How To Make Screen Printing Your Full Time Job – T Shirt Printing Business

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are you interested in starting your own

t-shirt printing business perhaps you're

looking into the process of what it

actually takes to operate your own print

shop maybe you want to buy some

equipment and print your own branded

products whatever the situation you are

in in this video I want to talk about

the ins and outs of what it actually

takes to operate the t-shirt printing


we made it into LA and I had a chance to

sit down with the great print shop that

opened their doors to us that is going

to be able to share invaluable

information that you're going to need in

order to get started all right let's do



so the first step of this process really

begins with finding the suppliers that

you're going to need to be able to offer

them to the clients or perhaps your own

brands so today we're here in the LA

offices of Bella canvas or essentially

this is where they run their operations

on a day-to-day and they're able to

create and sell and offer unique

products to entrepreneurs and businesses

like yours all right so we're here at