How I Buy and Sell My College Textbooks

hey guys so today I wanted to make a

video about how I buy and resell my

textbooks I know that this is an issue

in college that a lot of kids deal with

where textbooks are kind of the

deal-breaker as far as like sticking to

a budget goes and maybe like you know

that's the make-or-break of you know

getting all of your rent money together

and so I by no means have dealt with

quite that much struggle my parents do

help me with a lot of things but I do

buy and rent my textbooks used usually

and I also have found ways to resell

them that are very helpful so I wanted

to go through some of that with you guys

today the biggest thing I think that

helps me is I make a price comparison

spreadsheet and so I do this in Google

Docs but you also can do it on like

Microsoft spreadsheet or that

pre-programmed like one on Mac where

it's a spreadsheet essentially um you

can also use that and so we're going to

switch to my computer screen for a

minute so this was my spreadsheet from

this last semester as you can see here I

put down the class that the book is for

the title of the book and the ISBN

number and those are the only things

that are in here when I start looking my

go-to sites to find books are my

University's bookstore Amazon thrift

books and check so I put those titles on

the top and then the rest of these

columns would all be empty so I put the

class because I want to make sure that I

have everything written down and

recorded accordingly and so I use my

university dues website which tells me

which books to get and I make sure to

have all of that in here and I always

double check and make sure I'm not

missing a book because trust me it's

very frustrating when you miss a book

and then you get partway through the

semester and realize that you now don't

have the book that you need for the next

section of class so I put all of that

down and I put down the titles but the

ISBN number is honestly the most

important thing so make sure that you

get the ISBN number for the books and

you have it in here

so then I copy and paste the ISBN number

into the search bar on each of these

websites so say that we are going to

Amazon so then I can take the ISBN

number and I can put it into the Amazon

search bar and there's the Odyssey which

is the book that I needed for my Greek

and Roman myths class and then within

Amazon you can always buy the new

version you can hit by used you can buy

hardcover audiobook Kindle versions so

if you are able to buy electronic books

I believe that will save you some money

but then also remember that you can't

resell a electronic book so if you are

interested in reselling your books you

don't want to like keep them after the

class you won't think you have to

reference them or anything then you

could look into buying ebooks but on

here you can always buy use so you can

select the condition etc looks it was

only acceptable for the Odyssey even

though you can buy used books on Amazon

my absolute favorite site especially for

buying novels is thrift books so one

thrift books you can also copy and paste

in ISBN numbers into the search bar and

then it'll bring up the book that the

ISBN number is for and it looks like the

paperbacks are out of stock on the

Odyssey currently but you can do

hardcover math paperback collectibles

etc and so say we want a mass paperback

you can use this drop-down and you can

select what book you want so missing

dust jacket means that it would be like

when you took the cover off your

hardcover Harry Potter book and then X

library means there'll be little things

on the spine like that have the Dewey

Decimal number for the library

honestly X library though is usually a

pretty good deal because you tend to get

hard backs with that and as long as

you're fine with dealing with a little

sticker there it is usually in pretty

good condition so I buy a lot of extra

library there's always free shipping in

the US so if you're in the US I highly

recommend using thrift books and their

shipping is pretty quick you'll get it

within two weeks and that kind of brings

me to my next point about my spreadsheet

which is that I put down the date that I

order the book and I put down the date

that I get it this is because certain

websites like third parties selling used

on Amazon and thrift books every once in

a while a book gets lost in the mail and

so you want to keep track of when you

order them and when they arrived and

that for sure keep your email order

confirmations and things like that

because if the book doesn't arrive you

want all that information Beals say over

this book this version of it etc and it

hasn't arrived and then you want to be

able to have a tracking number to say

that it says that it's here but you know

whatever and be able to call thrift

books or call that third-party through

Amazon or call Amazon or whatever and

make sure that you get your money back

or you get another copy

um Chegg is similar to thrift books they

tend to be a lot more textbook oriented

so you can get textbooks on thrift books

and you can also get novels on Schenck

but the Rif books is what i tend to go

for as far as novels go and then shag is

tends to be where i've over text books

just because they're more likely to be

in those locations and then back to the

spreadsheet the other thing I do is I

always check rental prices especially if

it's not a textbook I'm interested in

keeping always check rental prices and

so you can see that for some of mine I

put the price but it says rent next to

it and that just means that it's a

rental textbook it's not one that I will

be allowed to keep after the class so

