There's a difference between selling SD-WAN, and having an SD-WAN deal installed

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so we did a just you know general show

that we generally do a lot last year and

part of the presentation that we put

together was we had everybody in the

room and this is seasoned agents top

performers me and everybody in the room

stand up if they heard of Eskie wham and

of course it was a roomful of a couple

of hundred people and everybody stood up

and then I asked everybody that was

standing if they've ever sold an SD win

deal to remain standing and everybody

else sit down almost immediately

three-quarters of the room sat down I

then took it further and I asked you

know how many of these people that are

still standing I want you to keep

standing if you've actually had an SD

LAN deal

install and a good portion of them sat

down again there was only about 10 or 15

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