Challenge Stapes: Sell Sand at the Beach | PokerStars

hello my babies at stapes here from

Barcelona EPT 100 challenge stapes you

guys have selected this time around that

I need to sell 100 euros worth of sand

at the beach in honor of EPT 100 I'm not

gonna lie I'm pretty sure that you guys

were gonna pick the guitar challenge so

I took six weeks of guitar lessons I

dropped two grand so we've got a lot of

different types of sand we're selling

today guys we've got new sand we've got

used sand is you're on a budget hair

growth sand popular with the Negreanu

crowd sands for sale can I interest you

guys is some sand I have some very

special edition fine sand for you not

good enough for you I'm not gonna that's

fine you know what I got so I can do

even better because I can tell you're a

woman of taste this is our absolute top

of the line this is even more fine sand

it's just a hundred euros okay you make

me an offer

you don't want sand out well that's

really gonna make this difficult

well let's you pick the crowded day at

the beach sand for sale get you saying

yeah what is this we're having a sale on

sand today

well you're hungry oh that's fine you

know because I do have some edible sand

it's delicious I'll show you guys

well I got a walk on sand for sale

chipper experience try skin maybe after

the Sun you don't this is something that

could really come in handy if this is

special love potion sand do you ever

experience skin that's too moist just

100 euros you're laughing because you

can't believe that something that works

this well is that cheap

how about skin that's perfectly normal

all the time this is great for that 50

cent soap so so in a tip yes yes you're

very welcome thanks guys enjoy that's

sand we got some coins so we are well on

our way to ching elke hey man I'm out

here doing challenge stapes and my job

is to sell sand on the beach it's been a

really good day so far and these are

going fast and I thought that maybe I

should just offer you some before I'm

all sold out pretty nice of you this is

sand 2.0 it could really be anything you

want it to be but the best part is it's

version 2.0 so it's better one of the

great things about this you put a little

this in the core of the room doll goes

right on it special edition sand it's 5

euros what do you think nothing for free

oh my god my neck is on fire if you want

to make your own private beach you can

use it that bottle is just it's only a

hundred euro it makes the senses we're

gonna mess up everybody like money the

same type of Sun no yes of course and we

have more of this I mean this is just

what I carry around with me now but the

warehouse is full of this stuff what do

you got one coin this one what we have

all kinds of different sand here I can

barely keep it straight this right here

this is sand that's been walked on

ten 2.0 you only have one minute yeah

well it's a big-ticket item for the

special edition sand

I guess this puts me up to like 50 cents

in a garbage bag will do for 450 or up

Oh hope if you yeah and you know what

I'll tell you what I got a bag I'll put

it all right in this bag for him

I hope there's some more sock I was like

healthy out here we're halfway there

guys we're halfway there I'll be it's 20

euros for this

I gave you 20 cent if you want 20 cents

sold sold you drive a hard bargain but

I'm in keep the change

all right excellent one year we got one

you won't regret that no refunds

uh you can see the face of Jesus in the

sand I guess they're not the religious

type look I got to get back in the booth

soon I can't be out here all day I've

been out here for two and a half hours

and I've sold like 51 and a half euros

worth of stuff we're gonna take some

drastic measures we're gonna take our

special edition to sand and just put a

little bonus in there I want to sell you

my special edition sand with a 50 euro

note in it what do you guys say help me

out here okay all right he's in done we

hit the goal there you go my friend

look I gotta be honest with you guys sir

I did pull a slight trick the 50 or note

is real special edition San is what I

sold you unfortunately discounts and

sorry guys well they say the greatest

salesman in the world could sell sand at

the beach and I guess that makes me the

greatest salesman in the world because I

sold 101 euros in 47 cents I'm pretty

sure I failed this challenge but it's

like my dad always said cheat to win