Which Stocks Am I Buying During The Market Crash? (5 important companies)

what's going on everyone this is aaron

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so i prepared a bunch of interesting

information for you guys

and i gotta say i'm pretty excited

because i've got some news

about the recent kitko gold survey and

it's looking really good

so we're gonna start this video off by

thanking everyone for the awesome

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i talked about there

and um i just want to read a couple

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any comments below what you guys are

doing buying

selling or otherwise

so in terms of common today solar newbie

first comment sorry about your

grandmother my condolences um yeah

yesterday was really awesome we got to

commemorate her have a service it was

awesome my nana

has been always been a long-term gold

and silver bull

and she loves her gold and silver so

it's nice to see it shining so let's see

what else you got here

casey i'm most likely waiting until the

dollar drops and we get a little more

certainty on the stimulus before i buy

anything new for gold

even though gold and silver earnings are

coming up i did buy some uvxy after

doing a bit of research on it so far

it's nice to know joran klein i think

there are quite a few people waiting to

see who wins before getting back into

the market i've been buying some mining

stocks during this correction

hopefully we'll see a bounce soon and

that's definitely what i've been doing

so i will let you guys know i made a

couple purchases again today

so business is going pretty good so i

wanted to keep adding to a couple


let's see what else we got here can you

turn on subtitles uh that's the job for

doc so we'll have to see if doc can make

that happen

um let's see what else we got here

condolences so once again thanks for all

of the

supportive awesome comments ryzen beats

if the stock market crashes

and the price of silver goes up will

silver stocks go up or down

for example anyways and that's a great

question we saw this in march we did see

the markets crash

we saw you know a bit of stuff going on

for gold and silver

the securities and sorry the stocks like

silver and gold stocks did fall too with

the markets but um they recovered quite

quickly as well so i think it's a mix of

both but

if the market's all out tank then i

think we will see the gold and silver


sell off a bit as well

but i don't think we're gonna get a

crash like we did in march

just as the next event

it's gonna be important we might see

some volatility but i don't think we're

gonna see a huge crash because

we've got that stimulus hopefully just

around the corner

what's up matthew you've got that nice

wrench beside your name

so that's pretty much it for comment of

the day i want to get straight into the

content and the last thing i want to say

in this live stream was we dropped a

video on

one really interesting viewer requested

vegan growth stock yesterday

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chance departure stocks is our new

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it's been growing we already have uh

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yeah just having a discussion about

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a discussion and then i will be

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right now i'll try and show you guys

it's just um the streamer

template but we're gonna try and make

that look a little bit nicer

so anyways let's get into all the

content that i've prepared for you guys

and the first thing i wanted to talk

about was the gold survey by kitko

so wall street looking past election

while retail investors remain cautious

and i thought this was very important

and really awesome

that 69 of wall street is back to

bullish again

52 percent of main street remains

bullish with 33

neutral we haven't really we have seen a

little bit

of a pickup in terms of bearish people


bearish opinions when it comes to gold

at least for main street but um i do

gotta say it's nice to see wall street

leading and um i believe

neutral has ticked up a little bit so

let's see what they have to say here

i think 48 hours after this big event

you'll see gold go higher as this global

illness comes back into focus head of

commodity strategy at saxo bank no

matter who is elected

this global illness continues to hurt

the economy and the deterioration will


the government's need to act aka


it's not a game changer that will so

let's see what else they had to say at

this point

this political event is not a game

changer that will shift strong

fundamentals and play in the gold market


this week 18 analysts predicted

participated in the survey

and total of 12 voters each or 67

called for gold prices to rise next week

so let's hope we get it guys and then in

terms of retail investors

uh 1138 votes were cast among those

588 voters or 52 percent said they were

bullish on gold

thoughts on aurora enron just purchased

a controlling share miguel martin just

signed the thing

for work yeah yeah

that's uh wouldn't that be something


acb might be the enron of the uh

certain sector

geez can't believe that with that 500

million dollar capital raise but anyways

take a look at the gold survey it's

pretty interesting

um and i got a few more things let's


read some headlines real quick and then

we're going to talk about those

companies that we were adding to

we'll take a look at some charts too in

this video we'll have some fun with it


sandstorm gold removes guidance due to

global uncertainty

so we're seeing this for some companies

not all companies

at least it's third quarter september

30th company share price had fallen

since the release

and this could be due the fact that

revenue during the third quarter was 23

million compared to 25.

