Can You Sell Unwanted Books Online?

hello and welcome to Spencer's library

I'm Claudia and today I want to see if I

can sell my unwanted books and similarly

if you can do the same so here are just

some of the 37 books that I want to get

rid of I got these books from various

places some of them are books that I

have read but didn't particularly enjoy

some of them are books that I've read

that were kind of okay but that I don't

really want to keep on my bookshelf I am

trying to curate my bookshelf in a way

that all of the books on it are there

for a reason they're either books that I

love that I want to reread all that I

have some other sentimental value and

anything that doesn't fit that category

will be gotten rid of some of these

books they're randomly are books that I

haven't read at all they are just books

that I once picked up while I was

walking around town and saw them in a

skip yes

shouldn't have done that but tell me

could you walk past some books that

someone wanted to been and not pick them

up so anyway in all I have 37 books that

I wanted to get rid of and I wanted to

test out different websites that

bulk-buy books off you that claim that

you can just get rid of all of young

wanted stuff and get a little bit of

cash for it so the four websites that I

tested for this we buy books at UK music

magpie at UK mo Moxie at UK and Zipit

calm all four will be linked in the

description box so the way that these

websites work is fairly similar across

all of them you enter the title or ISBN

or barcode of your book and then they

tell you whether they wanted or not and

how much they are willing to pay for it

all of these websites all of these now

three of these websites have got mobile

phone apps as well so we wrote books

music mark PI and mo marks or have phone

apps and I will

recommend you get the phone up if you

are planning to use one of these

websites because with your phone you can

just scan the barcode and it's much

quicker than to type in every single

ISBN like you have to do on as if it

calm so I added my 37 books to all four

of these websites some using the app and

some just typing in the number now we're

going to compare them so let's start

with the first of the search results if

you just Google selling unwanted books

or where to sell my books you will get

two we buy books at UK which after

typing in 37 books I feel like is a

slightly inaccurately named websites

because turns out they don't actually

want my books out of 37 books that I

entered into that website they only

wanted 11 of them and they were willing

to give me two pounds 70 for those 11

books now that averages out at just

under 25 people which isn't a whole lot

but to make it even more annoying they

don't actually want your books unless

you have a minimum value of 5 pounds so

I am quite a bit under that minimum

value so I couldn't even sell my books

to rebuy books that code at UK if I

wanted to next I tried Zefat calm that's

one of the four websites that doesn't

have a mobile phone app it does take

quite a while to type in all of the

numbers but they actually wanted 14 of

my 37 books and they were willing to

give me 6 pounds 78 for them that was

also the most value per book because

that averages out at 48 P per book so

that's pretty good already there minimum

value is also 5 pounds so I would be

able to actually sell my books to Zipit

calm next up I tried

music magpie calm they wanted 13 of my

37 books so that's almost as many as if

it but they are only willing to pay 2


Denine for them so as well as not

reaching the minimum there that is just

is really really bad Valley

I haven't actually calculated the value

for that one let's see two pounds twenty

nine divided by thirteen so music magpie

are willing to pay me eighteen p per

book on average and a lot of the books

scanned at just a single penny so yeah

that's the least value I've gotten out

of all of these websites but on the plus

side they're scanning up is pretty good

it scans really quickly and it works

pretty well last up I tried was mo mocks

code at UK and they were happy to take

twenty of my book so that's more than

half that's most out of any of the four

websites that I tried but they will only

give me four pounds ninety-nine for them

so that averages out at about twenty

five people but also their minimum is

ten pounds so I need another twenty

books at least to add to that in order

to sell any of them

so whatever learned from this experiment

well I've learned that as if it comm has

got the best value per book on average

and it's really quite easy to reach

their minimum so I'm going to pack up

the fourteen books that as if it calm

once-off me and take them to the local

collects plus store which is basically

every corner shop in every town in the

UK so that's going to be easy enough and

then collect my six pounds seventy eight

which is not a whole lot of money but it

is some money I mean with six pound

seventy eight and get myself another six

books in the charity shops and I'll be

rid of some of my bulk so in terms of

would I recommend doing this and which

of the services would I recommend so I'm

actually quite impressed with if it calm

because an average of about 45 people

buck or whatever that's not bad at all

especially if you like me tend to get

your books either for free or for very

cheap from charity shops so I'm getting

a little bit of value

of that but also they seem to make it

quite easy to actually sell them you the

downside is that they don't have a phone

up that you can use to scan your books

so you do have to type in every single

ISBN number if you have the time and if

you have a large collection of books

that you really want to get rid of then

sure give it a go but it's not going to

make you rich that's for sure hello this

is editing cloudy I know she doesn't

come out of the woodwork often been here

I am I just realized that I did a really

bad job at explaining if I think that

using a website like Zephyr comm to sell

you books is actually good value or not

and you will need to think about this in

economical terms so with for the six

pounds seventy that I'm going to get I

need to think about how much work I am

putting into this my estimation is that

typing in the books packing up the box

and taking it to the parcel shop is

going to take me a total of maybe 45

minutes and that is with the assumption

that I'm printing the packaging slip at

the university while I'm already there

because if I had to specifically walk to

university to print it that would be an

extra half hour on top of that so let's

assume I'm putting 45 minutes of work

into this and I'm getting 6 pounds 17 is

that a good value for my work well for

me it is because in my day job I work

for minimum wage which is 7 pounds

eighty-three per hour so getting 6

pounds 70 45 minutes work is ok however

if your time is worth more money than it

might not be worth selling your books

for you if you generally make 30 40 50

who knows how much per hour then getting

6 pounds 70 for 3/4 hours worth of work

is peanuts and it's probably not worth

it for you so always think about your

own circumstances your own time

constraints and how much work you are

willing to put in for the revenue that

you get and it's in cloudy out I would


no from you if you have ever bulk sold

your books and which service did use

this was all quite UK centric of course

so I'd be interested to know especially

if you are in another country if you're

in the US or any other country in the

world if you have managed to bulk sell

your books and what sort of value did

you get for that and what sort of

experience did you have I'm now going to

pack up my 14 books and take them to the

to the collect shop and then I have to

think of what to do with the others I'm

probably going to take them to the

charity shops because as far as I'm

aware charity shops are able to get some

value out of any books that they receive

even if they don't put it back on the

shelf and sell it so even if you have

books that you're pretty sure no one

wants to buy take them to the charity

shop anyway and they will be able to get

some value out of them even if it is

recycling value thank you for watching