Stop Selling Search Engine Optimization Services and Packages

what's up there bros welcome back today

I'm gonna be talking about why you

should stop selling SEO services and

switch to building authority for people

first so if you have any questions about

what I'm about to talk about today all

you have to do is head to the link in

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message that will go directly to my

phone so let's talk about selling SEO

services and how much money you can make

off of that first so I originally when I

started was selling SEO packages I was

doing a agency model I was making a

pretty good good amount of money I was

making about 60km months but a lot of

the problems that I started running into

was that I couldn't figure out how to

continue selling ongoing value to my

clients because after you optimize a

certain amount of things for a website

then you start to run into well what

should I do next so let's just talk

about first of all what it would look

like to build somebody's authority

versus what you would need to do to

optimize some of these website these

days so for the most part Google's more

concerned about giving the best UX

possible for their user making sure that

users satisfied and generally the best

way to find that out if the users

satisfied or not is based on the user

signals rather than optimizing for a

search engine right because you can only

give so many signals to Google where its

users can give a lot more based on how

they interact with your website how they

talk about your brand how they create

user generated comments that kind of


reviews where when you're going in and

optimizing a website and just changing a

title tag generally you're not really

helping anybody besides maybe the UX of

the user that's going to be going on the

website so I create a little template

and I'll leave a link to the download

for this it's still brand new but it's

just a quick little way you can kind of

get an idea why you should work on first

for a client and the first thing you

should be auditing really is their

analytics their content strategy their

opt-in strategy their engagement

strategy because if they don't have

these four things then they're going to


screwed long-term and they're just gonna

only be hoping that google sends them

traffic this is a way to really

streamline your approach to get a lot

more traffic and authority and opt-ins

in the door early on so that you can use

those to pretty much promote your brand

and get a lot of signal sent to it which

is going to hopefully help you rank at a

way faster rate if you don't believe me

I was actually just at a meet-up last

night and I was sitting there while they

were showing everybody how to do an SEO

audit and they in by the way you know I

have an SEO audit template as well which

they covered a lot of things from that

they didn't use the template itself but

they definitely talked about a lot of

things that you would find in you know

an SEO audit they talked about changing

the title tag they talked about changing

the Meta Description making sure there's

each ones on the page now again the

problem with this sort of principle is

that if the website you're working with

has extremely high bounce rates if the

conversion rates are non-existent and

there's no current baseline set for how

many leads that sites bringing in what's

the point in doing SEO for it if you

have no idea what the current opt-in

rate is or what the metrics are what

their content strategy or what their

marketing strategy is because at that

point what you're doing is you're saying

hey I don't know how much you're getting

right now I don't know how many

conversions or leads or opt-ins

beginning right now but I would like to

help you get more and that just doesn't

make sense and that's what a lot of

people end up doing so here's what you

do so first thing you do is you go into

people's analytics so let's say we go

into let's say we go into my analytics

right here I think I just exited out of

them by accident yeah

that's my search console just login

analytics so let's say we go into my

analytics and we start looking at the

top pages and the way you do that I've

left a little note in here is you just

go to behavior site content landing

pages so we go here behavior site

content landing pages and now we can see

let me lower this I shall just

completely get rid of this first again

now we can see what my top pages metrics

are so we have a bounce rate of about

76% average session duration about one

minute conversion rate from our opt-ins

is at 5.6 percent which is pretty decent

