How To Sell Used Books on Amazon FBA Tutorial | 2021

what's up YouTube welcome to another

video my name is Nick and in today's

video I'm gonna show you the entire

process from A to Z when it comes to

sourcing conditioning prepping labeling

and shipping books to the amazon

fulfillment centers this way when you

have little stumbling blocks in the

future you can reference this video and

know that every step of the entire way

is catalogued here on this video with

all that being said let's jump into it

and let's get some books done


all right finished here at Goodwill I

was able to get 12 books and that

includes a trilogy of the Fifty Shades

of Grey that trilogy so I got that I

paid $1 per book because they're all

softcover welcome back we have our books

here from Goodwill got 12 books solid

winners with 1 banger so for future

reference those of you that may not know

me and kind of my lingo a banger is

basically anything that I can get for

one two three dollars where the profit

is more than twenty dollars once it

sells and so we did score one of those

books here is a screenshot of my

Instagram story where I shared that from

the Goodwill store today a nice little

find and an excellent payday that this

will bring in when it sells all right so

I'm gonna lay these out on my prepping

table and I'm gonna take you step by

step the first step obviously was going

to the place where you're going to buy

the books scanning through buying them I

personally use a scanner this scanner is

called the yo-yo

I guess the 1d it's 40 bucks on Amazon

there's a link in the description where

you can check that out and pick up one

for yourself it's analog and so like

there's a little bit of a learning curve

setting it up but I have a video that

talks about that and you can check that

out on my youtube channel so yeah I use

the scanner however that being said you

can use your phone just by going to the

Amazon seller app and all you have to do

is click add a product then you just use

the barcode scanning option to scan the

barcodes of the books it's a little bit

slower you don't get as much information

as if you use a barcode scanner and a

dedicated scanning app I use the app

Scout Lee it's great they think of a ton

of information that makes it beneficial

also I have a video explaining the Scout

Lee app as well on my youtube channel so

check that out

there is a link in the description for a

free 30-day trial and it works excellent

it speeds up the process it gives you

100% verified data that you're buying

winners you're not going to be

buying junk books on accident you're not

gambling because you have all of the

data and you can match it up across the

Amazon database all right so that being

said now let's jump into checkout in the

books that I bought today

all right guys really quick here are the

tools that I use for prepping my books

I've got some magic erasers here I buy

these in bulk on Amazon it's like 10

bucks or something for 20 of them and I

get a huge box if they're not pretty

they're not fancy I got some Scotty

peelers you get these in a three pack on

Amazon for six bucks link in the

description these basically save your

fingernails whenever you're trying to

peel off stickers or something like that

from books and so I'll give you an

example most of the books that I got

today if not all of them do not have

stickers but if we find the one that

does I will give you an example of how

the Scotty Taylor works I'm also using

just a terry cloth rag to wipe up any

kind of like residual moisture that my

very very lightly damp Magic Erasers

leave behind so most of these are simple

like two to five dollar profits with

this one right here I believe being the

30 okay so you can see Wow alright you

can see there's a sticker on the back

basically what I do is I may or may not

pull this whole sticker off this just

kind of saved your fingernails kind of

work the sticker and normally stickers

are not this big and so it goes a little

bit faster but yeah this is just of it

right you don't have to take these off

I'm doing it just for examples purposes

and yeah that's kind of kind of it right

there with the front cover like I said

these are very very lightly dampened and

so yeah

just kind of get like a quick rub down

dry it off you want it to be so when

people pulled this out of the box it

looks great

right it catches their eye and they're

like wow there's a really good condition

some of these covers are more like a

paper not so much like a plastic coating

and so just be careful you don't get it

too wet done just a couple seconds on

each one look at the back of them make

sure there's no like ugly stickers one

thing you have to pay attention to with

with Amazon is there can only be one

barcode on the entire book that's gonna

be the label that you put on it if

there's more than one barcode then it

can confuse their system or something

and like they'll flag you and if it

happens enough you'll get fined

I got fined once for having too many

labels rep sorry too many barcodes on my


think this about wraps it up for the

cleaning process so you can see women

through 12 books really fast the other

thing I do is I just kind of flip if

there's anything in the book you're

gonna either see it or it's gonna fling

out you also want to undo any dog ears

dog ears being like when people fold it

down right if you fold that down and

crease it undo the dog ears this one has

a disc inside that goes with it so we

have to be really careful of that cool

so now conditioning as far as organizing

them into their condition work well

here's a sticker right here see now this

is something it's got a barcode on it we

would definitely need to take this off

and so we're gonna use this Scottie

peeler and and get this thing out of

here so this is not perfect there is a

little bit of residue sticker residue

there but the main thing is we wanted to

get this barcode off of the spine of

