Scentsy PRV - Fast and Easy Ways to Sell Scentsy and Instantly Increase Your PRV

hi there Carolyn Burgess here starter

rector of the classy chicks without wigs

so if you're watching this video today

you've probably been in a little bit of

a slump with plenty and you're wondering

how can I get PRV and I'm here to share

the top three ways for you guys to get

PRV so the first way and in my opinion

the easiest way to get PRB is by

following up with your customers so I

know this is going to be a little bit

tough to do if you're just getting

started with Scentsy but if you've been

with Scentsy and you've had at least a

few orders go through you have customers

to follow up with so by following up

what do I mean well I mean following up

with the customer maybe about a week or

so after they get their orders touching

base with them whether that's to be a

text message email phone call however

you prefer and just saying hey Julie

just wanted to see how you like your new

clean breeze bars that's it

you know just touching base to see how

they like their product and then about a

month later you'll follow up with them

again via the same way that you did the

first time so like if you text them text

them again if you email them email them

again as long as you're using the same

follow-up method consistently that is

what's most important so after a month

then you'll say hey Julie is Carolyn

Burgess just checking to see if you're

doing good on Scentsy did you want to

try some new sense you know maybe you

want to suggest night light warmer for

their bathroom if they just got started

with Scentsy with the last order and

they've only ordered a single warmer you

know you can give them recommendations

based off of their first order and see

if they're ready to reorder sometimes

they're not going to be ready to reorder

but usually they're happy that you've

checked on them and if they don't need

anything they're going to say no thanks

thanks for checking with me but you know

they might actually say you know what

actually yes I want to try a new six

pack of bars and that's when you could

suggest some sense for them maybe

they're ready to get a new warmer or

something then after three months if

they haven't ordered the first time or

the second time that you followed up

with them they should be ready to

reorder because let's face it after

three months you should be through all

of your bars I mean unless you've got

like a hundred pumps at once or

something right so if they're not ready

to reorder after three months we need to

figure out why so you know after the

three month contact and again use the

same method of follow-up that you guys

used your first two times that you

reached out to your customers and say

hey Julie its Carolyn how have you been

how are the kids doing you know I always

like to make it a little bit personal

and tailor towards the customer because

you want your business you know the

business relationship is important but

it's also important to have that

personal relationship with the customer

because it makes them feel special and

we all like to talk about ourselves and

our kids right so just make it something

special customized for that customer and

then you could say how you doing with

sensi you know it's probably about time

for some more wax you know do you want

you want some more clean breeze bars or

do you want to try it lanta care that's

a scent that I think you'd really like

something like that again tailored

towards the customer tailored towards

their first two orders and or sorry

their first order and if they don't have

anything that they need to reorder at

that time it's probably because there

could be something wrong like they could

be their bulb could have blown out on

their warmer so they might not be using

their warmer because they can't warm

their wax so that's why they haven't

gotten through their bars but a lot of

times customers don't realize that we

carry light bulbs so that's a great

Avenue for you to say oh my gosh I

thought light bulbs for you you know let

me know anytime you're out I'll drop

them on by or come by my house and pick

some up so customers are usually really

excited about that sometimes with the

light bulb issue too they'll go to Home

Depot or another store themselves and

they'll buy light bulbs and inevitably

it's not going to be the right wattage

for our warmer so their wax isn't

actually warming the right way so that

could be a reason why you hadn't gotten

a reorder from that customer yet so that

3-month follow-up is very critical to

see you know why they're not using their

warmers or maybe they're just not

totally big in the sense that they

bought and

that's a good time to you know try and

get to know them better pick their brain

and make recommendations on sense that

they would probably like so following up

is an excellent way to get

PRV just like that another way that I

like to get PRV is by doing like a bulk

order so you guys know how we have our

counter clean and our kitchen soap you

know our awesome skin and groomed

products are awesome laundry line so a

lot of times because customers are just

you know our flagship product or warmers

and wax so a lot of times they don't

really straight outside of that and

sometimes unless they've been to a

sensing party they might not even

realize we have these other products so

if you show them some before and after

photos of like something that you've

cleaned with our sensi counter clean

because let's face it if you're a

consultant chances are you've used our

counter clean and you guys realize how

amazing it is because that's just I call

it liquid gold to my customers because

it cleans like everything so you might

want to do like you know post on social

media or maybe even text your customers

or email them if you're not friends with

