How To Sell Your Art

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this book is called honor the art it is

all about how to take yourself as an

artist from producing art and making art

that you love like you already know how

to make the art this teaches you how to

be an entrepreneur this is gonna teach

you how to make a lotta money with your

art which is gonna teach you how to be

very successful as an artist every step

that I've taken to get where I am today

but you can get there a lot quicker it's

taken me five and a half years of a lot

of failure a lot of failure a lot of

heartbreak gosh a lot of hard work and

listen this is gonna take you hard work

I'm not gonna know I won't even mince

words at the about that you know I don't

like pull the wool over your eyes and

say you shouldn't but it's gonna take

hard work but I have every single step

that I took how I've got sponsors that

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