Pack 845 Presents: How to Sell Cub Scout Popcorn

hi I'm Nicolas new and a top popcorn

seller for you in fact I want to show

you how to support your pack and have

fun while we soak up Scout popcorn

learning a few things you need a popcorn

order form clipboard and a good can also

you'll need to be in the full class a

uniform and you also need a parent to go

with you and finally don't forget to


first how not to soak up Scott pop a

lady wanted ice and popcorn

what is this it's for popcorn there cups

out Cub Scout what's the money go for

Tom Scouts I guess I don't think so now

the right way to soak up scope popcorn

oh man would you like to buy some

popcorn cheese well I think I would yeah

it's always been great tasting you fast

yeah a few questions for you though how

much of it goes to the Cub Scouts again

I'm over 7 or 70%

wow that's nice that's me hi and we need

a pizza whipper

um it would be delivered in the third

week of November oh that's perfect we'll

have any time for the holidays yes Wow

let me take a look at you pretty sure

but what if they answers now

hello hi man would you like to buy some

popcorn that helps to put the cup Scouts

well yeah we don't really eat a lot of

popcorn in our family but thank you for

stopping by

well we also do some chocolate carrot

pepsouille pillow chocolate-covered

pretzels yes ma'am

I didn't know they offered more than

just popcorn you take a look at this


and now another's wants to know

hello man would you like to buy some

popcorn notes what the cups cups well I

do like to point into Cub Scouts every

year but we just been eating too many

snacks and things I don't think we want

any popcorn the students well you can

send that $30 for point the troops

really you can send it to our troops yes

how does that work what are the amounts

again you can send $30 of popcorn or $50

for popcorn well that's a great idea

yeah let me take a look at your brochure

I'll probably do that this year and now

anothers wants to know hello hello man

would you like to buy some popcorn to

help support the Cub Scouts well I

really like supporting the Cub Scouts

but I don't think we can do it this year

well you can always send a donation well

as any amount really I can just give

money to the to the pack yes okay is

this still tax-deductible yes well I

think I've got five dollars right here

would that be okay yes let me fine great

okay well good luck with your serious

thank you bye bye

but what if they really say no okay

hello ma'am would you like device and

pop going to help support the cup of cup

well you know we've done that in the

past and it's always been really good

but I don't think we're gonna be able to

buy any this year would you like to

donate some central or make a small

donation wow you've really given me some

good options but I'm afraid we've given

a lot to a lot of organizations this

year I just don't think we can do it

okay well thank you anyway

okay good luck with your sales thank you

hello man this is the popcorn that your

order oh my gosh I've been waiting for

this thank you so much I'm gonna trust

them right now thank you