How To Sell Groceries on AMAZON | How Hot 🥵 Sauce at Making Me LOTS of Money

there are a lot of products like in the

thumbnail I'll use this as an example

and we're gonna lose use a lot more

you're gonna find a lot of products like

this this is just kind of a 12-pack tame

wild and ferocious hot sauces so

something like this is going to sell for

upwards sixty seventy dollars in the on

Amazon let me scan this one and see what

this particular one is at whereas in a

grocery store you might be able to get

this bad boy for 25 bucks or less or

whatever the case may be yeah this

particular one's not on there but it's

called wild pairings and it's got like

just pull a and so hot sauces do

extremely well on Amazon so when you're

on your seller app jump onto add

products type in you can type in hot

sauce so if you just go to search search

Amazon to sell type in hot sauce okay so

you're gonna find that the hot sauce

aisle it's going to have a lot of these

flavors a lot of these products that

sell for quite quite the price on Amazon

like a lot of these products obviously

for four or five dollars in the grocery

aisle that are selling for 20 to 1825

dub on is a nineteen hundred ranked

sells for $25 and a lot of these

products you are eligible to sell what I

like about a lot of these products and

what you'll have to kind of pay

attention to if you're going to sell

grocery is you're going to need to pay

attention to the expiry date of the

grocery products that you're sending to

Amazon because at the end of the day

once it expires you're going to need to

get rid of that last thing you want to

do is have customers buy your expired

products you're going to get a return


you're probably gonna get returned after

they try it or eat it or open it or like

the case maybe so write down the expiry

dates first off before you buy them make

sure you're checking them in the store

prior to making that purchase you always

want to sift through the products and

find the expiry date and then look for

the products that have the latest spire

date what's going on as named Arshad

am I saying all right give me the

Ebonics on that hope you're doing good

I'm doing great

yeah so you want to give you want to

check the expiry date on the groceries

that you're scanning that you're

interested in buying that you're

eligible to sell you want to check that

there are extended expiry date so if you

can find ones that obviously have six

months a year two years shelf-life those

are the products that you want to buy

you don't really want to buy products

that are gonna expire in three months or

I usually try to look for products that

have a minimum expiry date of six months

okay so the first product I'm gonna tell

you guys I'm gonna go by category I'm

not really gonna go specific to the

product when I'm gonna go buy category

is hot sauce so head to your local

grocer or your your themed grocery store

or maybe your higher-end grocery store

see if they have a clearance or a sale

grocery stores always always always have

sales check their sales scan everything

and hit their grocery hit they're hot

sauce aisle hit their hot sauce aisle

first a lot of those things have an

extended shelf-life because there's

however much preservatives inside of

them start scanning those particular

products and this is an interactive

stream today so you're going to use your

phone you're gonna jump on to your home

you're gonna click Add products gonna

give you this particular page then at

the top you can type in hot sauce okay

and it'll bring you up the hottest hot

is by brand and by price so hot sauce


so how to do product research doing that

so now you got like secret aardvark

habanero hot sauce sells for $22 for $18

the bomb selling for $25 this 3-pack mad

gringo selling for $30 so again that's a

3-pack selling for $30 this is a 12-pack

that I could list on Amazon and again if

if the product isn't on Amazon and you

want to go ahead and list it you can use

the existing barcode you can create ask

you for this you can take some photos

and you can try selling this this is

yours so you can turn around and sell it

on Amazon you can list it for whatever

you want there's 12 hot sauces in here

somebody's obviously going to be

interested in selling this okay and your

listing you're gonna obviously want to

put things like the expiry date not

ultra important because remember it's a

commodity so it's gonna be an ever you

know you're gonna obviously fill your

inventory if you have access to the same

product I'll answer your question in in

a bit a shot here but I see what you're

asking here but we'll just talk about

this for a little bit so yeah so you you

know you don't have to put that stuff in

there but you just want to make sure

that your your your food isn't expired

okay so there's one one niche that is

doing extremely well and the prices of

these products are usually for the most

part you can find them on sale possibly

on clearance possibly just a regular

price item that on Amazon is selling

four to three times the amount

now obviously most of time you want to

look for products that sell for three

times or more the amount right now is it

an extremely good time to buy hot sauce

and sell that on Amazon people love

giving away hot sauce at Christmastime


I mean you're looking at these rankings

thirteen hundred twenty four hundred

twenty three hundred okay

and the price points anywhere from $20

to I'm seeing on here thirty thirty-five

dollars thirty dollars deluxe hot sauce

kit ghost peppers five x featuring

heirloom peppers fifth generation is a

hundred and fifty one dollars and it's a

twelve thousand drank $45 to ninety to

rank the GERD hurt okay so there's one

I'll give you another one

again this is interactive so pull out

your phone and type in for this one and

type in