Seven Sisters Scones and The UPS Store - Sharing, Caring and Growing

I've always expressed my caretaking

through food and I think that's why I

approach it with love and Karen and I do

care a lot about my product seven sister

scones is a family-owned business then

north of Atlanta we are a bakery that

specializes in making scones and other

food items


the whole thing started with trying to

make a breakfast on the go for my

husband before I knew it I had at least

like 15 16 different recipes and it just

kind of took off from there we

incorporate cream real juices and so

forth so that the flavor that you get is

satisfying we make our scones super

moist so you get that tender crumbly

kind of scone by far a lot better than

anything you can buy anywhere I can

promise you that


so we put them in right now we're going

to bake them at 325 for about 15 to 17

minutes that's it I think we recognize

really early that we need it to be

online and selling online even before we

had a brick-and-mortar store we had an

online store one of our big concerns was

logistics you know we wanted a positive

customer experience we prepare every

package so that when it arrives at a

customer's doorstep it's as if they had

just picked it up from the store we want

you to feel when you open the box that

you're opening something special which

is why we put the tissue paper in and we

also include kind of instructions on how

to take care of your scones a little

information about us to feel like you're

part of the family the only way that

this can work is if we have a reliable

logistics and shipping partner one of

the benefits of the UPS store is they're

locally owned just like we are

I think when you're locally owned do you

like to deal with other businesses that

are locally owned do you like to know

that person having them literally two

minutes away we can drop off we have a

problem we have someone that we can

reach out to that was also very

important to us everything that we do

here comes from the heart whether it's

our services sis cones it's the way we

deal with in the community what we try

to do is build that concept of sharing

caring and growing within the community

that we're in we work diligently here to

make sure that when you get that box it

meets all of your expectations done

right set right tastes good