How To Sell Scentsy Products Online | Scentsy Consultant Training

I'm going to be specifically going to be

talking about Scentsy and to set the

consultants and giving examples on how

to sell your business on line now I do

understand I am NOT a sensing consultant

and I am not telling you to stop what

you're doing or do what I'm telling you

I'm giving you ideas that you could

incorporate into your current sensing

business hello there and welcome back to

my channel if you are new my name is

Christina SH for and welcome I talk all

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miss out today's video now is going to

be a little different I'm going to be

specifically going to be talking about

Scentsy and two sets the consultants and

giving examples on how to sell your

business line

now I do understand I am NOT a sense of

consultant and I am not telling you to

stop what you're doing or do what I'm

telling you I'm giving you ideas that

you incorporate into your current

sensitive business because I do know the

upline and the Facebook groups and

everything that goes on in that

community is phenomenal

I am just a business coach that loves to

help other small business owners giving

them additional tools and Stratton

strategies that just helps them and can

give them even more of a boost in their

business so I'm not taking you away from

anything that you're doing this is just

additional information for you so what

we're going to be talking about

specifically it is going to be a little

longer today because I want to make sure

to cover everything for you I don't know

how many videos I'll be doing at me of

course if this has really been efficient

on a lot of you sets of consultants love

it I will definitely be making more

videos just let me know in the comments

below so what we'll be talking about

today three ways you're going to promote

your business online we're going to talk

about ideas

use to attract your customers and we're

also be talking about bonus tips when

you are prospecting or talking with

prospects so let's dive right in to the

first one three ways much of business

offline first one social media now a lot

of you may be doing home parties you may

be talking with friends and family you

could be doing fliers you could just be

doing door-to-door today salary but

either way if it's working do it if

you're wanting to find an additional way

to boost it up this can only help

because if you're on social media and if

you're online you just have a whole

nother presence in a whole nother world

and to people that you do find offline

if they do want to find you online

that's just a great way for them to

connect with you

so social media Facebook Instagram

Twitter Pinterest they're all great

YouTube all of them are great social

media platforms pick what you like to do

pick what you are comfortable doing I

personally really focus on Instagram and

Facebook and you guys are they need

three main platforms I personally like

to do yes I have an account for

Pinterest and Twitter and LinkedIn but I

am Tumblr I don't necessarily go and

engage with people on there I do share

my videos on there and my blog posts but

I am NOT active on those profiles I

personally find Instagram and Facebook

YouTube very very well for my business

and for sensing I do know that a lot of

you with Facebook and Instagram it's

really beneficial because you can hook

it up and you can share stuff on there

and - it's a visual exam is very visuals

you can share a lot of your images on

Instagram Facebook with the videos and

stories all intertwine very very


so now we know social media which I'm

sure you might have known how important

social media is but let's just talk

about Oh actually I'm gonna reverse I'm

gonna talk about that in the other

partner but let's just continue on to

the three ways for your business the

second way to brought your business is

through videos you may be doing this

already you may not be doing this

already now I don't know if you're doing

not doing it because it's something

you're like okay I don't wanna do

business I don't think there's a point

to it or you're really like oh my god

it's freaking me out of those here to

get on camera you're just like no I

can't do it it's okay I'm here to tell

you if it's something you don't think

you should be doing it's something that

is I do believe that's very beneficial

for your audience they will get to

connect with you it's a great way to

show who you are especially since you're

in a direct seller business and they

want you to sell directly to people

especially since you're not in person

being online in a camera this is a way

for you to talk to them personally so

videos very very important now on the

other hand if it's just like oh I'm so

freaked out this really really scares me

it's okay I started I can't do not the

first video I did it took like 50 takes

that was like five years ago NASA years

ago and every video I did you may see

now this video is like just long and if

I even miss up or I ramble or something

happens I actually don't cut it out

because I actually want you to feel like

you're hanging out with me and I'm

talking with you and like you're just

with me I I just found I used to

actually chop my videos and like

everything I messed up with like every

little thing if I stumbled over horde or

if I said something wrong now I'm just

thinking okay whatever I said it wrong

because honestly in a conversation

nothing's perfect conversation because I

sometimes forget when I'm talking about

my conversation and someone has to be

like this is what you're talking about

the only difference is is it's not live

I don't have you to be like in the

