

room sets or bedroom sets which is very

popular bedroom sets living room

furniture sofas dining room furnitures

all types of stuff you can specialize in

they sell all this type of stuff

the auction and there's some other

places where you can find some

incredible deals that as well now I

don't know the reason why you've come

here to our website maybe you were

downsized from a job or maybe you're

simply looking for another way to bring

income into the family if that's the

case again and I said earlier you are at

the right place

oftentimes we're willing to work 40 and

60 and 80 hour work weeks for somebody

else for a boss we can't even stand

but we're unwilling to put in six to

eight hours a week for ourselves if

you're willing to put in six to eight

hours a week start your own business in

the flipping furniture business then I

can show you how to build a full time

income flipping furniture we have people

that are earning 3,000 a month we have

people that are earning 3,000 a week we

have people that are earning $500 a week

we have people that are earning $5,000 a

week so the opportunity is limitless

you determine how much money you want to

make in this business you determine all

of that one of the biggest challenges

that people face with starting a

business typically has to do with the

monies they need to get started as I

said earlier you don't need a lot of

money a hundred bucks is beginning $800

if I need to move this quickly I can

slap the price by 50% and sell it for

$400 if I need to move it even quicker I

can slash it in half again and sell it

for $200 and I still double my money and

in fact one of the strategies I'm going

to teach you how to get started so your

risk is very low I only want you to get

started with 50 bucks you'll walk into

one of these auctions you have fifty

dollars in your pocket and you'll just

buy one item for 50 bucks and your goal

would be to double that $50 item and

sell it for $100 and you can do it in

less than 30 days that's the strategy

once you get that hundred dollars you go

buy something else

one item not five ten dollar items or

five twenty dollar items you'll buy one

item $400 and then you want to double it

for $200 that's how you make money in

this business not buying five dollar

items ten dollar items but I'm going to

show you I'm going to share all of that

information with you so if you'd like to

learn more about how you can get started

in this business with very little money

very little risk and very little time

we're talking six to eight hours a week

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some of these auctions and the state

sales happening in your home backyard

depending on the time of day that you're

watching this video it's quite possible

that you can go out to an auction this

evening my name is Carl Ross with

flipping furniture comm if you're

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