Facebook Marketplace How I Sell Furniture Online

what's going on guys today I'm going to

show you how to sell a furniture that

you don't want in your house no more or

furniture you got from a friend you just

want to sell it you have no need for it

but of course who wants to ship

furniture it's heavy its big it might be

a hassle so I'm going to show you where

you can post it online and you don't

have to worry about shipping because you

can either meet with the buyer or set up

another type of meaning so you can just

hand them over the furniture and he

hands you over the funds last time I

used offer up but for this video I'm

gonna use Facebook marketplace hey if

you're new to my channel my name is

Latin total and I do a weekly Amazon

gift card giveaway all you have to do to

participate is be subscribed and leave a

comment last week's winner is king

regulations to him alright so the first

thing you want to do is go to if you don't have a

Facebook account all you need is an

email okay that's it that's it it's free

anyways once you're in your Facebook

page then you wanna click here it says

marketplace you can do this on your

mobile device as well I like using you

know the PC okay now we're in Facebook

marketplace now you're gonna put here to

the left you see sell something we have

signing to sell furniture we're gonna

click that and it says what are you

selling are you selling the vehicle no

are you renting something no I'm selling

an item okay select the category it's

gonna be furniture what are you selling

we're selling a dressing table white

from Ikea usually brand new cause 169 I

saw somebody selling on ebay for 289 I

guess it's that much more expensive

because maybe shipping is gonna be you

know 70 80 bucks right but here you

don't have to worry about shipping

because someone someone around 100 miles

of water

miles they select it's gonna come get

the item for you if you don't want them

to go exactly where you live you can go

meet up in a public area than a parking

lot or something like that where you

feel safe and you can just exchange that

the item for the for the funds for the

loop okay what our reseller is selling

and IKEA all these are keywords at the

same time key our dressing table white

Kia mom dressing you know I did not

spell that correctly a kid mom dressing

table white price is it it's not mine I

didn't buy it okay but I have it here

and I want to get rid of it okay and

when you're new to selling the most

important thing you want in the

beginning is reviews getting good

reviews it's not really about making use

profits from the start you really want

to get those reviews so you can build

trust because Trust is key so I'm gonna

go I saw some people with similar stuff

from a hundred eighty fifty you know 120

I even saw someone with $500 we're gonna

go in with 49 49 bucks you can always

change it in the future that location is

fine okay

describe your item I already have

something over here you know I'm not

gonna type all this I have pretty much a

description what it is the condition you

know I mean I have all the measurements

of it like a copy and little perks here

you know it's already assembled just you

know you just want to tweak it and make

it look even nicer all right I'm gonna

put here paste bleak

all right pictures it says it allows up

to ten pictures take ten pictures don't

take one you want to give the buyers

much information to help them decide

that your item is the one they need okay

so let's add pictures I got other stuff

I'm gonna sell probably make videos

about it okay

let's do this one alright so I got that

one let's start from over here open let

me try to do more than one total to open

and yes I could do more than one let's

go over here on this side open BAM

and I got ten pictures so we got all the

pictures here tick tick tick tick tick

alright make this double check for any

typos because it does happen yeah I mean

I don't really see a typo right now i'ma

leave it like that

okay let's hit next vente detail my oats

507 no I'm just gonna put it right here

marketplace okay


and there we go ladies and gentlemen we

are now selling furniture for $49 Marcos

painting renew in seven days manage

delete at a post nope okay so this is

how is gonna look see here the pictures

just if you don't really have too many

picture ideas just take the same picture

different angles and I mean just fill it

up okay and that's how you sell on

Facebook marketplace and that's how you

sell all furniture that you don't want

to shake because it's assembled it's big

it's gonna be a hassle why not just sell

it somewhere that you can just take it

to them they come get it you meet

halfway I'm also going to post this on

offer up the same way I think I frog has

less than 10 pictures I'm not 100%

certain but since I did an offer up you

know my broken yard tool I posted it on

offer up so to try to sell it someone

for parts I'm gonna sell this furniture

and offer up as well if you want me to

continue showing you you know what I'm

selling how I'm selling it just let me

know in the comments section below and

thanks for watching light in total I'll

see you next time