common thing like Christina this

what we were talking about get back on

track so as we're speaking on track

we'll get back on track so the third way

to promote your business is logging now

you may have heard about this you may

kind of have an idea about this and you

may be like I don't need this for my

business is this something that I really

should do as SMC consultant it's up to

you completely up to you

I will let you know that having a blog

on a website is a very very very

powerful thing and it not only lets you

control everything you put on there but

everything you sell on there it is

your space your home what do I mean by


I will pop-up videos while I talk about

this you see this way it's your home

page so anything you write anything you

add it's yours you can customize the

banners you can customize the flutter

you can customize the many bars so let's

say you just want to have your home your

blog your services tab and your about me

you have four windows you can see on

mine I have I think it's my home my

services tab my content free websites

then I have another website that's my

reseller website where I show my YouTube

my services other things so you can come

customize that love sound completely

different and actually promote what

you're doing in a non spammy way

educating your audience about your sense

of business which are we talking about

actually next so the first thing ways to

promote your business are through social

media videos logging oh one more thing

on that note your videos can be embedded

into your blog posts and all of those

the videos the blog posts can be shared

on your social media accounts to bring

them over to your website and I forgot

one more thing on the website that's

when you actually have a link to your

sensei website because I do know you

since the consultants have a wonderful


that was the system from sensi and they

give it to you I think it's like ten

dollars a month and they actually have

all the products on there for you and

you can edit the about page and some

other stuff and it's awesome and it's

simple for you to do and send customers

to it now what I was saying about having

your own website is this is just a

front-end to buffer it because since all

you sensei consultants do have that

sense each website having a website on

the front end that's customized like

yours has your own vibe to it so your

customers are like coming to your home

visiting your page so it's like what if

what if you're in in Texas and someone's

in Montana what if you're in California

someone's in New York you can't

necessarily go over to their house and

say what's up I want to sell you my

sensei stuff no but when you can when

they check on your website they can look

what you homepage and that's like your

home page being like come on over but

you're from not in my area this is like

my online world getting a little

distracted that just been the other

brands talking about a website I think I

need to go work out more oh my god

but I do bikes everyday so there's not

make sense I guess that's not enough

probably health advocates out there okay

oh yeah so next thing

discovering the things like the ideas to

bring people to you and attract them to

you first things first you want to

create engaging content things that your

audience is like okay I love this

I want this ways you can create engaging

content using canva I'll leave the link

below for you it's a free you can pay a

monthly free but you can use it for free

and you create social media graphics

PDFs banners awkward courts sorts of

wonderful things for your business

specifically you can customize that for


yeah yeah but let's continue on to

engaging content so I'm gonna break it

down for each category that we talked

about earlier creating engaging content

for social media you can do that through

sensi I actually did a canva toriel if

you want to learn how to use it you can

watch that as well that way you can get

the whole shebang on how to create

social media graphics but when you're

doing it let's give a specific example

let's say you are selling a you I think

they call the many many warmers of any

wall warmers and it's the mini wall

plugins or you're selling a wax warmer

that is they plug in that has like the

cord or you're selling like the cordless

no sentence things I think like room

fragrance box whatever that smelled it

you could for social media you could

have you could break this down and do a

post on just the one that's cordless or

the one that's the room one that has no

cord or anything or well plug in don't

want or one on the plug in and the one

with the cord or you could do one all

together and ask your audience being

like which one do you prefer do you

prefer a B or C if it's a holiday one

you could specifically say which which

is the holiday what is your favorite

want which holiday is which holiday

scent is your favorite scent of holiday

scent which scent is your favorite scent

if their scents so there's lots of

different things you can do to create

engaging content specifically asking

questions creating I'm not saying

creating like controversies you don't

create like Carter bikini you won't meet

people to stop and like look at it being

like maybe if you're like

if you see if it's a huh like maybe you

have like a sensi haunted like because

I've seen the sensi houses or the sense

the sense a snowman guy and you could be

like the sensi house I do like a story

about your haunted house when you went

to a haunted house one time and it

really really freaked you out and talked

about how maybe a candle warmer reminded

you of the scary house thing so when

people are reading it they're like oh my