then I get all of my prices in here for

every single book on every single site

and I highlight the one that I want to

get then I go back to each website so

the one for my university bookstore

Amazon thrift books check and I put the

books that are highlighted into my cart

which does mean that I have to put the

ISBN number back in and go find it again

to put it in my cart and then I check

out that's pretty much it as far as

buying and then just make sure that they

get there no I want to talk about Reese

because this is where you save the most

money I think so I tend to keep my

favorite textbooks and novels from

classes because I want to reread them or

I'll want to reference them in the

future even for like another class

sometimes I go back to old textbooks or

a different class where I'm like oh we

also talked about something related to

this topic in this class let me go find

that and I'll use that in my paper so I

do keep some of my textbooks but if I do

want to resell them because I bought

them I use two things I use a resale app

and then I also use local Facebook

groups so as far as Facebook groups a

lot of universities have groups for

their students that are called like free

and for sale things like that so say

that you go to University of Illinois it

would be like University of Illinois or

a U of I may be free and for sale and so

find one of those Facebook groups and

get yourself added to the page and then

you can post on there your books for

sale what I usually do is I go online

and I look up prices that that book

would be if somebody were to buy used

from a website and I drop the price like

two bucks so that I'm still making a

amount of money that is reasonable for

that book but I am their most appealing

option because now they don't have to

pay shipping and if they even if the

shipping on the website that is free

somehow I'm still giving them a better

deal and then I'm only out two bucks

myself you could also only drop it like

a dollar or something if you want if you

really need the money but to make sure

that you're the most appealing option

for people and you'll be good to go and

also when you post it say what class the

book is used for because sometimes

people don't realize that that's the

textbook they're looking for and so put

like this is the book that you know dr.

Smith uses in econ 306 or whatever it is

so that they know that's the textbook

that they are looking for that they need

for that class the other thing is the

app I use so the app is called book

Scouter and so here it is unless for

some reason you are unable to scan the

barcode because of a sticker or

something on the back of the book you

want to open the barcode scanner and

then you works like a camera and you

hold it up to your book and it takes the

ISBN number down for you so then here's

a list of all of the sites that are

willing to buy your book and sometimes

it honestly says $0 and that's just

because there's such a surplus they are

uninterested in buying your book so then

at this point you want to hit the ad

bookshelf button towards the top there

and then the book will be in your

bookshelf then you can use the button in

the upper right to see your bookshelf

and when you are here you can then ask

the app to email you your bookshelf and

this allows it to be easier to sell

because now you can do it from your

computer so once you have the email on

your computer it'll have a list that is

all of the books that you add into your

bookshelf and it'll have the sites that

you can sell them on like you saw on the

app and then I'm just saying to do this

on your computer because it's a bit

easier than like typing everything in on

your phone so then you go to the site

and you tell them that you want to sell

the book if you're selling more than one

book at a time

I'd recommend adding them all and to

these sites that you were going to sell

them on before you tell any of the sites

that you were done selling because there

some of them they don't give you free

shipping to their warehouse unless you

sell them a certain number of books so

for some books they might be worth more

money on one site but on a different

site where they're worth you know like 5

cents less 10 cents less and they won't

give you free shipping and so you'll

want to sell them on the site where your

free shipping otherwise you're gonna end

up losing money or making a lot less

money in the long run so then usually

they give you a prepaid packaging label

so there's a sheet that you put inside

the box and then there's one thing you

put on the box that has the address and

the fact that it is prepaid postage and

then you take that to USPS or UPS I

whichever one the website uses make sure

that you check that and you just hand it

off to the worker and they'll take it

from there

and then once usually once the package

arrives at the warehouse and they double

check that everything that you said you

were selling them is in the box they

will send you money on paper

and so during the process when you were

telling them I'm going to sell these

books to you when you were on their

website you'll have to put in your

PayPal and I have never not gotten paid

by one of these websites they have

always given me the money for the books

that I have sent them and so I believe

that those are the two easiest ways to

resell your books other than reselling

to your own university bookstore if they

rebuy books but yeah if you have any

questions about how to buy or sell books

or anything I've said here please leave

them below if you would like more

college how to videos or thrifting

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Monday bye guys