how i sell clothes online 💸 photos, listings, shipping + more

so last week I did a gigantic closet

scene out and I decided to get rid of

like literally half of the clothes that

I own so I thought this would be the

perfect opportunity to show you guys the

behind-the-scenes of how I take photos

how I make listings how I ship and

fulfill those orders whether you guys

are just getting rid of a couple wood

used pieces of clothing in your wardrobe

or you want to start a business selling

vintage or handmade clothing I hope that

this helps you guys out so in order to

make my modeling more efficient I always

start by sorting my clothing that I'm

going to shoot into categories so like

here I have jackets then I have a bunch

of shirts so that way I can just try on

top after top after top and I don't have

to change out my pants or if they're

jackets I know that I could keep like a

neutral shirt and a neutral pair of

pants on and just swap out the jacket so

it minimizes our total amount of

changing over here I have my dresses and

skirts which I also sort by length so

first I have my mini dresses then I have

mini skirts and mini dresses and then I

have maxi dresses and this is because in

order to photograph those different

lengths of clothing I'm gonna have to

move the camera so I want to minimize

the amount of times I have to move the

camera as well and reframe everything so

first I just have one set shot that goes

up to like my thigh for all of my mini

dresses then I move the camera back and

I can shoot my mini dresses so the

camera will ply cut off around my ankle

and then I'll have to move it all the

way back and get a full body shot for my

maxi dresses honestly trying on your

clothing and modeling it does turn into

a lot of work so I really like the

system to streamline everything when

possible so here is how I set up

everything to take photos obviously over

here I have my rack of all the clothing

I'm going to shoot then next to it I

have my camera on a tripod I always like

to shoot my photos near a big window so

that I get a lot of natural light

bouncing off and my photos look nice and

glowy to get the highest quality photo

as possible I do like shooting them on

my DSLR I know this is fancy so not

everybody has it you could totally also

take these on self timer on your iPhone

let me actually show you real quick okay

what I used to do with my phone was to

grab a stool or a chair or a table talk

whatever you have that's kind of waist

height then you put a box or a basket on

top of it then you can place your phone

on your little pseudo tripod and you can

kind of just adjust the angle of your

phone against this basket to get a

flattering angle on yourself then you

can obviously do self-timer take that

photo take a step back

strike a pose and there you go an

extremely flattering self-timer photo of

yourself okay anyways back to my DSLR

what I do is I put it on self timer mode

and I have it take ten photos one every

two seconds I find that that gives me

just enough time to strike a couple

different poses have a couple

unflattering photos but I'll still end

up with around three or four good ones

that I can use for the listing I also

set my camera aspect ratio to be a

square since all the photos on my

website or squares and if you're selling

on something like D pop or Poshmark

you're also always going to want your

photos to be cropped two squares anyway

so as you can see here everything is pre

cropped to be a square which is really

nice because I can figure out my

composition I can figure out what's in

frame and I also then later don't have

to edit every photo individually on my

computer and try it from it in manually

alrighty let's take some photos so for

every piece of clothing I try to get

four basic angles at least a front shot

a side shot a back shot wise the steps

of sexual and a cliff stuff where my

head is cropped out and you can kind of

see the item of clothing in more detail

and then occasionally I'll also throw in

like a fun pose to change things up if I

have a couple extra photos left on the

self-timer before it runs out for some

of these tops you just have to like

shimmy your bra straps to make it work

because it takes way too much time to

change into the proper bra for every

single top so you know what you can't

see it in the photos it works as you

might begin to notice here I tend to

strike very similar poses for each piece

of clothing since the more you do this

the more you figure out what your best

angles are and it becomes almost like an

automatic motion if it's a top like this

that I would style a certain way I like

to take one photo with just the top

plans if also people know what it looks

like normally then I'll like tie it up

tuck it in tie it in a knot all of that

styling stuff so people have an idea of

like how to make it look cute and how I

would prefer to wear it no matter what I

always tilt my shoulders and hips to add

a more dynamic feel to the photo rather

than just standing straight up and down

which can look a little bit

I also usually try to figure out a way

to occupy my hands whether that's

holding them gracefully at my crotch

like so putting one in my pocket playing

with my hair or just kind of flailing

them about it's always a or trying to

put a turtleneck on and not smoosh off

your makeup I have emerged relatively

unscathed if it's a black top like this

one I always want to make sure that I

shoot it with some colorful pants not a

black or dark grey pair because the

color of the top is gonna blend in with

the pants and it'll be like really hard

for the customer to see where exactly

the top ends and the pants begin and it

just won't pop as much so it's nice to

have this contrast after about half an

hour all of my tops are done and now it

is time to tackle the dresses this is