so it's not terrible but if we plug this

into our sheet with the conditional

formatting we'll see whether or not hits

our certain averages are not based on

the formatting we set and then I also

like to look at the click-through rates

for the top pages so if the

click-through rates are low and the

reason why you do this is because first

of all most people won't have any

traffic to their website right so if you

look at most people's websites they're

going to have like one page maybe a

couple pages usually that are bringing

in most their traffic and the rest of

the page is probably aren't bringing in

anything and maybe they're ranking like

on the second page for some keyword and

let's say that keyword only has a couple

hundred monthly searches now the first

thing you have to figure out is is it

worse even going in and doing

optimizations for that thing hoping that

it ranks based on the optimizations

you're putting on the page or would it

be better to try to build Authority

somewhere else first now the reason why

I'm not going in and trying to optimize

all these pages on my website right now

is because if I look at my analytics

data for what I'm doing on social media

like YouTube I'm getting a way higher

opt-in rate so if I go to acquisition

all traffic source medium and we look at


YouTube is bringing in a lot more

opt-ins than organic is and I don't

really have to do a lot for YouTube to

work and this isn't including all of the

opt-ins that I get through my other

assets as well like mini chat and where

people just click to my opt-ins directly

from YouTube so again I get a lot more

opt-ins by doing youtube videos than I

do from trying to rank up organically so

here's the question is where do you want

to build your authority first because

you want to have a couple different

assets that you build authority on you

want to have let's say like a YouTube

and a Google or you are sort of organic

on Google you want to have a Facebook

you want to have a snapchat and the

reason why is because the whole point of

authority hacking is that you take one

asset like let's say YouTube following

and you drill down on that to try to

bring in as much engagement opt-ins as

possible once you start capturing an

audience and you start warming them up

then you can trade some sort of offer

for engagement on whatever else you're

trying to build up so here's here's

another example if you don't know what

I'm talking about let's say let's say

you just start out in some sort of local

business let's say you're a plumber and

you want to rank for plumbing in your

area because this can be applied for

anything it doesn't matter if it's local

doesn't matter if it's national and and

again I'm going to show you really in a

second how this applies to selling as a

service as well so let's say you're a

plumber and you want to rank for

plumbing in your area so like plumbing

and San Francisco or something or San

Diego which we're ranking for right now

we did that with a little Rankin right

course that we did a while ago but if I

would have known this I would have

ranked a lot faster in fact the meetup I

went to have forgot to tell you this I

was telling them that you know this

stuff works they didn't believe me and

they said well what are you ranking for

and already I'm ranking in the third

spot for web design in the town that I'm

for in two weeks without even really

doing anything actually when I was over

by them it was like number one of course

it fluctuates based on where you're at

which is something that you also really

want to consider moving into SEO moving

away from SEO because all of us all

searchers all trying to be different

based on all these different things so

like proximity user profile what you've

interacted with before what type of

person you are what type of review you

left so Google has all this data based

on its users and so do these other

search platforms and the more hyper

targeted you can build your authority

right the more you thority you can build

at a fast at an accelerated rate the

more your content is going to be

dispersed to people based on them being

satisfied with your brand versus just

trying to compete with rankings I'm

pretty sure that very soon most rankings

that aren't content dispersed meaning

that are being recommended to people are

going to end up being paid so if you

can't figure out how to quickly build

your authority you're going to end up

being pretty screwed and just a quick

plug really quick before we keep going

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detail in the next couple days