them on social media

some pictures of things that you've

cleaned with the counter clean and just

say this stuff's amazing I'm actually

putting in a big bulk order I love the

coconut lemongrass scent it's just so

fresh and sweet and fruity I love

cleaning with it it doesn't my house

doesn't smell like nasty chemicals now

when I clean or if you guys use it for

your car because I do I love it for the

dashboard of my car make those

recommendations to your customers if you

use it to clean your teenager's converse

that get all dirty make that

recommendation to your customers makes

them want the product as much as you

love the product and let them know

you're put in a bulk order it's only $10

a bottle ask them if they want to try a

bottle or two and chances are they're

going to say yes and the worst thing

that can happen is they could say no

thank you but one of my mantras is you

don't ask you don't get

and think about it with our counter

clean if you sold 20 bottles that's a

qualifying party order right then and

there and a lot of times people will try

a couple bottles because the price point

low enough or they might be like yeah

you know what get me a bottle and I need

some stuff for my card so can I get some

car bars or something like that so that

can lead to really quick PRV that really

adds up so doing a bulk order and

letting your customers know about it via

social media text email whatever you

want that's a great way to get instant

PRV just remember that we can advertise

publicly you can one-on-one but publicly

we cannot advertise the free shipping so

just let them know that in private if

they're a local customer of course and

then and that's for us consultants if

you guys are region two or region three

region three I'm not actually entirely

sure a region two I know you guys have

different thresholds and in Canada of

course you guys don't get the free

shipping that we have here but just

something to bear in mind and the third

way to get prv is by doing a fundraiser

now you guys can ask your friends you

know in person on social media at church

at work wherever you want about

organizations that might need

fundraising or maybe your kids sports or

dance or cheer something like that teams

but if you're not getting anywhere with

any like organizations like that

how about choose an organization near

and dear to your own heart and do some

kind of fundraiser for that so I'll give

you an example of something that I did

recently so in 2008 my mom passed away

from ovarian cancer now I'm sure you

guys know pretty much everybody knows

for breast cancer support there's a pink

ribbon well a lot of people don't know

that for ovarian cancer it's a teal

ribbon so when I saw the Blue Crush

warmer came out and saw that gorgeous

teal color I was like oh my gosh that's

just beautiful and it reminded me of the

ovarian cancer awareness ribbon so what

I did last month because it was the

anniversary of my mom passing away is I

actually did a fundraiser for the

ovarian cancer research found fund

Alliance and what I did was I let

everybody know that 100% of my

Commission's from the sale of each Blue

Crush wormer that I sold in April was

going to go to the OSI

our essay and it was an organization

that was near and dear to my mom's heart

too so it was just like a match made in

heaven kind of literally but I let

everybody know that I was going to

donate a hundred percent of my

Commission's to the OSI RFA and on top

of that I actually matched


every dollar of commission that I made

with a personal donation to the OSI RFA

so I wound up being able to donate over

three hundred dollars just off of that

fundraiser alone so I sold I think it

was something around fourteen or sixteen

Blue Crush warmers which was absolutely

phenomenal and not only that everybody's

loved they're warmer and I've kind of

brought a piece of my mom into people's

lives that some some of them were good

you know best best friends of hers and

some of them actually had never met her

they just knew me and wanted to support

the cause and their sense we have it so

it's just been amazing because they

think of my mom now when they turn their

warmer off so warms my heart and it's

great because you know obviously I

earned prz on it but I was able to give

back to an organization that meant a lot

to me so if you guys are like you know

if you're really into maybe animal

rescue or something like that you guys

could do a fundraiser for your local

animal rescue and just say that 100% of

the Commission's from every I heart dogs

warmer for example is going to be

donated to XYZ Humane Society or a

rescue group or whatever and and you

know what you'll have two dogs lovers

coming out of the Woodworks for that so

it's going to be a win-win situation for

you now you guys don't have to donate

all of your commissions you know you

donate whatever you feel comfortable

with that's just what I wanted to do and

what was near and dear to my heart but

fund raisers are a great way to get

extra prz and just kind of give back to

the community at the same time so those

remember those three ways follow up

following up is so important guys I

cannot emphasize that enough you will be

amazed once you guys start following up

especially when you start following up

regularly you your your PRV is going to

like explode so following up is a great

way doing those bulk orders for things

like counter cleaner or washer whiffs or

laundry liquid bulk orders to get people

to try things that aren't maybe warmers

and wax or oils and diffusers that's a

great way to get PRV and fundraisers

that even you set up yourself are a

great way to get extra PRV so I hope

these tips help you all thanks so much

for watching as always comment below if

you have any questions and I'm happy to

help you guys thanks bye