3 Best Ways To Sell A Screenplay by Peter Russell

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what can you tell screenwriters about

selling their screenplay

that it's hard that to do to sell your


today the the easiest way to do it is to

well there's three ways one is to make a

short from your movie shorts are sort of

becoming the most powerful calling card

to get financing to get seen and they're

almost free if you can make a short and

I have a how movies work I have a class

on how to make a short and there's a lot

of rhythms in a short movie that you

don't have anywhere else you got to be

able to make a short from your script

from your feature script to do it but if

you can if you can do a 10-minute short

of your script you can put it up on a

website like Thunder shorts there's

there's several of them and this is

where sales agents today go I was on a