Why You SHOULDN'T Use A Stocks & Shares ISA

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hey guys it's sasha and in this video

we're going to talk about stocks and

shares isa accounts specifically we're

going to talk about why you don't need a

stocks and shares isa account in the uk

and just before the keyboard warriors

get to work and smash their thumbs down

and leave a nice comment do me a favor

and just watch this video because this

video is one of a number on my channel

that is intentionally provoking thought

i am presenting a point of view that i

think is incredibly useful from an angle

that you might not have heard before a

view that often goes against the popular

narrative but might just spark a little

interesting thought but here is a fun


i have a stocks and shares isa and i use

it and most of my investments are in the

stocks and shares isa i also advocate