7 Tips for Selling Frame Damaged Rebuilt Salvage or Branded Title Cars

Oh what's going on everybody welcome

back to resurrect hopefully all of you

guys watching or well in today's video

we're gonna be going over seven tips on

how to successfully sell a vehicle with

a rebuilt title or a branded title known

sometimes so by extension this can apply

also to cars that have a clean title

that maybe have something really ugly on

a car facts such as structural or frame

damage those cars could be difficult to

sell as well but understand that there

is a difference between a salvage car a

rebuilt car and a clean title car with

an ugly Carfax so for the rest of the

video I might just wrump these all

together and refer to them as salvage

for simplification but in some ways

these cars will be very similar in some

ways they will be very different but all

of them are a challenge to sell so these

are my tips this is stuff that I've

learned in the past through experience

and it's worked for me so some of this

information might be useful to you I

hope it is I'm not saying these are the

best tips I'm not saying they are

correct in every single situation or

that they will even work for you but

they work for me they're a good rule of

thumb and I'm going to share them with

you so they can choose what makes to

sense to you you could discard the rest

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so if you already have a rebuild title

car that you're trying to sell and you

can't it might be due to things that

happen prior to you obtaining this

vehicle so you cannot go back in time

and change these things but hopefully I

can give you some methods that will help

you tweak and increase your chance of

success in selling this vehicle and also

give any flippers out there some methods

in which you can use to more

successfully deal with salvage or

rebuild vehicles tip number one has to

do with price and price is the most

important thing

if you are selling a salvage vehicle at

a retail price or a private party value

you will be waiting for the rest of your

life to sell that car on the flip side

if you are selling a salvage or branded

vehicle branded title vehicle at 50% of

the retail value or less buyers are

going to be super suspicious about your

vehicle and nobody's going to want to

touch it with a 10-foot Pole they're

gonna think the car is junk buyers of

rebuilt cars expect a deal and

rightfully so so if you're in the

business of buying damaged cars and and

turning them for profit you need to take

this into consideration before you even

ever bid on the vehicle the success of

flipping salvage cars lies in the fact

that you buy cheap and you sell cheap it

just doesn't work any other way so if if

you're trying to sell a branded title

vehicle or just a clean title vehicle

with a really ugly Carfax it needs to be

a priced accordingly so if the car has a

branded title you need to be at around

20% under the retail value and work your

way down from there if it's a clean

title but with an ugly Carfax you might

be able to start at around 10% and

honestly the majority of the vehicles

that I've sold in the past ended up

selling between 20 and 30% under the

listed average retail value I say

average because there's a lot of

different methods for getting retail

values there's Kelley Blue Book there's

nad a there's other ones out there but I

think those two would probably be the

most accurate you can also use Carfax

cars calm and true car they will have

some useful information of actual sold

prices on ebay will give you some

interesting insights because you can

isolate by the title status whether it

was rebuilt or salvaged or clean now

Edmunds is on a completely different

planet I don't know where they get their

information if you I wouldn't rely on

Edmunds honestly as a buyer or a seller

but it makes for a good laugh every once

in a while also understand that the more

valuable the car is the smaller the

all the potential buyers will be because

most likely you'll be selling cars to

cash buyers due to the fact that most

banks would not loan on a branded title

vehicle so if you think about it think

about the amount of people that have

$5,000 in the bank versus the amount of

people who have $50,000 in the bank so

you'll typically be able to sell

vehicles that that are worth maybe less

money at a lower value that will be an

easier transaction of course there's

always exceptions to every rule but

generally this is true tip 2 has to do

with quality now I'm not going to

sugarcoat it at all selling a rebuilt or

branded title vehicle can be super

challenging sometimes but everyone

whistle while selling a branded title

vehicle can be pretty easy getting a

potential buyer to look at your car is

difficult even if it's sometimes a clean

title vehicle but it's a real shame to

lose a buyer because the quality of your

repair is poor so success at buying and

selling salvage cars depends greatly on

the quality of the work that was done

you need to be your biggest critic and

look at these cars as if you were buying

them for top dollar if it bothers you

it's gonna bother them

so before you even ever debut a car I

would show it to some family and friends

or some other people that are not

looking to buy your car so you can get

some feedback also if you get a

potential buyer to actually look to your