we've seen a pullback in the whole

sector though but um that is something

that i've seen especially for the

previous quarter

now this was a very controversial video

and i want to watch the whole thing but

i just

wanted to talk about the recap so

one expert said you know that

where was it here it's going to be very

very tough

event for the mining industry overall

whether precious metals are diversified

based metal mining

there's a if there is a full democratic


they're going to try and effectively

stranglehold these types of economic


the playbook here is what happened to

the coal industry so he's comparing

the gold mining industry to the coal

industry in 08 to 2016

but i just don't see that much of a


coal dying industry gold and silver

much more important especially in these

times so it

for him to compare gold to coal i just

i would entertain his bearish opinion

but i just don't see it but that's

obviously why

kitko wanted to do this interview

because it's rather controversial

gold stocks bankruptcy or rally so

that's the last thing that i wanted to

look at other than this really

interesting article about technicals

so the goal looks good heading into this

session but

watch out for these levels so we can see

here and i like the fact that they're

comparing this chart

to the september lows that we saw there

are a couple key areas the gold

may find some resistance in the us

session the first

is a black line at 1884.

so right there this level has been used

around three times as support and could

be significant as the price rebounds

slightly if the level does break then

the red line looks sharply stronger

as it as it was the mean

distribution support area close to the

place where most volume had traded

at 1905.

so elsewhere there's a small trend line

that could cause some issues

but it is very close to the black

resistance zone since there was a decent

amount of volume in the selloff

yesterday it would be fair to say

the bulls are in charge in the medium

term what would make me

change my mind would be a break above

1905 consolidation area so the price

could move

into the distribution zone higher up

leading into the election next week if

there is some political turmoil there

could be enough volume and pressure

for the price to take out some of these

key resistance

zones so i'm trying to zoom this but

it's not letting me

long story short hopefully gold can get

back above 1900 but let's take a look at

the markets now real quick

and it's a red day of course the

nasdaq's leading the sell-off which is

surprising because usually it's leading

the rally

and when the market sells off it does

the opposite

comment your top buy for the crash hey


so let's take a look

at the tech sector we've got a few

companies in focus

mainly tesla and apple apple's down six

point four percent

finally getting some sell-off in tech

along with tesla too

tesla's down another 5.64

this past month has been a little rough

for tesla dropping from 460 to 380.

nice buys matthew

okay so guys

let's take a quick look at the chart for

the nasdaq and then um it will be on to

those companies that we said we're

buying so let's see

now is that down three full percentage


now it's hard to say if we're in fact

going to find some support somewhere

soon i wouldn't be surprised if we get

as low as 10 000

on the nasdaq i think that this

correction was

well overdue tesla is a buy

tesla is king

i mean it is it has pulled back


we might sell off a little bit more for

tesla though let's take a look

yeah me too man i mean mind med thing is


technicals look pretty decent for tesla

i mean it's still not making lower lows

so i think that's important but we'll

see we'll see what happens

my meds looking pretty nice right around

a dollar right now i did add some more

this week

we'll post that for our full access

insider members in the full access

group mindmed has had a really nice

little pullback

we'll see if it holds on to a dollar

that's kind of where i'm looking at

right now and i want to just compare

the rsi so yeah we've dropped now 48 on

the rsi for mind med it's looking a

little bit more neutral

yeah guys let's hope minemed does get to


billion dollar market cap that would

mean it'd be a three dollar stock


three dollars plus i would love mine med

to be in the double digits maybe one day

when they get onto the nasdaq and they

get some clinical trials

approved so mindmed was one of the

companies that i

finally added to this week i've been

meaning to add

more to this one i didn't want to chase

it on the way up

and especially not to 140.

