How to market your Scentsy business on Facebook

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i was having some technical difficulties

which involved my tripod and my ring

thank you thank you thank you yeah i was

trying to get you all set up so i could

have a little bit of light on my face

it's a little dark in here at night but

that's okay

we will just um deal with that

so welcome i know you guys are gonna

jump on and i am a few minutes late so i

want to be respectful of everyone's time

and not hold this show up anymore so

let me um just start off by saying

thank you so much to debbie for asking

me to come on here

and share every time i am asked to share

especially by somebody that i admire so

much i get a little nervous so

bear with me while i work through the

nerves but that's going to be part of

what we talk about today because we're

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