gosh because most people been to a

haunted house so maybe they're thinking

in their head doing oh my gosh this is

like really spooky like I kind of need

this in my house for Halloween is a

spooky so I thought I thought fire with

like a hundred spooky or maybe was just

on the flyer but that would make me

think of it so that was just something

to think so

creating engaging content with videos

lots of ways to do that

same thing with the senses you can

educate your audience so with blogging

in videos I'm not just sitting there to

sit there and pull up all of your things

thing like this is my candle warmer it

is green it has a quote on it it's very

durable it has a cord the watt lighting

is this the sensing is this utter

however you want to sell it

I actually am saying educating them by

what it is so say someone has no idea

what a candle warmer is say someone goes

to Google and says what is a candle or

what is a excuse me

what is a wax warmer and the videos that

pop up are candles and wax warmers

explaining what this is the benefit of

it how you could use it in your home

well you wanna be one of those first

videos that pop up because if someone's

watching it and they're like oh my gosh

those are really cool I had no idea

what's woman was like this I know I can

warn was like this well you are

subliminally if you're in there selling

your sense8 business you're not sitting

there going why

have the wax candl and i have the wax NC

thing you should buy this because this

is a really beneficial back summer know

you're educating that person saying what

black swimmer is is you you plug it into

the wall and then you let it heat up and

then it actually melts the wax for you

which actually lets the sense come into

the room and you don't have to have a

candle burning at all so you don't have

to worry about your house being on fire

I hated it my audience and then I let

him know him or she let them know what

the ending by the way I you can part you

know you can purchase these over on my

website I leave the link below down

below in the description for you and you

can leave the link below in the

description for them now of course if

you want you can actually instead of

selling it right there which I would

suggest going to your blog posts instead

saying look if you want to read more

about this because I wrote a blog post

on this good video setting up to blog

about it they click the link in the

description of the video go to your blog

post and read more about wax warmers

like ha I'm stoked about this and they

see pictures of it on your website they

see your banners they see everything

that you've done creating and informing

people about sensing and how great it is

and they're like ok I'm gonna buy so at

the bottom your call to action because

you Pecha kated them and they're like

stoked about this is the sensi warmer or

a direct link to your the sensi page

where it's the warmers and they can go

shopping through it so that is complete

option or if you don't want to send them

to the sales page you can actually have

them contact you saying directly because

I know that you're allowed to say

message means for special offers maybe

you could say in there like or you if

you don't want to purchase right now you

could contact me for special see what my

special offer so for the season are or

whatever it is that you're allowed to

say in the guidelines I don't want to

say any say anything that's not on your

guide line of course so

that is just that's just also very

exciting I mean it it's all together and

you can promote and sell your things in

such a fun way where people are like

this is so exciting I had no idea I

can't warm was like that or say you guys

have awesome home home good lines and

soaps and stuff like that you could

educate your audience on the soaps and

steps all right you see me I'm rolling

back I'm a might I have a I do my videos

I'm like a yoga ball so sorry I'm moving

and getting very this video it's very

exciting I hope you're learning so much

if you want make sure you like this

video and share with other consoles who

could use this in their business but yes

the next thing after engaging content

because you we just talked about how you

can create engaging content we talked

about some tips you can do for creating

engaging content like asking questions

creating social media post videos

blogging I gave you some specific tips

which you can do with that the next

thing is consistent content now that you

know how to do it in what kind of do we

want to stay consistent on that and

that's something I actually wasn't very

good at in the beginning and I struggled

with because one I know we're busy I

know we all have stuff to do I mean

previous sleep before I was able to work

full time in my business I was a

bartender and server and when I came

home when I worked during the day or if

I worked in the evenings depending on

what shift it was I was sometimes you

tired of post I was retired to a video

or it was just not the right time and I

just punched it off so some days I'd be

like I'll post consistently and then

other days I'd be like ghosted for a

week or two weeks or sometimes three

weeks and then it's like a month flew by

and it's like I did nothing no wonder I

didn't get the results I didn't want so

that's the same thing with you

consistency is going to be key even

though nothing happens overnight and I'm

not and I'm sure your upline and people

and your mentors have told you this it's

not gonna happen instantly yes you are

going to sign up people but those people

who are the top leaders and since they

work there they work their butt offs

they work so hard and that same thing

that you're going to be doing too so

