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hi guys I'm Becky and welcome to jungle

scout today we're going to be talking

about how to sell books on Amazon this

is a great way to get started without a

lot of money or inventory upfront and

these exact strategies helped one of our

sellers on our team Dave to make an

extra three thousand dollars per month

so this is a perfect way to raise funds

for your own private label business one

of the perks to selling books on Amazon

is that all books go under a master

listing this means that your listing is

then organized into a condition and a

price among others and if you are the

lowest priced version you will then win

that buy box so when customers click on

Add to Cart they will be adding your

products their basket cool huh

so our first tip twice your product the

lowest on the listing so that you win

that fire box this will then increase

your chances of your product selling

next you have three ways to sell books

on Amazon one of them is for food by

merchants and this is when you create a

listing on Amazon but you ship the

product yourself this is good for

sellers who have already got a pretty

solid fulfillment network in place

Amazon it vendors this is when you sell

your inventory directly to Amazon

through their vendor central services

this is good for enterprise sellers who

need to unload a lot of inventory

fast fulfilled by Amazon this is when

you create a listing on Amazon but net

Amazon due to storing and the shipping

on your behalf as a bonus your products

sell prime and this is probably the most

popular way to sell on Amazon for

beginners what do we suggest well we

simply love Amazon FBA as this way

amazon take all the stress of packing

and shipping your products for you one

of the most important things to know

when selling books on Amazon is

understanding the bestseller ranking

system each and every product that sold

at least one unit on Amazon is

awarded abs are the lower the BS are the

more sales of product mix for example if

a book has abs are 30,000 that means

it's unlikely to sell the same day you

list it but if it has abs are of two and

a half million it could take 60 days or

more to sell a book this brings us to

our second tip to selling books on

Amazon the SR is your guide to whether

or not a book is worth listing on Amazon

lower is better a good way to determine

whether to sell a book or not is to type

the books ISBN into Amazon then

cross-reference the books BSR if it's

lower than 200,000 list it if it's

higher then put it in the Christmas

present pile so not only does FBA mean

that you can say goodbye it to packing

and shipping at your books but it also

means that you get 24/7 customer support

provided by Amazon so you no longer have

to deal with refunds complaints and any

of issues Amazon a book selling it's its

own world and within that world there's

lots of different methods of doing it

here's three different ways to find

books to sell on Amazon scanning of all

the ways how to sell books on Amazon

this is probably the most popular method

basically those that use of the scanning

method go to sales where books are

priced fairly cheap and scan each and

every barcode with their cell phone or a

portable scanner an app on their phone

will cross-reference the books BSR as

well as the books lower sales price and

lets the seller know whether or not it's

the book that's worth purchasing

wholesaling instead of scanning each and

every book at a book sale make offers on

the entire lot this works especially

well at yard sales estate sales and even

bookstore closings online arbitrage

online arbitrage is a method of buying a

book on one marketplace such as eBay or

Craigslist to resell on another since

it's a little more time consuming than

scanning or wholesaling it's best to

target books that sell for more than $25

textbooks and first edition books are

especially great targets this brings us

to our fourth tip to selling books on

Amazon if you don't want to or simply

can't spend the money to start just look

around your house for some old books to

list you'll be surprised to discover how

valuable some old titles sell for

if you're new to Amazon it there you'll

need to register for an Amazon account

to start selling your books when you

sign up

select the pro version where you can

sell more than 40 items per month it's a

flat fee of 39 dollars per month but

that way you avoid that one dollar fee

per sale if you go for the individual

subscription the only exception would be

if you only plan to sell less than 40

books per month and in that case you

might be better off going for an

individual account now it's time to list

your books on Amazon there are ways to

automatically scan your inventory in but

if you want to be extra careful then you

can do each and every book by hand

typing in the ISBN number into the

Amazon search bar and clicking the I

have one to sell button that way you can

check the condition too because once

you've found it your books listing

you'll need to place it under the

correct condition there are more or less

five conditions which you can list your

books on Amazon new used like new used

but very good used good and used very

acceptable we tend to advise to not sell

a book that's anything under the good

category only if a book is worth a lot

of money with a low BSR should you ever

consider this category as many people

avoid buying books in this range so onto

our next tip different conditions come

with different price points often the

nervous very good price will be a lot

higher than the lowest good or

acceptable condition however if it's a

slow seller then you might want to

consider just pricing it to match the

good or acceptable condition if you're

selling books on FBA which we do

recommend you'll need to send them to

the nearest fulfillment

Center it's pretty easy to do just throw

them in a box and ship it for your one

of Amazon's preferred carriers once your

books hit the fulfillment centers so

long as you have priced them bright and

only picked books with low BS R's you

should start seeing the sales right away

to see how much you're profiting be a

short to log into fetcher and check your

daily stats so I hope this video has

helped you learn some more on how to

sell books on Amazon it's a fantastic

way to start out and learn the ropes of

selling on Amazon and FBA before you

start an online business have you or are

you selling books on Amazon if so if

we've missed out any tips then please

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