that book just opting to pay attention

to this I would call this a good book

this is in good condition it's not very

good and it's not acceptable this is

something that's more acceptable and in

the description of this video I'm

putting my condition notes so you can

read through and see what I can write as

acceptable good very good like new and

obviously we know what new is so this is

an acceptable look it's kind of flimsy

it's not real tight it's gonna go it

acceptable good and then very good we'll

go there this book I would call this

very good it's very clean there's no

like rub marks on the edges yeah so very

good there this one you can kind of see

like there's some flipping up on this

bottom corner that's good this one's

same thing it's a good book good and

this has some like staining right here

yeah this is like that right there you

don't want to call that good because

someone might someone might give you a

negative review for that this book

anytime you see any

writing in a book that automatically

cancels out very good and makes it a

good or less so this book I thought I

saw some writing but I guess not okay

I would call this a good book it's not

very good but it's good and then these

three I'm selling as a trilogy set

because it's book 1 no all right so

we're actually gonna hang on to these

we're not going to send them off yet

because when I purchased I did not

realize that I bought two ones and a

three so I'm gonna hang on to these I

come across these all the time

I'll buy a number two later on and I

will add it to this this is why we do

conditioning this is why we do a quality

check to make sure that we don't

accidentally send the wrong thing I have

to make sure that I have each book

because this is a negative review

waiting to happen you have to check

every aspect of the books it can be

quick but it has to be efficient and

thorough so we have one very good we

have six goods and we have two

acceptable this is good for me oh here

we go we're gonna do the listening part

I'm gonna be listening from my phone not

any kind of special fancy scanlister

tool or anything like that I do have

that capability but for beginning

purposes because I want to make this

accessible to like the very basic

beginning seller that's what we're gonna

do kind of the hard way of things right

so I have my books here I have nine

books at nine books alright so we have

our nine books and basically I'm just

gonna start by using my Amazon seller

app here we are on the dashboard let's

refresh to see that man in sales today

so far okay so I'm going to add a

product I'm going to click the camera

I'm gonna scan it it's going in alright

so you see the top one says right here

requires approval that's because it's an

e-book purchase you are not allowed to

sell ebooks

down here you have the paperback that's

what we're selling right always check to

make sure you better paperback my very

first negative review was because I

listed something apparently I listed

paperback as a hardcover and I got a

negative review for that and it almost

shut my account down because I was so

new okay anyways that's what we're gonna

click on the paperback here we are

inside next thing you want to do is go

right here to click used and then right

here we're not paying attention to the

Amazon offers or the other used offers

right there 24 598 we're not competing

with those because we're only competing

with other FBA sellers so we're gonna

click we're gonna click this this whole

bar right here but we're in the next

thing that I like to do is I'm going to

filter down the bottom here filter and I

only want to look at prime offers so

click prime then click apply up at the

top boom or in now you can see very good

very good good okay very good new new

we're not worried about the news so

basically on this because we're selling

this as an acceptable condition book

because remember it has like that little

it has a little stain there so we're not

gonna call that a good book I'm gonna go

and I'm gonna price this probably at but

950 so take 10 cents off so what you do

here because we have this data this is

the long way guys remember you're gonna

click sell at the bottom right there

it's jumping in give it a second boom

okay condition we're gonna put used

acceptable not collectible acceptable

used acceptable and then in the

condition notes we're going to put just

paste in the condition note this one

says acceptable reading copy may have

signs of where previous use scuffs

library copy highlighting writing an

underlying does Jack's may be missing

hundred percent guarantee ship with the


reconfirmation if not satisfied with

purchase please return the item for a

full refund ships drug from Amazon I

have all of my condition

descriptions or condition notes in the

description of this video so you can

copy it save it to your notes on your

phone and have that for future reference

okay and so we said we're gonna put this

at 9:50 so you go down to the price

right here don't worry about that match

the low price don't pay attention to

that because that is the lowest price

which in this case is by merchant

fulfilled offers and we're not paying

any attention to those so forget that

we're gonna put 950 okay if you want to

put a seller SKU so this kind of helps

you keep track of your stuff for this

one we'll just put the date which is the

25th so I always do year-month-day and

then - one because you can't have more

than one of the same SKU right so each

one will be like - two - three so and so

forth you want this to say right

underneath that I want Amazon to ship

and provide customer service for my

items if they sell definitely that's

what we're doing we're doing FBA okay so

then at the bottom you click continue

and wait a second and then submit your

listing and then wait a second and then

return to home and so it's been listed

now note it will take five or so minutes

