How I Got My House DEBT FREE By Selling Sterling Silver Scrap!!

hello my friends I want to show you

something amazing so right here is a

house and I bought it with no bank

mortgage I paid cash for it yeah I

bought it pretty much by selling

sterling silver scrap so and you may be

like what is that it may look kind of

like this okay basically it may look

like this kind of stuff okay so do you

see this see the house in the background

you see this yes sterling silver scrap

the house

no maybe like how did you do that well

it was the blessing of the Lord

basically I saved for maybe around seven

years I would go to thrift stores yard

sales and I would look for real silver

and I saved it up and I didn't have the

intention of buying a house like this

house I wanted to get I think like maybe

like a house in the country

I'm not wanting to like save it up for

like who knows how long and then I was

thinking silver would go up to like five

hundred ounce or something and then I

could like maybe sell it and be rich or

something this is kind of what I was

thinking so anyways like I saved and I

saved and I say even I say four years

and then I sold a bunch and I bought my

house debt-free so when my wife and I

got married the home prices were pretty

high and it was like kind of like

discouraging looking but I really want

to get a house debt-free and I saved and

I saved and I saved and I wanted to save

and end up with like some house in the

country or something like maybe I'm end

up after silver prices went really high

like maybe I didn't who knows how long

I'd have to save it but I was thinking

like I wanted to kind of sell like maybe

five hundred ounce or something maybe I

even dreamed higher but anyways we say

for about seven years and then this

thing came along and it was 14

and $500 for this house now you you

can't hardly see the house right now and

that's because I planted this I planted

the bamboo I played I play I'm about six

feet tall see how tall they are okay so

I put the mailbox in and there's also

mulch here right now but I'm when I

bought the house it wasn't in great

condition it uh we put in like cabinets

the DES front door had to be fixed we

got in granite countertops um I put like

there's you might even see a star fruit

tree back there so we did we did have to

do work to it but I've lived here

probably over six years and I've saved

so much like if I would have had to pay


I think we're paying 975 in right before

and so basically if I would have been

paying rent and paying rent and paying

rent I would have ended up like it might

be runs the right might have gone up

more and then I might have lost money on

like I was like moving around with like

the moving cost and maybe I'm landlords

perhaps trying to rip me off with like

the whole on deposit thing saying your

house is damaged so who knows how much I

actually end up saving but taxes aren't

really that much here so I want to

encourage you if you're saving for a

house debt-free continue on it took us

about seven years but we had a goal and

I would go one time I went to like a

thrift store and I found the fork and I

paid maybe around ten cents for this

little fork and it was sterling silver I

think back then was worth about then it

might have been supposed to worth around

ten dollars okay so I want you to think

about this you only do this if it's

legal in your area or whatever but like

if you're saving if you're going out to

yard sales and thrift stores and you're

buying let's say spending fifty dollars

and let's say if you buy a bunch of

silver and gold and let's say that

silver and gold is worth five hundred

dollars okay and then let's say you hold

it for like seven years

maybe longer and then let's say so let's

just pretend silver and gold price

triples okay so your $50 investment


it went into $500 automatically just

keep it going it's like everyday into

$500 automatically 500 it tripled to

1500 so now your $50 turned into $1500

you see how that works

now imagine if you had been buying and

buying and buying and buying and buying

a vine for years and then let's say you

had like $80,000 and you had spent

$10,000 to get to 80,000 and then it

tripled so like three times 80,000 right

was it

240,000 so this is very doable and it's

like one piece at a time

I was like buying and I was storing up

and storing up and storing up and I

didn't expect to end up buying a house

here I kind of wanted to like who knows

how long I thought I'd keep it maybe

toes like maybe years maybe I thought

I'd end up keeping it longer but then

this home came up for sale for fourteen

thousand five hundred and so we bought

it and so like scrap silver it really

like if you look at silver this is like

some silver right this might be like

stuff kind of like it right you if you

just save up and save up for several

years and you basically stockpile it

it's incredible because it's like a way

to save your money and just make sure

that any rules or regulations you like

abide by those if there's any in your

area or country or whatever well let me

let you see a little bit more the house

it might be a little messy but whatever

I planted this I planted this you may

see papayas in the backyard we got our

