Copper Scrapping Hacks - Scrap Metal For Beginners - Tips And Tricks!

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hello pandas stubb here want some scrap

or copy hacks scrap metal tips to make

more money I've noticed that the

information on copper scrapping is

pretty scattered so allow me to help you

get paid the most at your scrap yard in

this video we're gonna quickly break

down the basics of scrapping copper and

then share some tips and hacks from the

pros to help you get paid the most from

each run so if you're a beginner at

scrapping copper then this is for you

and if you're a seasoned scrap dog well

then stick around because I could use

your help at the end and now in order to

proceed let's assume you've already

identified and collected some scrap

copper you know bright red metal smells

like blood and turns green and might get

sold that's the stuff