Scrapping computer towers: what parts they have, how to sell, and what parts are worth removing.

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hello scrappers and planet lovers tin

man here with another video so i've

recently received a number of questions

about computer towers and e-waste um are

all computer towers built the same way

with the same components uh does it

matter on size of the computer tower or

age as well where do i sell my e-waste

from electronics and last question that

i want to look at is

what items do i keep or are worth

scrapping taking apart or you know

selling whole so gonna answer a couple

of those questions i know there are a

lot of them i do appreciate the

questions they are um you know i'll try

to answer them as best i can and for

beginner scrappers

you know these are important questions

you want to

uh answer and be addressed to i'm not a