cool this is how short my bangs are now

by the way I like I really overdid it it

was bad just gonna adjust the tripod so

it fits the bottom part of my body more

so it's a very similar process with

dresses I do a lot of poses like with my

hand on my waist or playing with the

skirt of my dress so it kind of gives

some movement to the shot and

exaggerates the hourglass figure that I

don't really have but let's pretend it's

like I do sorry I need to stop making

self-critical jokes about my body like

that is such a base form of humor and I

should encourage people to think about

their own bodies positively as well

working on that one anyways I'm finally

done it's 8 o'clock right now oh I feel

like a potato

so right now I am just importing all of

my photos onto my computer now it used

to go through each photo individually

and edit it in Lightroom but honestly it

just got to be too much work and often

times if you try to put too strong of a

filter on your photo people just get

confused what color the clothing is and

accuracy is really the most important

thing when you're selling something

online so I'm just gonna import them and

put up the raw files on the internet so

I list everything on my Squarespace

website which this is what the backend

looks like but essentially the listing

process is exactly the same as if you

use depop or Poshmark or any of those

apps I just choose three to five of the

best photos of the item I include in the

description the size the brand the

condition definitely noting any flaws

and then any other kind of like quirks

about the item like maybe the sizing

runs big or it runs small or it's a

sweater that's a little bit itchy just

so people know upfront what they're

buying sometimes if I feel a little bit

extra all we add a little styling tip or

what type of event something would be

good at like a picnic outfit or a

lounging around your house having an

existential crisis outfit I don't know

those are really the only two activities

that I do so and you're terrifying a



all right it is around 8 p.m. the next

day and I woke up at like 9 a.m. today

and I have been packing orders all day

you guys ordered so much stuff which I

am so grateful for I sold out of

everything in like a couple hours it was


I just realized my sweater is button

wrong I think you guys know this about

me but I don't have like an assistant

and editor basically anybody to do my

[ __ ] work for me

because I am my own [ __ ] so I am about

11 hours deep into packing orders and

we're chugging along folks

I don't know how exciting any of this is

to you guys so I thought I would just

show you like the very short version

which is essentially that I like to

segment my steps like I'm an assembly

line except it's literally just me in an

assembly line so the first phase

consists of weighing my items on a

kitchen scale and creating the shipping

labels online so when it comes to

creating your shipping label you have

three main options

I don't know how interested you guys are

in like shipping logistics but this was

something that really confused me early

on when I was trying to figure out how

to sell clothing so I'm gonna talk about

it for a second so the first option if

you're selling on an app like deep hop

or Poshmark

is to just use the apps in app shipping

label creator how many times did I say

app too many times in one sentence

basically apps like Dee pop have an

option where the POC will create the

label for you you just have to enter the

weight and then Dee pop will email the

completed label to you and you can print

it out so this is the most convenient

but it also is the most expensive since

these apps overcharge a little bit for

their shipping so that brings me to

option number two which is what I use

when I sold on Dee pop and even in the

early years of having my own website

which is PayPal's online shipping label

creator it's a little bit more time

consuming because you do have to click

through individually for each label and

create your own but it'll save you one

to three dollars per label compared to

those in-app shipping services so it

really does add up and in my opinion it

was worth my time and then option number

three is what I use right now basically

I sign up for something called ship

station which integrates with Shopify

and Squarespace stores that is so many

S's basically it automatically creates

shipping labels for you which saves you

time but it also gets you a discounted

rate on those shipping labels so it

saves you money as well however there

is a monthly subscription fee which runs

from like nine up to $100 depending on

how many labels you're creating in a

month so I'd really only recommend it to

people who are either doing like a huge

closet clean-out or you run your own

business so you're getting orders every

single week anyway that is my whole

spiel sorry if that was boring is how

moving onwards once I have all of my

shipping labels printed I write a little

thank-you note on each invoice for the

customer then it's time to commence the

packing phase in which I as the name

would suggest this is very

self-explanatory I'm packing up my

orders I'm attaching the labels yes I'm

doing this on the kitchen floor because

I ran out of space in the rest of my

apartment because my entire apartment at

this point was covered in packages of

clothing I had so he orders to ship and

then I put the finish order in a box and

hopefully they will all be done by

tomorrow morning so I can go to the post

office and that is pretty much where

we're gonna week this video overall I

shifted just over a hundred orders of

clothing so seriously thank you so much

again to everybody who bought something

and yeah I hope this video was helpful

for anybody who's looking to sell their

clothes and give them a new home and I

will see you guys next week