I would I will say I previously did a

company before I was a business coach I

wasn't a marketing company about company

and I did horribly in it because I did

sell all my friends in the family and I

did consistently summer product online

and I was not doing it way that's

interesting and what I'm sharing with

you today if I knew what I knew today I

would have done it completely

differently and approached it

differently and definitely worked out

better for me but then I would have

never learned things that weren't and I

wouldn't be here today and that is why

we're here today learning we're in

exactly that so for you to stay

consistent let's get back on on you for

you to stay consistent you want to plan

your content how you can plan your

content you can use buffer entry or a

buffer I like to use plan Olli

personally this is a person for

Instagram you could upgrade it I don't I

don't know if it does Facebook it might

just be Instagram but um I use it just

for Instagram on my facebook honestly I

actually went to just posting my videos

I really don't post much content on my

fanpage anywhere except for just videos

and educating people and driving them to

my website like I talked about because I

want people to go to my website and

check out all my information on my home

page so once okay it's a leper plane

only the other thing just brained up if

you want to post every day on social

media take it out and be like okay I'm

gonna write down seven post and have

seven posts for the day because you can

be posting once a day two times a day

three times a day I honestly I also post

about once a day three times day is a

lot to post and there's a lot of content

and it could be frustrating especially

if you start out the bat really hot and

you have like okay you have four or five

days done with three post and then the

fifth day it's like you kind of like hit

the wall because you went out so hard

you could've broken down all those posts

and had pretty much a whole month done

so when you're writing at your posts I

actually like to do it all at once so if

I'm posting I'll be like okay say let's

go back to the ones we'll read at the

candle warmers and stuff and you can

plan out your post plan out your post

that you did as we talked about what

you're doing maybe you do the room post

about the smoke but that is in the room

or you do one that's the plug-in in the

wall or the one with the cord each one

can be individual posts that you write

about then each one could be needed each

individual video that you do and then

maybe you also have a blog post that you

do so lots of options lots of things

that you can do and you can actually

post them on to your social media sites

so the posts that's certainly on

Facebook one post you're sharing your

blog post you're sharing the video

another one you may be doing a collage

and being like which one you prefer so

lots of ways for you to post different

things but also repurpose your content

so it's not just thrown away once you

use it because if you educate someone on

a sensing warmer or a plug-in wall

well plug-in you know maybe other people

are looking for that you can repurpose

that and reuse that information now of

course that was just a basic example

because you guys make a company way more

and you guys can come up with so many

more ideas for your blog post then I cut

our videos and of course if you want

help with that I would love to help you

with that you can always contact me I

have coaching plans for different prices

or that monthly plan like I talked about

where you can access and ask me

questions on that so that can help you

out as well another thing I like to use

for stinking system is Evernote or

Trello Trello is like a board where you

move things on there that can help or

Evernote I just kind of pile on my

thoughts and their notes or you can just

create a spreadsheet on like Google Docs

to be honest though in the beginning

I've tried doing that it got a little

overwhelming so I personally just wrote

Mont and I put them directly into plen

Oly and plan them out or I went straight

to Facebook and I put them in there and

scheduled them because if I just put

them in a spreadsheet and then I had a

and paste them and put them in there it

got a little bit too repetitive for me

and I wanted it to be automatically

close to without me having to be there

at that time and that's how can save you

time especially if you're a busy mom or

if you're at school if you have lots of

obligations that you can't be there at

that exact time to post so let's move on

to the last thing that we're going to

talk about for you know ideas to

bringing people for is free offer now I

do know you guys maybe give away free

samples or stuff like that I'm talking

about something that's a little

different than that I'm talking about

something maybe like an e-book or a

video series or a audio something that

your potential customer could take on

the road with you because it could

depend what if your potential customer

is going to be wanting to sign up as a

consultant what if your potential

customer is wanting to just buy products

what if your potential customers want

agent maybe both well you can have

different offers for those people so say

someone shows interest and is interested

in purchasing a product and say they're

interested specifically in a candle


you could have a free offer explaining

maybe then if it's a perks of a candle

warmer throw in something that's not a

candle warmer I I don't really know if

they're coming back side of cane to

warmer but see it see if it is you can

show you a little twist on it you know

something that would be okay this is