car and he walks away from the deal

without giving you any feedback you've

really lost some really valuable

information so I always try to ask

people what they think of the vehicle

sometimes they'll tell you something

that might hurt or be insulting but it's

really the best thing to not be insulted

but to really take that feedback as

constructive criticism and try to fix

whatever issues might they might have

brought out so that the next buyer won't

have those objections obviously you're

not going to be able to please every

single person some people are just

impossible to please and remember too

that you might get buyer one coming

through say your cards

junk it's worthless and then by our to

comes around and he thinks that the car

is amazing it's the best deal ever so

don't ever let one person's opinion of

the car bring you down but it's

important to listen to learn to adapt

and be patient and if you have

confidence in the quality of your work

it's going to show on how you talk to

people and it's going to make a

potential buyer more comfortable with

the deal tip three has to do with

patience there's been many times that I

in the past that I've dealt with a clean

title one owner vehicle that I was

trying to sell and I thought it would

sell in just a few days and it ended up

taking several months and then there's

times where I bought a vehicle that was

wrecked I didn't want to have to deal

with it so I just listed it for sale

completely damaged with a salvage title

not even drivable and it sold in just a

few days a lot of this has to do with

your price point but sometimes it also

has to do with selling at the right time

or the wrong time maybe your vehicle is

in demand

maybe there's a ton of cars just like

yours that are listed online and

everybody's competing for the best price

either way you have to prepare yourself

mentally and financially for the long

haul should it happen so if you're

trying to sell cars if you're buying and

selling salvage cars at the upper limit

of your budget let's say you had 10

grand to work with and you or you just

spent it all and you're working with

that but you now you're really strapped

to get that money back well you're gonna

be desperate to get that money back and

unfortunately when you talk to potential

buyers it's gonna shine through unless

you're a really special person so it's

very good to operate well within your

budget so you don't ever get into that

situation where you are desperate to

sell and so one way to help with that as

many rebuilders daily drive their

vehicles so they kind of serve as a dual

purpose so that if you're not selling it

well at least you're getting some good

use out of it so you've got to be

patient with salvaged cars and operate

well within your budget

tip number four has to do with

information too much information or too

little information will ruin a sale

every single time when you sell a

salvage car it's best to deal with those

issues or the issue of that nasty

salvage history or whatever accident

that car was in it's better to deal with

those issues as soon as possible don't

leave them as an elephant in the room so

obviously if your car has a branded or

ugly Carfax a brand new title or ugly

four Carfax don't ever hide that

tricking people is a super short-sighted

business plan remember you're trying to

find the right buyer do you really want

to waste your time with people who

aren't the right buyer so that being

said do you scream from the mountaintops

that your car was previously damaged and

is salvaged or do you kind of whisper it

in their ears so to speak well it

depends so my recommendation is your

advertising if you are advertising

locally make sure that you put somewhere

in the ad the vehicles past whether it

has a salvage or branded title you are

definitely obligated to do that legally

and it's the right thing to do but also

realize that many people just graze over

information they skim over it quickly

and that's a good thing because you do

want to get people to actually come and

look in this look at your vehicle

because if you if the first thing in

your description is that this car is

rebuild and salvage it was totaled

you're gonna lose a lot of buyers so yes

I'm not saying hide the information but

he put it in there but put it somewhere

where it's like they would have to read

the entire description so you actually

get people to look at that car and when

you get people to look at your car if

the quality of your repair is good and

they see it they might possibly fall in

love with your vehicle and then at the

end you could remind them that your

vehicle has this history sometimes

you'll get people to walk away because

that statement sometimes they may

actually consider buying your car some

of these people may not even know what a

salvage or rebuilt or they don't know

anything about this kind of stuff so you

may have to explain it to them

it's important that when you explain it

to them you explains to them properly

don't just say oh yeah the car was total

it was just found in a swamp no you want

to what you want to do is is you want

explain to them what really happens when

a car ends up with a salvage title and

what happens is that when a person gets

in an accident the insurance company

will either fix that car or they will

