How to Sell Used Books on Amazon 2023 | BEST Side Hustles

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how's it going everybody my name is

warner fields with fields of profit i'm

a full-time mid six-figure amazon seller

and in today's video i'm gonna be

walking you through how i was able to

start a business as a teenager that

turned into a six-figure business i was

working part-time selling used books on

amazon i'll walk you through step by

step exactly how i was able to do this

and how you can do this for yourself

selling books on amazon can be an

incredible way to turn not a lot of

money into a lot of money because the

ways that we're going to go ahead and

get these used books are going to be

very very cheap and then you can find

some potentially very profitable books

and this is how i was able to build up

my bankroll i started with about a

thousand dollars selling books and i've