i did feel like we would get something

that would cause a pullback so

around a dollar i did add quite a bit to


and i'm happy with my position now i'm

just going to sit on it and then the

nice part was the majority of the shares

were purchased around 50 cents

so 50 60 cents was when i got in uh most

of mine met and then added a little bit

in the in the 80s and 90s and now a

little bit more

right around a dollar just below a

dollar so

patience next company we're looking at


so i don't really normally like to chase

stocks on the way down but

um that's been the case for fosterville

and it's trying to bounce just below

this 230 to 50 support level and i

really hope that we can bounce and get

back to here

because um that does did look like a

nice level that where it was going to

find some support and it didn't

but fingers crossed lots of news in the


any reason why i don't talk about uh

virgin galactic

great question i don't know i guess just


i found it rather speculative although

so many of these companies are are


i guess because it got away from me so


and i just kind of wrote it off but

let's see

virgin galactic let's see where we're at


17 bucks

i guess i just didn't really like it's a

cool idea i

i love what they're gonna do i would go

to space one day i think that'd be sweet

but in terms of an investment

i don't know it just never really like

stuck with me but i think that it will

be an interesting company

i don't like space i like my condo um

maybe i don't know what i'm missing

no honestly the chart looks pretty good

right now it's cooled off from this

initial crazy peak i guess it was just

the fact that

um so little revenues and then

such a massive market cap that it had at

one point let's see like what's the mark

it's still a three point

six billion dollar company i mean holy

smokes if virgin galactic can be worth

3.6 billion

mine med can be worth a billion easy so

i don't know definitely a speculative

stock interesting stock

i haven't followed them for a while i

did make a full video on them and all

the stuff that they do

when it was really trending but um yeah

we'll see

enjoy your videos thanks for pulling up

no problem

right now you're one of the only people

in the comments so uh

we're trying to cater to you guys on

this sleepy friday afternoon

it's cloudy here i don't know how's the

weather your place

have you looked at any solar stocks you

should look at

acu so let's talk about two

three more stocks before we get into

that we got term molina metals here

termolina has tanked very nicely

pretty happy about that i was able to

pick up some more shares around 91 cents

it did tank all the way to

oh my gosh let's pull up the chart here

tanked all the way to 80 cents

didn't grab the low but we did get some

at 91.

i'm waiting for the gold and silver

sector to make some epic recovery

we have seen a really nice pullback in a

lot of these stocks and um

fingers crossed guys that's another one

uh just a high grade gold and silver


foster villain timolino i talk about all

the time

i do believe in brian slisarchuk and his

capabilities so

let's go brian you can you got this

make termalina and fosterville

great again uh they were before

discovery medals so let's take a look at

this one

once again looking for exposure to

silver exploration

sprott has such a substantial position

in this company so kimberlyn and

fosterville have very similar charts

yeah you know that's true

they uh it's it's almost like they

follow each other

so i was trying to find some support for

for uh discovery metals

and i'm hoping that this stock runs into

some support soon i did say you know i

was purchasing some around 1.70

i said if we fall to the mid to low one

dollar level i'll keep on buying and i

think the last time i'd probably put

pick up some discovery would be around a

buck 20. now that let's not forget this

stocks ran from

25 cents to almost three bucks

so it's had a really epic run and quite

a long drawn

sell-off but this is the case for a lot

of these exploration companies we've

seen them

run up so fast and then pull back quite

a bit

but now it's a really interesting time

and of course the next company this is

the last one

that i was doing more buying this week

pretty much just adding to

my companies the ones that i like the

exploration companies that i like

this was wallbridge mining and they just

did a big round of financing to finance

a mine i believe

thanks to one of our subscribers they

just let us know about that

and um sprott bought a lot of it around

a dollar fifteen

so that was rather encouraging it's now

down around 80 cents

but this company looks really

interesting they've got a quite a large

market cap for a discovery or for an

exploration company

646 million but um

in a really great area and kirkland lake

owns a substantial position in this one

as well

they're right by that detour fennel on

gold trend

that's right by kirkland lakes d2 or

gold mine so

these are the kind of companies that i

want to own you know especially because

kirkland lake has such a substantial

position with eric sprott

a lot of these companies that i've

purchased recently

you know i've made sure that they've got

substantial ownership from a good

or a big investor so anyways guys

my med fosterville termelina discovery

wallbridge mining

those are some of my top ones that i've

just been buying as the market's been

doing its thing just pretty much picking

up the ones that

fall more than others and and keeping my


sorry guys the connection sometimes it

just disconnects

but uh we're back

visualization photo lactic manufacturing

solar so this must be the company act

aurora control technologies

we'll take a look at that in a sec wow

this stock has had a really nice run

eight cents all the way to 23 cents i do

believe in the solar industry i mean

it's gonna probably get a lot of love

and investment over the next little


i know csiq has been making 52-week


down 4.3 percent today

wow the stock's up from let's see here

one year charts looking pretty awesome

lows of 13 bucks all the way up to 44.

