How to Cash Savings Bonds

how YouTube today I'm going to talk

about how to cash your savings bond in

three easy steps step one determine how

much your savings bond is worth log into

Treasury Directgov under the tab

individuals go to tools savings bond

calculator and get started you should

see the calculate the value of your

paper savings bond page and under the

value as of date should be current month

and current year

you will need four pieces of information

from your savings bond the series type

in this example it's EE the denomination

of the bond is $100 the bond serial

number is located in the bottom right

hand corner and the issue date

select your series type select the

amount on your savings bond enter your

serial number into the bond serial

number spot lastly enter the month and

date of the issue date from your bond

then hit calculate

you can see this face value bond of $100

is actually were 166 dollars and a

decent step to sign the back of the

savings bond with your signature and

your address this is the back of an

older bond

here is an example of a newer bond step


go to the bank with your savings bonds

and identification and cash your savings

bonds go inside of the bank to a teller

and present your savings bond and ID you

should receive the amount that you

calculated from Treasury direct that's

it three easy steps to cash in your

savings fund