for that to show up on seller central

desktop that's cool because we still

have more books to list but just know

when you finish your last book wait

several minutes then jump on and take

care of that okay so I'm gonna go really

quick with listing the rest of these all

the same process alright


this took a little bit longer than

normally would because I was explaining

all the steps I could move through that

a little bit quicker if I wasn't like

explaining step by step so now we have

to wait a few minutes for those books to

all load into solar central I will see

you guys when those already all right

guys welcome back I gave it a few

minutes to allow Amazon to update my

inventory first thing you're gonna do

and I know this page looks a bit weird

for the normal Amazon seller central

first thing though we're just gonna

ignore that and go right up here to the

inventory tab hover over it and go down

to manage in inventory

remember when we listed them on the

phone we said that we want to send these

items to Amazon as FBA inventory so

we're gonna put that it brings us in

here we're gonna sort by date created

pointing down which means most recent

all the way to like least okay so we see

the last one that we in turn as entering

the academic conversation and we did

nine books so we're just gonna count

down nine and check those boxes one two

three four five six seven eight and nine

alright so once you have the books that

you want to send the next thing and this

is the information as so many people ask

me you're getting it straight up 100

percent go to action on those nine go to

send replenish inventory right there

send replenish inventory click it you

have selected nine listings to send

replenish inventory action do you want

to continue this is kind of like your

chance to to back out or to commit

so let's commit yes it's going to move

you to the next page which is packaging

type we're going to be packaging

individual products in one box

we're not case packing products that is

if you're doing private label

and you have thousands of one thing or

if you are doing like wholesale we're

doing individual things a bunch of

individual things in one room one box so

that's we're gonna do continue your

shipping plan we're committing to a lot

of stuff here all right I'm gonna move

my camera if you were here so you can

see more of this tada

all right this is what we're gonna put

the quantity of units we know we only

have one of each so you're gonna go up

here at the top units and just type one

and it fills in everything easy to

verify we have nine down here at the

bottom boom right there

cool it shows everything here yeah

that's good

continue now this is who's prepping it

and if you're if you're not sure what

step you're on you can simply look right


set quantity which we just did prepare

products we still have to label them

review the shipment to prepare the

shipment and then we'll get our summary

where we're totally complete yeah so we

are preparing the products who's going

to do that this is kind of the area

right here that you want to pay

attention to who preps apply to all

merchants or Amazon let me tell you this

if Amazon does it it's basically meaning

that you don't have to put labels on or

if there's any kind of like wrapping or

sore packaging or poly mail or whatever

you wouldn't have to do that if you

chose Amazon but they're gonna charge

you I believe a dollar for each action

that they have to take so that we charge

you one dollar per label that they put

on and that is eating that definitely

eat into our our profit margins so we

don't do that because it takes a couple

seconds to label our own stuff and saves

us nine dollars so merchants always

merchants don't get fancy guys like this

is work right it's called work because

it works don't get fancy this is not

glamorous it's just work just do it okay

so merchants and we have all ones

continue now this is our printing label

as you can see right here up at this top

label products cool so we are going to

print labels for this page

now I'm using Google Chrome depending on

what browser you're using your download

will go to various places if you're

using Safari we're going like the upper

right hand corner download for Chrome it

goes in this bottom left you'll see

print labels for this page it shows up

down here click that it opens up your

labels let me move this click the print

button wherever your print but maybe

it's gonna bring up a preview make sure

you set to 100 because for myself I'm

using 30 up labels which means it's 3


10 rows so it's 30 right 10 10 10 we

have 9 labels that are going to be

printed it's all set my printers on

click print right every weight labels

nine of them sweet okay

I'm not gonna label everything just yet

that will happen in a minute and the

label is basically it's got a title

there the title of the book on the back

of the label and you simply put it on

the correct book covering the barcode

the original barcode covering that

original barcode 100% okay so once we're

finished with this part the print labels

scroll down click continue we're moving

on we're reviewing our shipments this is

where a lot of people get questioning

okay I was hoping for a split shipment

but not today so we're kind of lucky and

but for purposes of this video I wanted

to split shipment we have nine units all

going to Charlotte North Carolina this

is very very near to where I live a

couple hours away and so that it chooses

this a lot no placement fee let's say

that it wanted to split shipments and do

three and six it might send three books

to Seattle Washington and six books to

Charlotte or whatever it would choose

its own thing then you would just work

the shipment separately but we have all

nine going to one place so that's cool

I'm gonna prove this and continue commit

once again sorry for all the moving of

my camera view what is this thing okay

we're gonna work on this shipment if you