man nice run for canadian solar


is that agora

in providing real time excuse me

engagement services on video voice

and messaging operates a real-time

engagement platform as

a service company's products include

real-time video real-time voice

real-time messaging real-time

recording and so on

let's take a look at the charts here

oh yeah guys and if you've made it this

far thanks for sticking with me and

don't forget to smash that like button

very important pardon me

got some tea we'll give it a couple more


i wanted to do this live every friday as

i said before

so let me know if you guys like the

friday lives

um let's take a look at the chart here

real quick

stock has not been doing so good


since their ipo man they're at like

52-week lows

it's our market cap

3.7 billion

i mean any kind of real-time live voice

messaging company is good in my books

obviously that's just

my opinion on the industry i don't know

exactly what's going on with the company


but uh i think we're in an

era of this being an essential service

companies like zoom obviously zoom ran

like crazy and then this whole global

illness just compounded it

ark has been buying it up reason why i

was curious about it

so let's see what a r k


or is that like a hedge fund

or investment company

that's probably the case i guess it

doesn't have a ticker sorry about that

my pleasure uh etf

makes sense no that's pretty cool

agora we'll definitely have to put that

onto our watch list um

i'll put that onto the departures stocks

watch list


arc innovation etf

very cool

wow this one's doing really well

very nice chart for that i'm guessing

that there are an innovative

tech based probably tech focused etf

i wonder what their holdings are

holdings let's see here

top 10 holdings tesla

invite square roku lending tree slack


wow they've got a ton of tesla

a billion dollars worth of tesla

so yeah why don't we just quickly do two

more things we'll do two more things

before we um

get into get to the end of this video

sorry let's take another look at gold

man i wanted gold to hold on to 1900

but what can i say when the market sells

off like it did

can't really expect the best although

you know

we have not put in lower lows just yet i

was talking about that

it was really close we were really close

to putting in lower lows but

so far gold supported and on a day when

the indexes are dropping like they are

you know we're seeing the indices the

nasdaq down almost three the s p down

almost two

gold is up point six seven percent

any green for the metals is good in my

books especially on a red day

silver is up 1.39 percent so

silver outperforming gold

kathy wood is a total investing goat

check out all of the ark etfs

thank you and we'll do kicker you

hey aaron what do you think of the globe

and mail story of kinross selling all of

its north american assets and d-listing

what i didn't read that

but uh feel free to drop the link

if you drop the link in the chat

we can approve it and i'll take a look

at it

i did not hear that

let's see here though ken ross uh

stock did drop a little bit but not


was that a joke or was that uh a serious



give you a couple seconds

nice tourmaline is having a really nice

run today

someone must be buying this dip

finally we're finally getting a rally in



see if that lasts

not as much love today for mine meant


alright guys drop any more questions

pardon me that you have in the chat

i'll be on this for about one more


okay we'll see we'll just check then

there we go


ken ross is said to be studying a sale

of its gold mines in north america and

south america

pardon me and moving its primary stock

listing to london in

a bid to increase the company's value

the toronto-based gold producer is also

considering doubling down on its

portfolio of assets in russia and west

africa the globe mail reported wow


interesting kendras believes that

selling its minds in the americas

relocating its

african and russian business to london

would make the remaining parts of the

company more valuable

the company which will include its first


which will issue its first dividend

seven years this week believes that the

time for

this overhaul is most favorable as gold


have surged to a record

interesting ken ross is one of the

world's top 10 gold producers i believe

it was top

five it owns round mountain bald


mines in nevada as well as fort knox in


sale of the assets could bring billions

into the company's

coffers and it's likely to attract

interest from top miners

very interesting the company is using a

1200 per ounce gold price for its mine

plans i think that's

very conservative

and companies should do that so

hard to say

i'd be interested to know why they're

focusing on those jurisdictions other


my take is that uh it's gained

yet again it remains highly speculative

i'm neutral when it comes to crypto i

mean i think that

uh the idea makes really

it makes a lot of sense but uh

hard to say man i don't know like if i

was okay let's put it this way if i was

to invest in anything crypto related it

would be bitcoin ether and

ripple those three would be my top three

the biggest three i think ripple's

really interesting

i think um i like their technology

probably the most

i know i used to follow well i still

