Search Engine Marketing (SEM): An Overview for Beginners

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How to sell search engine marketing?

Step 1: Understand your audience and determine their greatest need for search engine marketing.
Step 2: Create a compelling pitch focusing on how search engine marketing can solve their need and improve their business success.
Step 3: Provide case studies and testimonials to showcase the benefits of search engine marketing and its impact on similar businesses.
Step 4: Offer a free trial or consultation to demonstrate the value of search engine marketing and build trust with potential clients.
Step 5: Follow up with potential clients and address any concerns or questions they may have to close the deal.


what's up everyone welcome to the

surfside ppc youtube channel today i'm

going to be going over search engine

marketing so i'm going to give you a

basic overview

and search engine marketing can also be

abbreviated as sem so i'm going to do

that throughout this video

so we'll get right into it what is

search engine marketing so

to give you the definition my definition

of it will be the process of creating

paid advertising campaigns that appear

in the search engine results of any

search engine

so it doesn't really matter what search

engine it is but they're ads that appear

in a search engine

so advertisers pay to target keywords

now there's other targeting methods

available but basically you're targeting