papaya trees okay I put in that gate

right there um

this right here Mike the thing is when I

got the home it didn't look like it

didn't look nice it looks kind of um I

mean the front I don't you think the

front door would even work like it was

terrible but we have worked on it and

this has been such a blessing so I just

like I really want to encourage you if

you want to get a home debt free do not

give up like ask God for help say during

father please help me

okay to get a home debt for you know how

to pay debt and you can do it but it

might take perseverance and it might be

like a little bit by a little bit but if

you save up even if I mean if you think

of a bank mortgage being like 30 years

right and if you happen to save up like

silver and gold here and they are not

doing so many videos on silver and gold

so if you're wondering like how do I

know if it's silver like I've done so

many videos about silver and gold okay

how to test it like okay so you know if

you save up silver and gold for like 10

years or maybe less or whatever and then

if you end up enough for your home see

the thing is is when you have money then

you may be or when you have something

then you may be ready when the deal

comes if I would not have been saving

I couldn't have like how could I bought

this house so it's really cool because I

hear it's like really private it does

look kind of like a mess right now but

anyways that's kind of like my story

selling there might have been some other

silver in the just scrap but it was

probably mostly it might've been just

pretty much just scrap silver and we

ended up with a home so it's like it's

100% worth it and there's a lot of

people out there and they're like you

know I don't want to bank mortgage I

don't want to be a debt slave I don't

want to be like and you know I just hold

that thing and have to pay a mortgage or

lose my house I want to encourage you

persevere do not quit if maybe you're

into making money with stocks maybe

you're into making money whatever it is

don't give up I may have had like people

might come with this discouraging talk

and they may say oh you'll never make it

you won't make it it'll be too hard

don't let them put their failure minded

like self on you you don't have to

accept or receive that negativity and

the lies okay you can do it you can get

your home debt-free so there's a lot of

people who've gotten their home

debt-free and it was amazing since we

got one home debt-free it might have

been within the next year we bought

another home cash and I was a landlord

for like maybe two years and I so I made

like money off I was like making money

from rent and then I ended up selling

the home I made money on it and then I

ended up with another house actually

even maybe even while out in that house

so I've actually I've actually owned

three homes before with no bank mortgage

and it's the blessing of God so I really

want to encourage you list don't think

it's too hard of a thing there's there

are deals if you look you may need to

look at auctions you may need um if you

wanted one thing is maybe checking like

the court or records or whatever county

court records whatever and look up

people like evictions and you might find

like a a disgruntled landlord who has

had to evict maybe he's at this person

he or she has had to evict multiple

people and maybe there'd be like I'm

done I don't want to be a landlord and

then they may go in and just sell it to

you cheap okay that might be a way to

get someone who might be unhappy with

their home maybe look at like um like

tax deed sales okay maybe go look at

auctions maybe check out like Craigslist

if you're searching Craigslist maybe

type in like um like in the search thing

maybe type in like termites termite fire

damage fire burned fixer-upper maybe

like the words like that and see what is

like like what if any homes are like

coming up I was actually trying to buy

this home and another home that had been

burned with a fire and the thing is is

just because like you might see the

homes listed by Realtors that are kind

of fixed up for like a really high price

you may come across someone who has been

living in the home maybe something

happens to them and maybe their kids

live far away in another state and then

they might be like their kids might be

like I don't want that home let's just

sell it and so just there are deals out

there and not everything sells for this

likes like hi like supposedly like

market price to be just kind of like but

it really helps if you actually have the

money and sometimes they're like a

really good deal you might not even be

able to get financing possibly you might

not be able like a bank might not want

to like approve some things and you you

like maybe the homeless I can just in


okay so just on different banks we have

different regulations but I would just

encourage you you can do it

don't give up save and save and you can

do it so I love you all

God loves you God has a plan and a

purpose for your life some other name I

Bethany God loves you and please let me

know what you think in the comments

below but I am living proof that it can

be done and it's because God has blessed

me so thank you so much for watching bye