follow this company

even though it's pretty performed like a

hunk of junk

over the last while held banco santander

for many years

and uh yeah let's just say it's been a


but one of the largest banks

in europe but they were talking about

implementing ripple

look at this horrific chart though the

bank used to be 20 bucks and now it's

trading for

two dollars flat my gosh

should i buy neo what's up humble

um well first off

never tell you guys to buy or sell


this video is not financial advice

always do your own research and due


but uh yeah let's take a look at neo wow

neo has been a quite an amazing story

hive blockchain levon don't even get me

started about that company

i lost 20 grand on hive blockchain a

while back it was not pretty


okay fine you know what guys there's

more people in the chat room so i'll

stay for a bit longer

smash that like button though smash that

like button get this stream to 100

100 live viewers at one time wow weren't

those the days

um can you check out nndm box and rmg

maybe in a second i just want to look at

the charts for neo you know what

i remember watching this stock fall to


two bucks three bucks and and sometimes

i watch ollie's world of stocks

shout out to ali's world of stocks great

great youtube channel

but um he was talking about oh you know

i've got a little bit of neo it's only a

small position

blah blah blah i don't haven't watched

him in a while i really hope that he's

sold i i really hope that he

held on to his shares because man

this thing like 2 20 to 30 x

depending on when um you bought in on

neo so if you guys did buy neo let me


when you bought the stock because i

can't believe the tremendous run it's


like it's it's outperformed tesla hands

down if you were in at two dollars and

forty cents

this thing had a 52 week low of a buck


a buck fifty to 32 but that is the thing

right uh

some guys you might uh be concerned oh

my gosh

neo is a chinese company so there's

there's many things to think about

i saw you at two dollars in september

and said i think they're going bankrupt

and i kick myself so

yeah i don't know it it's one of those

controversial stocks that's

ran like no tomorrow

so what can i say we've all we've all

seen those runners like i remember

watching virgin galactic's ipo

seven bucks to 24 not as impressive as

neo's dollar fifty

to thirty two but still

come on termelina it's up six percent


so a democratic sweep to the stock

market what would that do

uh there's

it's a tough question once again i'm

never gonna get into politics or you

know say

oh i want this side to win or i want

this side to win but um

i think that either way they'd pass


can you check out su for me mine would

mind med will be our neo

that's what i like to hear that's what i

like to hear

um let's see something here what do you

think of the

nj stocks going into elections

i think that uh yeah if we get a

democratic sweep then i think that that

sector will

do well just because of what they said i

think there'd be there would be a lot of


surrounding uh federal legalization so

it's an interesting topic obviously

we've seen the msos perform

outperform the canadian counterparts

like crazy which is kind of to be

expected i mean look at our horrific

retail network in canada it's just

i don't know not that good

so yeah anyways it's

it's a tough call it's a tough call but

i think

either way whoever wins you know we're

gonna get the next round of stimulus


i think that when it comes to

mining and energy and and certain

companies that are

let you you could kind of say not so

much for the environment

i think uh democratic might be a little

bit harsher on that

and then i don't know if the republicans

were to win

then i think

it might be a little bit more favorable

long term for the mining industry

but then uh yeah it's kind of tough

planet 13.

planet 13 i mean i'm sure a ton of you

guys have started talking about planet


because of jeremy shout out to jeremy

financial education

pretty uh awesome channel he's actually

one of the first channels i watched

on youtube when i was like oh man i want

to make youtube videos

let's talk about stocks all day i saw

jeremy and

it's pretty awesome what he's done with

his business

he's got a massive business now so

i actually sent him a message and he

replied so that's that's also another

reason why i respect him

because it's hard to respond to all the

messages he probably gets

smash the like button koyaks thank you

yes sir

also your thoughts on ryokan oh man

you're bringing up all the good topics


for a moment there for the moment there

is a lot of speculation regarding what's

going to happen

i just hold sunpower i'm afraid to hold

see trump losing

um yeah so let's talk about

let's talk about planet 13 first planet


i think it's interesting i think they're

kind of in a tough situation right now

because tourism but

tourism is eventually going to pick up

i like their concept i think i would

love to go to a plant 13 myself

so i think that's pretty cool but um

where they go from here i mean if they

can be one of those you know

nationwide or at least in the legal


entertainment store i think that they

could do really well they're obviously


really good results for now i mean i'm a

fan of planet 13.