really cool that this person did that

you can do a video you could also like

you said at the end maybe have a message

you at the free offer if they're

interested in the sample for it so it's

just an additional way to do it um what

else I didn't get some water but I'm so

sorry so um now on the other hand what

if they want to be like a consultant say

how'd you keep them on maybe they're the

first way they can make their first $100

or make their money back from because I

don't know how much your start I don't

know what your starter kit is or educate

them how they can make their money back

on their starter kit or whatever it is

that would be an enticing thing that you

can actually do and actually help them

do I'm not saying put out a false claim

make sure that this is something you can

actually do and help them yeah by no

means you don't want to like like I know

your company they don't want you to sell

say you know I'm offering free bars if

you buy from me like they don't want you

to do that so you definitely want to

make sure your compliance and everything

is it rules with your sensi business um

what else um what you always want to

remember now let's talk about with

customers one thing you always want to

remember in this set may sound really

really basic but does this help my

customer is this something that they

want is this something that's gonna

benefit them

you could be selling to someone to

you're blue in the face but if they have

no desire or no one for the product

they're not going to get it and they're

going to give you the hint for it so you

can continue to persist and try to

change that to a note but that's

something that is gonna be a waste of

your time especially they indicated that

now you never know down the line they

might turn around changing mine but if

they definitely indicate it at the time

you're not interested in it or they

don't want it or they don't need it or

they for sure can't afford it then

there's no reason for you to continue to

pursue it at this time so that's

something that sure is as a seller

that's your responsibility to do so like

for example for me as a business coach

but I'm talking and I'm working with

clients I would never recommend

something that I don't believe that they

can't do or that they cannot do

themselves so if they can't afford

something or if they specifically

explicitly said they have no desire to

do it that's something that I don't do

with them because that's their thing and

I would listen to what they're telling

me that they want or that they're

interested in doing now of course if

it's something I would suggest for their

benefit and they kind of work didn't

know about I think why do suggest this

is something that is beneficial to you

so I've spoken if you both who do not

see website or blogging is beneficial to

their business and of course in the

beginning we don't work on that but then

I do say and I show them along the way

if looks can help you while we're doing

this if you were to be blogging or if

you were to be doing creating your

website so I'm not necessarily for but

showing them how it actually is helping

them and that's what your response is

responsibly is as a sensei consultant

you can't just necessarily force it down

their throat either and that's what

questions come in so that goes into the

next one questions when you are talking

with potential customers you would be

asking questions and listening you don't

want to be telling telling telling

telling telling

telling some more because why do someone

buy why do you buy think about it just

think about it think about yourself

why do you buy something do you buy it

because someone told you to buy it you

buy it because the person on TV children

type do you buy it because your friend

about it do you buy it because

yourselves told you'd buy it

mommy possibly but you ultimately bought

it because you wanted to buy it you

wanted the product sorry the thing just

cut off but if you wanted it and you

wonder but you bought it so if you're

selling your sensi product for you and

you're selling it only for your benefit

because you want to fill your profits

your paycheck don't bless all our goal

but the thing is the person can feel

that when you message me straight on

saying I have products this is a company

this is X Y and see this is how much it

costs would you like to join my business

would you like to buy this product it is

word vomit of the month you didn't even

let me get a chance to say hello how are

you and remember this is a social

platform so people are pretty turned off

by that instant aggressiveness of

bye-bye because people don't want to be

people don't want to be like sold they

don't wanna be like shut down their face

you want to do it because they want to

do it and they see the benefit in it now

of course you encourage that along the

way and you are there to guide them and

show them in an ethical way so question

is how you do this and finding out what

they're interested in what they do so

say they

you know say they have kids say they

have kids and they don't like using

candles around the house because they

don't want their little kids around fire

you have a great product for them okay

ask her some more questions or even some

more questions well that's you know you

when you get on the subject of that like

because you get on the subject of kids

and then all of a sudden say okay let's

just rewind it so say you're talking

with someone you're like you know always

check out your profile I see you have a

really beautiful family I see that you

guys just went on a vacation on

so-and-so in the photo that looked like

an awesome time I look I look forward to

