understanding how to buy SCRAP “gold”, “silver” and “platinum” (at spot price)

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so how do you buy scrap gold at exactly

spot price oftentimes scrap gold won't

have a premium

like coins do because it's not minted so

you can get it right at spot price but


it won't come in 24 karat you'll get

lesser carrots and you have to know

how much gold is actually in there there

are a lot of different ways you can tell

what the carrot of the gold is sometimes

it's marked sometimes you have to do

acid tests

i already know that all of this is 18

carat i'm gonna weigh this

and then do the math to find out how

much it's actually worth in gold and so

we'll go ahead and

throw everything on the scale

so we know that this is 33 grams

and that's our starting place

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