i think it's pretty cool but uh it

wouldn't be one of

one of my stocks that i would you know

put all my money into i'd more so leave

it as like a speculative

smaller position just because my

thoughts on the whole sector now have

changed a little bit

and the stocks that i really like have

ran much more than

i wanted them to so you know

i was so set on canadian lps back in the


that's not the case anymore for me now i

like msos but

a lot of the prices are so much higher

so it's hard to say

for the for that's for this sector i'm

much more bullish on msos i really do

love afria i think that they're going to

be a great canadian company

of acb and cgc i don't really have much

of a comment on those especially acb

just just horrific we pretty much saw it


and i'm really happy that i diversified

last quarterly earnings because um

man don't even get me started on that

now we've got a lot of more awesome

topics here so

that's just my opinion on that stuff

anyways um

sp wise breaking lower i sold suncor

i sold suncor too i sold

all of my canadian oil stocks except for

ulta gas and enbridge those are the only


canadian oil stocks or energy related

stocks that i still continue to hold

suncor at 11 i don't care what kind of

dividend they're paying i still don't

think that it's going to i love that you

uh brought that up because i literally

had that

on the screen right there this is the


bankrupt gold stocks and i just don't

see the comparison like i do but i don't

i don't see gold and coal being in the

same you know

environment coal dirty not favorable

non i'm sorry non-renewable energy


not favorable by the world gold

much more important much more you know


it's a long-term safe haven so whoever

this guy is you know i'd love to watch

the interview maybe i'll

do that later but i don't know

i don't agree with the comparison but

i'll entertain a bearish opinion just


i'm not blind either i got very when he

talked about it first and jeremy has

given us 100

return how about the fvac rare earth

metal spac

is this what we're talking about

so let's entertain some more comments

republicans are very business friendly

low taxes low regulation low rates

democrats create

more stimulus but also raise taxes

wow amish thanks a lot buddy i

appreciate that twenty dollars

who is that look at that little picture

all right guys so sorry let me tend to

the rest of these comments we got a ton

of comments here holy smokes

how am i going to keep up kikko okay so

very good food co yes still like the


canada wants biden uk

investors here the media wants biden

i was on the hexo call they are doing a

reverse split

not surprised whatsoever is there

something the fed might do next week

that would hurt gold and silver

i did hear talk about an interest rate

hike but i doubt that that would happen

because i would tank the markets

i'm 15 my dad is giving me ten thousand

dollars to invest what would you invest


and bridge great dividend um and then

that that was not me telling you to

invest into enbridge

i was reading the comments give me a

second koyaks i'll get back to you

amish capital says trump 2020 low tax

lower capital gains tax anyone who is an

investor should vote trump so this is

from amish capital not my

opinion guys just reading comments i'm

not gonna get political here

tdot six i bought snc lavlin on the dip

today oh let's take a look at this

um also guys don't forget to smash the

like button let's get this stream to 100

people wow

it's been a while since i've streamed

but uh let's keep it rolling

70 people wow more people than we've had

on the mindmed

live interview what's going on all right

so snc loveland holy smokes

we know we know where this company might

might get more money from

i wonder where that's from

ah you know what man not a bad idea

what'd you pick it up at it's already

recovered quite a bit

let's see okay so i bought snc level the

amish capital is a blaze capital what

the heck

amish capital is that blaze capital what

the heck

you should buy xom calls for january


hi aaron what is your opinion on hanon

metals gold

is shiny and great to look at that's


so thanks for the 20 bucks what's your

take on ngd ticker what's your

what about rvl x110 what's a good sector

to buy now for

a covered recovery is it airline hotels

real estate

is that blaze on your picture i am

blaze's brother what the heck

this is crazy guys oh my gosh

okay so all right so let's get to

koyaks because he had a question and

he's 15. he's 15

watching one of my live streams big

shout out to koyaks for uh being

being uh proactive i that's awesome man

fyi youtube is putting you live in home


justin from blaze wild what the heck

okay so anyways that's awesome thanks

youtube for actually recommending my

live stream so

getting back to koyaks's question so i

never tell

anyone to buy or sell stocks like i

never give it financial advice but

personally myself

if i had ten thousand dollars right now

i would probably take

half of that and i'd probably invest

into some speculative things

my favorite speculative growth stocks

right now

are mind med else nutrition

i'd say those are my top two ones right

now and then i'd probably take the other

half of that

and i'd invest into some gold and silver


i like exploration companies so i'd look


termalina metals fosterville south

discovery metals what else would i look


uh wallbridge mining so

those are some of the companies that i

definitely look at

half half so once again i would

personally put

half in growth speculative half in

gold and silver acv should be criminally

charged for stealing all my money and i

totally agree with that and there are

lawsuits going on there and um

yeah i'm def i'm down definitely like 20

at least 20 000

on acb so it's brutal brutal

i've lost over twenty thousand on acb


but thankfully thankfully mind med

has saved the day so far hopefully mine

med you know holds on

let's see here

smash the like button guys let's get

this to a hundred

so let's see what other comments we got

here i do think trump will win enough

states to make the planned chaos whoa

eric i've been warning people about acb

for a long time now especially here

so many people have been moving to

bitcoin tom i agree bitcoin is the best

choice right now trump 2020 he's going

to be the

and prime minister of canada at the same

time wow sorry about that man i've only

lost 1k

yep i mean that's the way it goes i mean

i was a much i wasn't a very