so either way let's go back to it so

you're you're a plumber you want to rank

in San Diego for plumbing and you want

to figure out how Authority funnels into

this because obviously your old previous

conception is that well if I just like

if I just optimized all my pages and

build citations and whatever I'm gonna

end up ranking but that's what everybody

else is doing and part of Authority

hacking is avoiding what all the other

sheep are doing meaning that you want to

stand out as the black sheep so if

they're if you have a hundred people

competing for the same thing in your

area and they're all doing on page and

they're all doing link building and

they're all doing citations how are you

gonna stand

from that right now the way you stand

out from that is with authority hacking

and the way you do a thorny ocking is

you figure out what is something that I

can reverse the thought on in this

industry and how can i end up funneling

opt-ins and traffic from that into some

sort of free engagement type strategy so

let's say you started a YouTube channel

or Facebook whatever it is doesn't

really matter what it is let's just say

you started a YouTube channel and you

went online and you started looking up

all the things that people are looking

at around plumbing so we could just go

type plumbing and we're gonna cover this

a lot more detail by the way in the

actual program but type in plumbing get

results sorry my stupid cameras in the

way again and what we can do is we can

just download all of these because a lot

of these are probably gonna be national

type keywords and we can take these and

open them up on Google Drive or Excel if

you have that might expire i need to

re-buy it and we can take all of these

keywords oops

plug them into a key word cloud


and calculate what the top keywords are

for this niche so if we go look at the

word list we can see plumbing drain

repair water pipe near heater sewer

installation so on and so on and way I

do this is I will just take the top

things usually I will plug them into

something like Excel and then I'll just

take the top average things that are

being mentioned and I'll reverse the

thought around it so you can see here

this video is going to be stopped

selling search engine optimization

services and packages and that's because

I did the same thing over here and the

top things were search engine

optimization services packages so on and

so on and and so again what I want to do

is I want to reverse the average thought

that people have and I want to build as

much engage around that because

generally if you can stand out people

will opt in now the way you get people

to opt-in is you usually offer something

so for me I'll either offer that you

know people could send me a message or

you know here's some sort of free

template now when they message me about

that thing the first thing I'm going to

do is I'm going to say if you'd like the

template please leave a comment on

whatever I'm trying to rank or please

leave a user generating signal on

whatever I'm trying to rank this is the

exact strategy that I use to in the

literally the last month grow a

adult-entertainment following on a

website to two point five million views

and tens of thousands of snapchat

followers within just a month and

thousands in revenue so this stuff isn't

a joke and and again like if you want to

apply it to any situation it doesn't

matter you go let's say plumbing let's

say drain repair or something is like

the top thing drain repair so you would

want to figure out what would be the

reverse thought of that based on what

sort of national contents out there and

if you don't know anything about your

niche you just go drain repair you know

type it in find some sort of

informational base type thing I don't


the more you know about your niche

really is the is the the thing that's

going to help you because what you want

to do is you just want to figure out

what are people searching when it comes

to this stuff that's information based

and it's really easy to do you just type

this stuff in on places that you want to

rank or you want to disperse your

content on and you want to see what like

the biggest issues are so you can see

how to repair sewer pipe under a

concrete slab you know you could reverse

the thought on that and say I don't you

know again I don't know about this

industry but you could take pretty much

any any industry and you kid if you knew

enough about it you could think about

how to reverse what people are average

thinking about it and then bring an

engagement around it and once you do

that all you have to do is just make

sure people are opting in and you're

trading them some sort of free opt-in

for engagement you're controlling that

traffic and then within a five to seven

day window you then end up remarketing

to them some sort of low barrier to

entry offer that you want people to buy

so I know this is confusing but it's

it's it's really once you get the hang

of it it's not that bad

now how you would end up selling this as

a service is you would say to people hey

look I got four things I want to do for

you first off I want to optimize your

analytics because you're not tracking

conversion rates your bounce rates are

high your current you know opt-in

baseline per month probably online is

probably under like ten you know maybe

like 50 people per month your content

strategy is non-existent your opt-in

strategy is non-existent and your

engagement strategy is non-existent and

then you would end up selling them some

sort of package that would be like for

instance I just sold a two thousand

dollar package helping a huge website

with this sort of thing and basically

what I told them as I said hey look I

want to increase your opt-in rates I

want to help you with your content

strategy in terms of how you're gonna

get more engagement I'll help you with

your opt-in strategy and I want to help