wanted to it like let's say you had

split shipments you could see your

shipment contents by clicking view

shipment content that it would tell you

what books are going to what place

if you screw that up if you put the

wrong books in the wrong shipment or if

you forget to put a book in a shipment

you can be fined like I've been fined

for missing one book in a shipment

whatever so I'm gonna work on the

shipment it's very easy now that I know

where everything's going I'm gonna jump

off here head over and label my books

and put them in a box and wrap it up and

then we'll come back to this alright so

one second alright guys here we are

we're going to label these real quick so

we can throw them into the into a box

and ship them out basically you're just

going to match up the label to the title

of the book entering the academic

conversation scroll down entering the

academic these do not print in order of

listing super irritating that they don't

do that but that is sort of the nature

of this beast maybe there's a way around

that I don't know of any other than

putting in your SKU your seller SKU and

like an alphabetical or numeric order

and then it will print but this is just

nine books so we're not really worried

ten ultimate truths right up here at the

top ten ultimate truths just gonna go

through this really quick and get these

labeled so we can get out the door


all right these are all labeled and

ready to go let me get a box all right I

got this random box that was sitting in

my garage it's nothing special it's kind

of flimsy so I'm gonna reinforce it with

some tape it'll be big enough to hold on

my books the good thing about selling

books and shipping them is your box

doesn't have to be like crush resistant

and all that like you you don't want

your stuff getting damaged for sure but

you don't have to worry about having

like some super heavy-duty box

necessarily it's good I guess it helps

so our books are in there I used some of

this packing paper just to take up space

so it doesn't like so they don't fly

around everywhere and get super damaged

this packing paper is like 1,500 sheets

or something for ten dollars or twelve

bucks at Walmart just kind of fill in

the gaps fill in the space a little bit

couple sheets and once again like I said

this is just so that the stuff doesn't

fly around all over the place

that's in there close it up


all right next thing is to weigh it

alright guys so we're gonna weigh this

box take it over to this scale got the

scale for 25 bucks on Amazon link in the

description great scale weighs up to I

think 110 pounds or something let me

click this light off so we see that this

is nine we have to we have to round up

so nine pounds it's not gonna really

matter rounding off nine pounds for this

all right guys back on the computer

boxes package we weighed it already nine

pounds no big deal

I'm gonna go down here to select an

option everything in one box it's simple

if you had if you had like let's say 50

items and they didn't all fit in one box

you could say more than one SKU per box

more than 15 boxes or total 15 boxes or

less normally that's like a less for me

so I'll send 100 items out and use six

boxes so you'd click that it would say

you'd put in the amount of boxes that

you need there so six or whatever and

then you have to assign each book to a

specific box and the books have to be in

the correct boxes can't screw that up

for this example everything's in one box

so we put everything in one box like

this is easy stuff guys right here box

wait nine pounds because you have to

round up dimensions doesn't matter you

do not have to put the dimensions in

right here where sis dimensions do not

put those in it does not matter outside

though I'm shipping with UPS it's kind

of your preference whether you want to

ship UPS or FedEx ID UPS because I know

the people there and they're super

helpful and like they let me just kind

of like have run of the store when I go

in I could just like go in the back get

handtruck myself don't have like asked

for permission they love me there so

I've kind of built that relationship

with them yeah

UPS everything in one box nine pounds no

dimensions confirm calculate this is

going to calculate your cost it should

be like three or four bucks

okay 488 I'm gonna go ahead and accept


I'm going to print my box labels and

once again it's down here package this

is the label I'm going to print it I

always print that 70% because I don't

like a huge honkin label on my box it's

printing there it is I'm gonna cut that

out take my box while I'm on this let me

go let me finish this up so close out

that window

you're gonna be back on your seller

central window you're going to complete

the shipment make sure you complete the

shipment so that it can put it as

completed yeah and I always mark - ship

you don't have to because as soon as

they scan it at UPS or FedEx it will

mark it a ship I just marked mine a ship

because I'm going to ship it now and

then work on another shipment we don't

have another shipment so we're done

that's it you'll put this on your box

and then take it to the place it's easy

thank you for watching this video

I hope you got value from it I hope that

this really helped those of you new

sellers that have been kind of stuck in

how to get started or what the next

steps are I had fun making this this was

super exciting for me all the tools that

I use are listed down below feel free to

check on those if you're interested in a

scanner app I highly highly recommend

the Scout Lee app or scanning books

because they give you a ton of

information to help you make sure that

you're getting like all solid wins

across the board there is a link in the

description for a free 30-day trial

check that out

scanner like the scale all the different

things get out there and buy some books

guys like go get to work and subscribe


thanks and I'll see you guys next time