i wasn't as intelligent or i didn't know

as much about investing

as i did now you know when i first


investing in acb i had no idea what

goodwill is

i had no idea you know i had

way less knowledge about reading a

balance sheet so

there's a lot to be learned i wish i

bought bitcoin minemit is the real deal

solving fundamental world issues

i bought you 50 cents me too man cheers

to that

minemit at 50 cents was a steal we've

covered this one since their ipo

cardio therapeutics i think they're a

pretty awesome company

we've covered them for quite some time

got to interview their ceo i love what

they're doing as well i'm a big big

believer in

their what they use

personally i can say from personal


their stuff's good

okay guys how many likes are we at here

i don't know but

way more people in this one

i'm supposed to go outside i'm gonna

have to get going soon maybe we'll stay

till four

maybe we'll stay for another five or ten

minutes just because there's 86 people

thanks for all the new people guys don't

forget to smash that like button i'm

gonna say it one more time

aaron is the type of guy to use

trudeau's books as a doorstop

trudeau's book what is your dose book

miku and mining all right there we go

tvx is your most recommended

i wouldn't say that but uh we'll get

back to that in one second yes we're at

94 okay smash that

smash the subscribe button too and the

like button

subscribe and like oh shoot guys you

know what

94 people in the room we got to talk

about our new channel so guys i'm going

to be posting and recording a new video

for this new channel

how do we lose a subscriber this is


subscribe to departure stocks i'm going

to have to get matthew to post the link

in the description or in the live chat

right now but uh we got a brand new

channel it's got 13 videos up there on


now we're back to 88 people

math you posted a link to our new

channel come on

mcq and mining can you can you buy tsxp

stocks in a tfsa trading account

yes 100

you can also buy neo-listed stocks

depends on your broker

but if you're with one of the major

banks then um

yep so miku and mining i did a i did a

bit of a dive into this one i know it's

in one of my top

top three your top five gold videos i

know that we've made so many of those

videos um let's just uh look at the

company real quick

it's in the description but people are

too lazy to click the description so can

you just post that link

see we're losing people already because

he didn't post the link

just kidding

yeah yeah this is right i remember

they've got a bunch of different


some in south america some in north

america i i took a look at this company

they've got operations all over the

place where's

investors tab

expert jordan cole has bought me out of

the wrenches

oh man this sounds like a this sounds

like an ad

palacio sarah

leading in with that with that sales


let's see what's next there we go

click that link guys


subscribe to our new channel we need to

get this to 300 subscribers by the end

of today

come on there we just gained one

all right um quickly gonna have a look

at mckeown mining i just

wanted to

talk about one thing here we go gold

copper and is that silver yeah


gold and silver production

three hundred thousand ounces of gold

per year is their target production

here we can see their mix gold


where is their reserves oh pretty high


55 grams per ton

let's see guys

so they're producing three hundred

thousand well they wanna produce three

hundred thousand ounces

why did my live chat go away

kicker you yes i couldn't agree more

especially if you're 15

man put that in a tfsa invest in some

high growth stocks and leave it

for like a long time buy some good


excuse me i would buy five to ten


personally five to ten companies

that have the potential to go up 5 to 10

x and just leave that

because even if two of them go you're

still gonna be in the green

okay so one thing about mcu and mining

so another

similar company with a 500 to 600

million dollar market cap

thanks amish you're just you know you're

just the best

i never saw real value of a tfsa until i

learned you have a trading account

i have two dollar strike on mux for

november 20 expiry

two dollar strike i think that's cool

november 20th

wow you think it's gonna run to two


in like three weeks

if it does you're going to be a very

happy man

i mean i really hope that november is an

awesome month for gold and silver if

you're that bullish i really

think that's sweet nice to know

just bought me ux thank you wow

who are all these people donating all of

this money

matthew 20 bucks this guy


what a nice guy

all right tom i hope you did your

research and due diligence

for having ux um

i never said buy or sell but uh good

luck my friend this stock does look

pretty cheap though

sorry guys i'm just answering comments

not really taking a look at the charts

oh jeez

but yeah i mean damn this thing i i

think you can say damn

on youtube it's not that bad of a swear

word right no my

no my big money is in sp xs playing

market crash up huge today good stuff


that was awesome what about shorting the


who dares short the nasdaq i'm your best

and only friend

oh man this

is correct

not the last part though um

yes guys we made it to 102 people

thanks thanks for smashing the like

button if you didn't smash the like

button already

and uh subscribe to departure stocks

come on do we get this thing to 289 we

need two

we need 300 subscribers for this new


because i'm gonna make another video and

it's gonna be good

and you guys have to watch it so don't

forget to subscribe

departure stocks erin i shorted s p 500

going to zero how's it going just joined

very good

um almost capital says he's shorting the

s p 500

and it's going to zero and uh

i don't know where this guy came from

but uh he seems to be a funny guy so

do you okay let's let's be honest let's

do let's run a little poll right now

i'm going to ask some various questions

do you guys think that next week the

market's going to crash do you think

it's going to go up

do you think we're going to trade

sideways we can see what how much we've

pulled back so far

do you think we're going lower let me


estao is shorting the dow inverse aaron

your thoughts on elections having effect

on chinese stocks such as neo

depends on who gets in i think if we get

a republican win i think it will be

a little harder for chinese stocks and

vice versa i think we will get

not as bad but um yeah

