How To Make Money Scrapping Metal For Beginners - Scrap Metal Tips, What To Look For

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it is scrapped Dima dudes always a very

exciting day for me but this time I hope

that isn't my car this time I figured we

do things a little differently because

it was mentioned to me that while there

is no shortage of scrapping videos on

YouTube it might be fun to do a quick

start just the basics how to guide for

someone who's looking at getting into it

or isn't really sure where to start I

know a lot of people who watch my

channel already have plenty of

experience scrapping and if that's the

case well this is not gonna be anything

you guys don't already know but thanks

for hanging out anyway let's do this


now in order to get started you're gonna

need some tools and I wouldn't suggest

anything less than a magnet a pair of

wire cutters sometimes I prefer these