How you can make MONEY selling SEAFOOD 🍤 (Side Hustle)

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How to sell seafood to restaurants?

Step 1: Research and identify potential restaurants in your area that serve seafood or have a menu that could incorporate seafood.
Step 2: Contact the restaurant and introduce yourself and your seafood products. Provide information about the quality, freshness and variety of your seafood.
Step 3: Offer a sample pack of your seafood for the chef to try. This will give them the opportunity to taste and evaluate the quality of your product before making a decision.
Step 4: Negotiate prices and discuss ordering, delivery and payment options with the restaurant. Make sure to agree on terms that are beneficial for both parties.
Step 5: Incorporate feedback from the restaurant and continue to communicate with them to maintain a strong business relationship. Consider offering special deals or promotions to encourage repeat orders.


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