Samsung Galaxy S5 In 2022! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

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welcome back everyone let's go ahead and

take a look at the samsung galaxy s5 and

see how this specific phone holds up in

2022 now i will definitely tell you to a

lot of people out there this was

probably one of the last samsung phones

where samsung held nothing back they

just threw everything they could in a

phone like this and i think they did a

tremendous job with the galaxy s5 and

for many generations after this they

were kind of stuck in a weird situation

i would say not until the galaxy s8

where they really started improving and

then the galaxy s10 was almost perfect i

think that was probably one of the best

phones that came out in the last three

years but the galaxy s5 to a lot of

people was that last signified away of

samsung giving us everything not holding

anything back because when they released