so volatile sideways lower that's the

what people are saying

in this sideways camp if you guys are


we've got it amish is an extreme

bull sorry bear he thinks it's going to


i don't think that's happening

based on the charts diversion shows

lower and if we break spy

320 we are guaranteed to drop paul

s is the technical man thanks

for those uh technicals paul

like i said guys i am not a technical

trader but uh

i do like to look at charts from time to


try and find an entry point neo and amd

what you think boss

neo i think it's had a tremendous run

i'd be a little cautious now just

because of you know the whole

stigma behind a chinese company

but with risk with more risk comes more

reward obviously

we saw 10 cent hit 52 week highs

alibaba doing really great neo doing

really great so

for that one i i personally don't own

any chinese stocks anymore i used to own

10 cent alibaba i think those were the

only two

did make a little bit off of them but

sold them

when we were getting that whole trade

war thing but uh

amd different story and respect

let's go here let's go come on i want to

see the chart

i've been taking a look at this chart

for amd for a while

what's your take on new gold thinking of

buying two dollar strict expiry january

15th one sec give me one

second start saying different things and

we can't predict it yeah

that's true timothy

tough call for amd i don't know i think

any one of these companies like amd

intel things like that i wouldn't

i wouldn't short them i wouldn't go

long right now maybe if it pulls back if

the whole tech sector pulls back

i feel like you could cherry pick a

couple nice

gross stocks for the next 10 years but

i'm not a fan of tech right now just for

the fact that it's

it's ran so much i'm i guess you can say


i'm kind of like an against the grain

investor other than a few certain

companies like mind med

like very like

uh it's a third company baby else


so yeah

i don't know i'm kind of like a

contrarian investor i like to own

well there's a few sectors i like i mean

i like utilities i like

renewable energy i think those sectors

will be favorable and get lots of


maria anderson millionaire in seven


what's up maria

that's good only took seven years


let's go

so guys we're gonna have to we're gonna

have to end this stream soon like it's

been an hour i mean i love you guys

a lot but drop a few more comments

oh yeah sorry paul i need to get that

new ngd so that is the next

dump company

that we're taking a quick look at

thinking of buying two dollars strike


oh you're probably american

maybe we

would where would you put 100k

right now short-term investment

good question man maria it only took

me seven days


one sec we just got to see how many

subscribers on departure stocks

oh yeah we're at 290 this is good guys

this is good


where is that i just lost this okay

so let's get back to the last two

comments we're taking two more

questions slash comments where do you

put 100k in short term

um i'm not an options trader

uh not an options trader paul so i don't

know about that new gold question

newgolds chart looks pretty healthy


looking pretty good um 100k in

short-term investments

honestly man i would put some in gold

like i said for

for our buddy what's our buddy's name

what's our buddy's name

it started with a p how how am i

forgetting this this is crazy

what's his name whatever

sorry i forgot your name

actually hold up i need to

oh man koyaks

so like we told koyaks with his 10k


i would put half in gold and silver and

half in uh

high growth if i was putting stuff in

high growth right now short term


i would put uh someone else nutrition

some in mind med

some in some kind of vegan stock like

like the very good food co

the tatted chef those are some high

growth industries so

i'd probably put half in in high growth

speculative stuff like that

and then i would go with you know a

bunch of gold and silver exploration


so like like the ones that i like

fosterville south

terminal metals discovery metals

walbridge mining

um extra gold what else do we got here

shoot there's one other trillium gold

things like that that's what i do with

100 grand

not financial advice do your own


and uh sorry it took me so long

i'm actually canadian but prefer buying

us stocks are you a fan of

long-term stocks for dividends or

short-term investing i'm a fan of both

definitely like both but uh

yeah both

bought neo around six dollars that's

awesome congratulations

acb taking big dips acb

took a big dump and uh i don't know what

to say man

acv so sad

i i officially moved on from acb

but i'll still talk about it sometimes

when i want to learn from my past

bring it up hey remember that one stock

that i lost

so much money on and i learned a lot

from oh yeah

acb so bad

but uh

anyways guys all right so it's 406. what


what about charge point


i don't know the ticker man i'm sorry

but uh we're gonna wrap this up real

soon don't forget to smash the like


don't forget to uh subscribe to

departure's capital

the stream's been awesome over 100

people guys

make me want to stream every friday now

i think i'm going to stream every friday


too many gold stocks it's hard to pick i

totally agree with you john

the one thing i gotta say about gold

stocks and especially exploration


really do your research when it comes to


i want management with a proven track

record of success

i like to know that they're strategic


eric sprott obviously it's nice to know

when he's

he's an investor look at the company


have they been around for a while have

they diluted those are all important

things as well

what else i also like to diversify my

gold stocks in terms of mining


so take a look at

sauerkraut futures take a look at

different mining jurisdictions obviously

different areas

but those are all very important things

when it comes to picking

your favorite gold and silver

exploration company so

they are becoming a dime a dozen now

with this new

rush of capital and the gold bull market

and be very careful so

that's all i got to say guys thank you

so much amish capital for those

donations he invested in sauerkraut

futures i didn't know you could invest

in sauerkraut

futures but uh that's good to know

happy friday and uh

awesome successful stream thanks guys

have a great weekend i'm gonna make more

videos don't worry i'll put some more

videos out for departure

stocks so subscribe to that channel

i'm signing off have a wonderful day