connecting for you on here but wait till

they respond to you when they respond to

you you can say you know I am and

they'll be like okay thank you that's a

nice and unit so nice to meet you Vic oh

it's so nice to meet you too I really

your fit your family sub-q you know like

you already said that and then you can

commute well you continue on asking

another question saying maybe you know I

I am in the sense a business I'm a

sensing consultant and I see that your

kids in your house how do you feel about

candles versus you know waxes candles

like ask the question that's harmless

like see what she's interested in and

she's like you know maybe she'll come

out and be like nah I'm not interested I

don't buy anything okay it's okay

it was an objection don't be hard don't

be man don't be upset by it just say

okay just not that big okay well I

honestly you know I was just curious I'm

a you know Scentsy consultant and I left

you know knowing what people's

preferences are especially when they

have kids in the household if you can't

say we're late into it you know I have

kids or something and then maybe she'll

come back and be more friendly on the

other and be like okay well I would

prefer how they can you know actually

wax us in my house cuz I don't want my

little three-year-old around fire and

it's like okay well they could continue

on with the conversation

continue next question now what if

you're a wine and what if you ask that

same question from the beginning and you

asked you know do you like candles or

the waxes in your house and she's like I

actually and she's friendly about that

she's like oh I actually prefer the wax

less and it's like oh that's so cool you

know I'm actually you know no sense he

consoled myself

buckless things have you ever used these

products my Scentsy products and she

could come back with no I haven't used

these products or should come with back

with yes I actually have them right now

or she could come back with no I don't

want to buy anything right now so

there's lots of options where they can

come back so there's no perfect sales

for me to tell you but also you can say

is read the situation and answer the

questions so I'm giving away way too

much right now and I'm talking about way

too long right now because my goodness

how long is this video it's gonna be

really long so let's just rewind

everything because to make sure you

cover it everything that we learned

stuff we covered exactly three ways to

promote your business you want to do it

through social media videos and blogging

I'm not saying those are the only ways

I'm saying those or additional to what

you're doing right now and that could be

very very very beneficial the way that

you can bring over potential customers

and get them is through an engagement

and creating engaging content which you

may know but you do this through

creating maybe your own graphics to

canva asking questions

creating collages posting different

varieties of photos not photos photos

not just the same type of photo

consistently over over again creating a

free offer something that's interesting

for your potential customer or maybe a

potential consultant who wants to do

what you're doing something that's

enticing and being like okay I want to

check this out this is really

interesting and then also for

prospecting always remember think about

what they want not what you want because

they're gonna buy for their reasons not

for your reasons so that leads into the

next one asking questions as much

these questions questions so what that

being said that was all for the training

right now I hope you guys learn so much

and learned so much of how to sell for

your sexy business of course we please

like comment below if there was anything

that I miss about your compliance or

rules and if any other sent to

consultants that you know could use this

information in their business please

please do share this with them that

would be so beneficial and if you want

to see more training like this I can

actually dive more just coughing it let

me know in the comments below so I know

to make more videos for you and with

that being said if you want more

coaching from me personally I offer

personal coaching packages I'll leave

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options you can pick from or I do

actually offer a new monthly group I

just started especially for people who

can't necessarily afford that month that

premium coaching one-on-one but within

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and a bunch of other bonuses I'll leave

the link below down below as well you

can purchase that also monthly or

there's a yearly for 50% off currently

I'll do a winter special for you but

that being said I look forward to

knowing how you're doing any business

and I'll just cut out again I got a

delete all my data again with that being

said I look forward to hearing from you

if you have any questions 4/3 reach out

maybe I just had a completely change

like the card on it as storage was like

I'm full but I think I lost my train of

thought but I hope you love this video I

hope it was so many official for you as

a sensei consultant and I think I

already said make sure you like and

share this video with someone and I will

see you in the next video and I yep I

think that's it at the very end of this

was just like can't believe it cut off

that many times full SD cards man I did

that man do I did it like two weeks ago

I gotta check that before I start

recording especially it's gonna be a

long one alright so have a wonderful

wonderful evening

now when I started this video it was

right out alright so with that being

said I will see you next video bye