you with your engagement strategy in

order to get people in the door and all

you really have to do to do this it's

not super difficult

is you go and you find out a couple

things first of all you figure out what

is the current baseline they're at for

opt-in rates now for the company that I

was working with or that I'm working

with their opt-in rates were like I

think like 30 no no 20 per day free I

don't know people asking for like a free

pdf so already we've within the last

like four days four or five days and

I've done live streams of this if you

guys have been watching we've raised the

opt-in rate to I think it's like a

hundred per day now and that's just by

doing a couple changes by adding

different sort of opt-in offers on their

pages rather than the ones that they

were already doing and and just making

sure that we were including certain

things on their main pages now the way

you're going to sell this as an ongoing

thing is look if their opt-in rates are

low but they're still higher than they

were before meaning their conversion is

low then all you have to do is to keep

selling a/b testing saying hey we're at

100 per day now

but we want to get it up to 200 per day

and we think that if we can up your

conversion rates by 0.5% we could do

that pretty easily now here's the really

cool thing because if you want to start

selling SEO on top of it and not just

engagement type opt-in strategies then

what you would do is you would say look

based on the other things that we're

seeing which is your analytics data you

have 80% bounce rates on your pages and

we think that if we were to lower that

to about 70% but I may be doing

PageSpeed optimization or changing the

layout then we think we could also add

another 100 per day to your strapped to

your current opt-in rate or if their

click-through rates are lower let's say

they have an average click-through rate

of 1% for their top pages we think that

if we can up that to 3% meaning that

we'd bring in an extra like I don't know

people per day then we think that you

know based on our current conversion

rate we could bring in another hundred

so you're just doing marketing based off

all these analytics based signals or

tapping down into targeting certain

types of

forms like if they for instance are

getting most their traffic and

conversions from YouTube but they don't

have a youtube marketing content

marketing strategy then you would say

well let's start that up and try to

bring in an extra thousand people or

views per you know video and we think

that could also bring in a hundred so it

gives you all these different options

now that's just basic you know marketing

stuff but if you wanted to start doing

SEO stuff you could say alright well

with anything that we want to rank

whether it's on YouTube on Google on

Facebook wherever it is we think that if

we can capture this audience which we

have right here we can trade them all

these people that are opting in some

sort of value for engagement so we can

we can message three thousand people at

once and say hey guys we want to give

you this exclusive video we just made

only for you and in order for you to get

it all we need you to do is just leave a

comment or you know share whatever you

want to do for your interaction thing on

Facebook on YouTube so on and so on and

then what ends up happening is because

these people engage with this content

because algorithms are usually

suggestion based these days meaning that

if you get a comment on YouTube from

somebody like let's say you get a

comment from this guy named Jerry on

YouTube and he says hey great video

about working out this is what I've been

liking just I've been wanting to see

then YouTube's gonna go and take that

positive interaction and try to disperse

it to the next Jerry now if this guy

doesn't interact then it's probably

gonna drop off and not disperse to as

many people but since what you're doing

is you're sort of hacking the system

you're taking Jerry number one and

you're and he's already controlled in

your audience meaning that he's gonna be

a lot more likely to give back to you

then when this guy comes in because it's

matching a similar person this person's

gonna be likely to opt in as well and be

even if he doesn't comment initially on

what you're doing when you trade him for

the thing it's then gonna try to go

disperse this to another person because

you're basically forcing this person to


or leave some sort of user-generated

signal this is the secret this is how

you rank local businesses this is how

you rank nationally this is how you get

product reviews this is how you get

comments this is how you get

interactions with your videos this is

how you create ongoing strategies that

snowball go to going down the hill

because most people only get opt-ins or

they only trade something for engagement

but they don't do both they don't

understand the principle once you

understand how algorithms work these

days all you have to do is build the

engagement build the strategy on

whatever platform you want to target

first that's the easiest most

undersaturated place take that authority

capture your audience trade that in the

audience for engagement on another

platform that you want to rank on it's

pretty easy and and and you can rank on

both that's the cool thing is you could

rank on YouTube and on Google but all

you have to do is just build your

audience somewhere first

once you have thousands of people on

some sort of instant messaging

environment then you can start going to

Google or then you can start going to

wherever you'd like so again I really do

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were you so yeah that's pretty much it

I'm gonna go back to doing some

authority hacking stuff and then I'm

gonna go work out and I hope to see you

guys in there so uh until next time guys

happy authority hacking