how i sell clothes online 💸 photos, listings, shipping + more

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so last week I did a gigantic closet

scene out and I decided to get rid of

like literally half of the clothes that

I own so I thought this would be the

perfect opportunity to show you guys the

behind-the-scenes of how I take photos

how I make listings how I ship and

fulfill those orders whether you guys

are just getting rid of a couple wood

used pieces of clothing in your wardrobe

or you want to start a business selling

vintage or handmade clothing I hope that

this helps you guys out so in order to

make my modeling more efficient I always

start by sorting my clothing that I'm

going to shoot into categories so like

here I have jackets then I have a bunch

of shirts so that way I can just try on

top after top after top and I don't have

to change out my pants or if they're

jackets I know that I could keep like a