How Much I Made in my Ticket Flipping Business in ONE Month

hi and welcome to the video case study

of how to make $100,000 or more every

year selling tickets for a profit have

you ever wanted to go to a concert that

was sold out you may have ended up on a

website called StubHub and you may have

noticed that tickets are selling for

eight or nine hundred dollars even in

the thousands so who's making all that

profit well it's people like you and me

the most popular question that I get

asked every day is can i really make

$100,000 a year as a ticket broker and

the answer is you can absolutely make

$100,000 per year

flipping tickets you can do this for a

full-time or part-time income you can

even exceed the hundred thousand dollar

mark another popular question I get is

do I need a special license to do this

and the answer is no anyone can purchase

tickets and resell them on StubHub or

other websites you even get to set the

price that you want to charge for your

tickets becoming a ticket broker can

give you a very profitable business and

best of all it takes just minutes a week

to buy and less tickets it's also a lot

of fun and it lets you profit from the

entertainment and sports industry ticket

brokers play a very important middleman

role for fans wanting to score great

seats to concerts and sporting events

without having to stress out or settle

for seats up in the nosebleeds services

like StubHub give fans the option to

choose exactly where they want to sit so

what will you need to score premium

seats consistently it's called pre-sale

passwords you see these passwords allow

you to buy tickets before they go on

sale to the general public and often at

a discount we put together a program

called ticket flipping hub calm and we

show you where to find all the presale

passwords we even alert you to them now

you can learn all of this by looking

around the internet on your own but it's

a really time-consuming process and you

may make some costly mistakes ticket


Hubb comm has put together a program

that will train you and alert you on

exactly which events will be profitable

included as a step by step video library

that will show you how to do this

business from scratch even if you've

never made money online before the

videos will even show you how to find

and evaluate additional events every

week alerts are sent out telling you

exactly which locations artists and

venues to go for so all the analysis and

research is done for you here's one

example ticket flipping hub alerted

Harry Styles at Radio City Music Hall in

New York we purchased two tickets for a

total of two hundred forty one dollars

and forty cents we sold these tickets on

StubHub for eight hundred and ninety

five dollars each so after fees we

received one thousand six hundred and

eleven dollars the total profit was

thirteen hundred and seventy dollars on

just this one pair of tickets and

remember we spoke about how you can make

a six figure income flipping tickets so

how do you get there a good first goal

is to purchase an average of eight

tickets per week and sell them for an

average of a hundred and twenty-five

dollars profit on each that will give

you a four thousand dollar profit each

month and then you can build up from

there if you just double these numbers

you're already at six figures the

entertainment industry and sport

industry will never go away so you can

start small and then scale up the return

on investment in this business is unlike

anything you'll find elsewhere many

tickets bring in forty to seventy

percent return on investment super high

demand events can bring in two hundred

to three hundred percent or higher this

can vary depending on the location the

artist and of course the venue the

entertainment industry is a multi

trillion dollar empire and now you can

get a piece of the pie while it all the

celebrities make all the money so in

conclusion the Huffington Post said if

you're looking for an independent

entrepreneurial career with limitless

potential for growth and unlimited

flexibility there are few

choices that can top ticket brokering

the demand for live entertainment will

probably never die and so the prospects

for ticket brokers continues to be

positive best of all you can tailor your

ticket brokering venture to suit

whatever schedule you happen to be on if

you need to make a few extra bucks on

the side while working a full-time job

ticket brokering can provide that want

to earn six figures buying and selling

tickets full-time well you can do that

too it's all completely open-ended and

you'll get out of it however much you

put into it

so if you're ready to get started take

the first step and click the link below

soon you'll be well on your way to