How We Buy, Handle and Sell Our Seafood

it's John Delgado I'm a seafood buyer

and supervisors at these marketplace for

a lot seven years you going out to

Boston as well as the Bedford point

Judith as well you're the fish piers we

pick up the fish we go to all nine

stores I personally go through all nine

stores I leave Boston

within hours it's in their counter our

guys are able to use it they bring it in

they handle it they check the weight

they check the temperature properly ice

handled properly and then it's put out

for sale that at that dream day it's


people come around and they do their

shopping when they walk over them the

biggest compliment you get is wow I

can't believe you guys have all those

fresh fresh this variety of fresh fresh

never mind as much local as I can I mean

I bring stuff in as local as I care to

point Julie the Galilee Bristol and

right now backyards and being the ocean

state I mean we really take advantage of

that were at the ocean speed we try to

bring that freshness tois or economist I

don't think any supermarket cuts their

own whole fish this is a swordfish comes

off the East Coast and from local boats

customers truster we do bring in fresh

fish they enjoy that they take it to

another level they're not going to walk

to eat it as much as they were all for

seafood they won't be afraid to bring it

home and try it

qualities number one that's why you had

to keep hustlers these have a lot of fat

content righto oil because it's closer

to the collar of the fish a lot of


19:30 good job yours is good you ever

have an experience of a knowledgeable

crew like we do our guys have the

confidence to give a cross them off

cooking instructions the quality is

consistent and the training is

consistent customer services emphasize

of all our employees and being honest

with the customers also have

emphasizing and work around 100,000

pounds of fish that dies we still stop

by the market and support our industry

in we appreciate the service we get to

as a family you know it's not like you

know my wife calls me up and says bring

home - swordfish steak they go to Dave's

go there if you look at these there's

not a piece of fresh fish that we wrap

it and a piece of plastic and put on a

side wall we don't wrap our shellfish in

plastic in full on a side wall our fresh

fish us our shellfish is all here that

we're gonna hand talk hand wrap for you

even cut it for you it's phenomenal with

the service that we give on a full line

fresh fish is fantastic we're the best

and I mean anything it helps with guys

like this so yeah that's what we strive

for here at Dave BP customers and they

come back to the quality all the time

you see how these is built up and Dave's

is a local local market from a food

stand on and I think the way we've built

it the way we are right now is the same

type of poor people everyone trying to

do their part that family-run business

in a local environment like I said

before where the ocean state how do you

not take advantage of that by putting

that in a local Fresh Market we try to

do everything right with the fire the