Selling SAP Business One Cloud for SAP Partners

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I am and welcome to a rainy day here at

4 cows place in the UK my name is

Johannes and I work in the SOP business

one on Davonte and I'm joined today by

Richard nothing who's currently sat

behind the camera but will be taking his

turn in front and you joined us today

and what we want to do is we want to

talk about maybe fresh fruit through

some ideas around really how do you go

about studying SOP business once a month

what are some of the key things that we

should think about and what some of the

tips that were that we can perhaps

discuss and share some best practice

that we've learned for some of our

partners so I think the way that we see

this working is we see this breaking

down into a few different areas I think

the first one that we're going to look

at is is really understanding who it is