How I Buy and Sell My College Textbooks

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hey guys so today I wanted to make a

video about how I buy and resell my

textbooks I know that this is an issue

in college that a lot of kids deal with

where textbooks are kind of the

deal-breaker as far as like sticking to

a budget goes and maybe like you know

that's the make-or-break of you know

getting all of your rent money together

and so I by no means have dealt with

quite that much struggle my parents do

help me with a lot of things but I do

buy and rent my textbooks used usually

and I also have found ways to resell

them that are very helpful so I wanted

to go through some of that with you guys

today the biggest thing I think that

helps me is I make a price comparison

spreadsheet and so I do this in Google

Docs but you also can do it on like

Microsoft spreadsheet or that