Sears credit card conversion

many longtime customers of one of

America's most popular stores are

finding a surprise in their mailboxes

these days and many of them are not very

happy with this surprise consumer

reporter John Matarese shows you what to

watch for so you don't waste your money

a Sears store credit card has been a

rite of passage for many of us it was my

first credit card and showed the world I

was finally a card-carrying adult but

the card we all remember is slowly going

away replaced by a MasterCard and some

longtime customers are not happy

remember when Sears was America's

favorite store it's gold and white

credit card was America's most popular

store card those days are gone and now

the last of those old Sears cards may

soon be on their way out too I got the

letter from Sears and it stated that

they were changing their financial

things with Citibank sherry ramen

recently received a letter offering her

a new city Sears MasterCard

she says she called customer service

saying she had too many credit cards and

did not need another the person I talked

to at customer service said she would

note on my account that I didn't want

the MasterCard and I could keep my Sears

account but a few weeks later she says a

Citi MasterCard arrived in the mail I

received a MasterCard from them stating

that mysterious account had been closed

and all I need to do was call toll-free

number and activate the MasterCard Sears

tells us it still offers the original

blue Sears Card but credit card form

calm says card holders with good credit

are being pushed a Sears MasterCard now

owned by Citi Cards sherry though is

refusing to activate her new card and

says the ordeal is likely to make her

shop elsewhere in the future I already

have a MasterCard that I'm happy with I

don't keep a lot of credit cards I don't

need another credit my advice if you get

a letter about this and don't want a

mastercard call Sears immediately do not

put it aside and don't wait for your old

card and all the memories that came with

it may soon be shut down replaced by a

MasterCard that we don't waste your

money I'm John Matarese