Ewaste E-scrap guide to selling online

sorting and selling he wastes online I'm

not sure if if most of the people

watching they're going to be like me

here and in the area where I live but

there's nobody no yards around that sell

that buy rather he wastes so I had to

look online and try to find a place

online that would take a waste Andy

scrap to ship it in now haven't made a

couple big mistakes sending some stuff

to some people that were not as

reputable as I would like to so this

video is going to show you how to two

separate and get your stuff ready to

send in so basically what I do is I'll

just keep my stuff in a in a big bin

until I'm ready to to send it off a good

weight is about sixty pounds if you've

got sixty pounds worth of stuff to see

in the in quality stuff then that's

about a minimum at somebody at mostly

online buyers except now this is number

one grade board and then I try to

separate stuff out they were will do

some sorting once the the package

against to them but I try to do some

sorting on most like have a kind of an

idea about what I'm gonna have when I

get there and this is just other grade

boards I try to put my computer

processors and one little package inside

the box memory in one package inside the

box these are the satellite cards

probably won't send those now because

you need to have a whole lot before

those make a difference he proms I keep

those out that's a number low grade

board at the most sometimes if I'm a

couple pounds short of my sixty pound

box then I'll going to add some of that

stuff in cell phones some people you

know process those all the way down me I

just take the battery off the back of

them and then send them in to me they


okay by the pound just the way that is

then I have five gold items or

anything's gold-plated then I keep those

back and I'll put them in a little

sandwich bag and set those aside in

there and like this is a plug off of an

old police car radio believe it or not

and you can see the gold and stuff there

on that so next part we'll switch over

to the computer and I'll show you what I

use okay I hope this works out but this

is where I send my key waste each scrap

too and make sure you get that right

that's wwk for computer scrap comm there

is some other places that have similar

names on it and I've you'd regret

sending your stuff there this place

their website I'll try to get where you

can see it I mean there's no information

missed out of it I mean you want to see

what they buy you can go up here and

it'll show you a list of what all they

buy kind of give you a picture of it a

lot of places you go to you don't know

the pricing you can go up here and click

and they've got exact pricing for what

they pay again there's no gassing and

this is late in the afternoon so it's

not working now but right here this live

chat is invaluable I mean you can click

on that and ask the person a question

hey I've got this what's it worth what's

it's not worth they can give you a good

idea and there's also you can click on

this info @ cash for computer scrap comm

and you can take a picture if you got a

board that you're not sure about you've

got a computer piece that you're not

sure about you can click there and send

them a picture and I've usually got to

answer back the same day if I do it

early in the morning if not the very

next day

I've got an answer on what I've got and

basically what's once it's going to pay

and a good thing about this site is you

fill out the information there and they

send you a prepaid shipping label and

you just print that label off stick it

on your your box that you're sending in

then you either select whether you want

to be paid by PayPal or have them send

you a check and then they sort and go

through and what you've got and then

they send you a check and it has an

itemized list of what was paid and what

what you know certain things were and

how it was paid and I you know I like

that and and you they take the the

labels out the cost of the label rather

out of what they send back to you I mean

so you don't have to worry about trying

to find this or trying to find that as

far as getting everything shipped but

like I said in the first part of the

video you want around 60 pounds and

again that is cash for computer scrap

dot-com so that's one of the places I'm

sure there's a bunch of other ones on

the internet but there's a bunch of

other ones on there that can really

screw you over this is a legitimate

place you get a chance to talk to them

and if I were going to send some stuff

and that's where I'd go so thanks for

watching the video and happy scrapping