5 Proven Tips To Make Money Selling Second Hand Clothes! (Cheap BIG Brands)

hi everyone welcome to my channel today we are going to talk about how you can

shop and make money as well so when win right who doesn't love

shopping as well as making money I mean that's just like me summed up to a tee I

mean money and shopping yes please so today I'm going to talk about how you

can shop and also make money so to start it off is you need to know number one

you need to know your thrift stores this is all on secondhand shopping number one

is know your thrift stores now all thrift stores op shops and secondhand

stores have sales I know right it is just mind-blowing to think that these

places that are already dirt cheap have sales sometimes even have clearance

racks so get to know your store or your stores that you would like to go to or

you go to and find out what day's the sales are on you can even ask I mean

that's what I do I acts and what day the sales are on what's the best day to come

in for sales and when do they stock up the shelves with new stock and also some

of the stores have clearance racks so it's all about knowing when those

clearance racks come out and are updated I'm here in New Zealand it's Monday so

the beginning of the week depending on what store you go to will determine that

I mean a lot of the stores every day it's updated so it's just been concern

about number two and know what it is you're looking for so brands in

particular are key so know the brands that are selling well that are popular

um Tommy Hilfiger Levi's you don't always need to go to the extreme like

Gucci and Louis cuz they're not always available so you need to go for

something that is a bit more mainstream that is popular in New Zealand we've got

one teaspoon katsu be Camilla and mark Camilla those brands are really popular

and really hold their value so you need to make I'm do a bit of research go on

eBay and see what things are selling for and kind of know where your price ranges

number three is half the time so it is a carrier full-time job

yeah so you need to make sure that you have the time to go through things and

let you in the mood because that is key we all know what it's like to go

shopping and you're not in the mood to do it you're just like oh I can't be

bothered mother just wanna go and eat and then go

home and that's totally cool we all have days like that but just make sure that

you've got the time to actually sift through things and have a good look

because you want to make sure that you're going through each Rack will not

eat gosh some of these stores a huge and but like specialize in a specific area

is key so make sure you know it as you're looking for maybe one day you

might go in there go okay I'm gonna look for denim and these are the brands I'm

going to keep an eye out for and then you can sift through the racks pull out

what you find obviously make sure that they're at a reasonable price so you can

actually make a good return on them when you do sell them so number four is be

consistent now like I said in the previous one was op shops thrift stores

are always updating their wax and they'll always have clearances on

specific days so make sure that you're going in there on days that you know

will work for you being consistent is key because obviously the brands that

you're going to be looking for are very likely in the brands that other people

are going to be looking for for themselves so you want to make sure that

you are in there and on top and on the ball so you can pick up those items when

they come available and number five is have fun have fun doing it don't just

look for things that you can sell look for things that you want as well so

that's what I do I'll go shopping and I will find things that I love and I like

this so as you would have seen in my last video I actually picked this up

from the thrift store for like $30 these retail for 350 dollars so I look at it

like I love this I'm gonna keep it but if I don't love it anymore

I know I can sell it and probably make more money than what I bought it for

which I've actually done that with quite a lot of my items so I kind of like I'll

buy things I'll wear them I love them and then once I've kind of fallen out of

love with a moister wear them as much or get as much use from them

I will then resell them so once you've got these top fives altogether you can

start selling so I use a variety of platforms to sell my secondhand clothing

and eBay in New Zealand we've got trade me and

design a wardrobe which I love designer wardrobe specializes in specific in

designer brands obvious obviously that's such a huge variety of items that you

can sell but I mean I've I make I can double my

money more I do double my money actually most times and

what happens is that is a filter that map right around and it actually just

pays for the things that I keep so I end up going out and having a great day

shopping tick love a good shop and I find things that I can sell chuck them

online I sell them I actually make money which will then either cover the cost of

the things that I've kept or gives me more money to do more shopping which I

think it's like a total win-win I know if you guys like me I love shopping love

it I mean I could do it like full-time I mean it's just what I do it's what I

love love fashion I love accessories I love all that kind of stuff so if I can

pick things up at a really good price then that means the things that I've

made can't like I can't find at secondhand stores I can buy them because

I've made money from things that I have sold at secondhand stores and it's

something I love to do and as you saw jump on my other video if you haven't

seen it and it shows you what I picked up and that was just in one day that was

in one day and maybe spent maybe like three hours going around for different

four or five different options on K Road in Auckland and that's what I found in

one day so I will be making sure to upload to you guys what it is I find and

I'll also update you on what it is I sell these items for the profit I make

and teach you guys how to do it as well because at the end of the day who

doesn't love shopping and if you can find things for yourself and you can

also find things to sell and fund the habit which is what I do why not

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