take possession of it and liquidated so

in that case the car was not fixed the

insurance company took ownership of that

vehicle they liquidated it you obtained

it you repaired it for a lower amount

which they were not able to do because

they only deal with probably high-end

body shops or maybe just body shops that

have a high labor rate so it's not worth

it for them but for you you can get the

work done for a reasonable amount and

now that you you have actually fixed

that car properly you are offering it

for sale it's been inspected and now

it's safe to drive however you have to

let them know that the title was branded

which means they've made notation on

that title that that happened you can

never remove that from the title and it

does affect the value of the vehicle but

it doesn't mean the car is a bad car so

it's important to explain it properly

people make them comfortable with the

deal and sometimes you will be able to

convert these type of people who don't

know what a salvage or repo car is

obviously explaining them all the facts

and letting them make their own decision

but sometimes people will actually go

with you now if you are selling the car

though and you have a listing and

somebody tells you they're coming from a

very far distance to see your car or

maybe you've advertised it nationally

and somebody has to travel from out of

state to see your car make sure that

nobody misses the fact that your car was

previously salvaged rebuilt because they

will be upset with you if even if it was

their fault but they miss this

information it's just better for you to

avoid that situation and just make sure

that they know up front what kind of

deal this is also when you ask people

will ask you about the accident history

be prepared to have photos of that

vehicle in its damaged State

and also be prepared to be able to

describe some of the work with that was

done nobody wants to buy a complete

question mark so if you don't have this

information you are at a huge

disadvantage and you're gonna have a

really tough time selling that card so

if you don't have this information get

on the net try to find some photos of

that vehicle as it was being sold at the

salvage auction if that was where it was

originally obtained you can go to a

website such as auto auctions dot IO or

similar website and you can just google

the VIN as well to try to find photos

and try to be able to explain what kind

of repair was done and people are gonna

want to know what part of the car was

fixed because when they go to sell a car

in the future that is a story that needs

to be passed to future buyers as well

also if there ever arises some issue

some mechanical issue or some type of

issue of the vehicle it helps to know

what was done to the car so people need

this kind of information without it they

may be uncomfortable buying your vehicle

and so while this information will

definitely help you with the deal too

much information too soon will destroy

the deal every single time so when

somebody asks you for pictures of the

car give them the pictures of the car I

don't think it's necessarily a good idea

to put in your listing pictures of the

damaged state of the vehicle I don't

think there's a lot of people that just

don't understand what can be fixed and

what can't be fixed but if they ask for

it given the information if they ask you

a question about what was done give them

the information don't try to hide


however it's never a good idea to just

start ranting about every single bolt

you turn and every little thing that you

did to the car in this situation you may

sound too eager so what you want to do

is listen to their questions answer

their questions be honest about what

you've done to the vehicle but you want

to answer the question with enough

information no more no less be open and


listen more talk less and you have to be

confident in your work and then the

potential buyer will be confident with

with you and always remember that as you

get into higher ticket vehicles if you

plan on doing that

you're gonna find out that their

standards are gonna be much much higher

so and they're going to size you up very

quickly as to whether or not you know

what you're talking about so it's

probably not a good idea to jump in to

the deep end of the pool too quickly

when it comes to dealing with higher

ticket cars too soon

tip number five is where to list the

vehicles you should be able you should

advertise that vehicle anywhere in

everywhere you can it's a good idea to

get a sign on that vehicle I mean this

is real basic stuff here but on a

salvage vehicle if they can see that

that car is in nice condition and they

see that the price is low that's a great

way to get a potential buyer and if

you're not on the Internet

you are definitely invisible so make

sure you get it on Craigslist cars comm

let go offer up Facebook marketplace in

any social and media accounts you want

to get it on any type of listing and

anywhere at the same time there's so

many cheap and free ways to get cars

listed on the net now if your car is a

little bit more of an uncommon car maybe

it's the thing that's kind of unique or

rare you might consider getting some

type of national exposure on auto trader

or eBay or something like that always

remove and realist ads regularly you

don't want people to see that you have

had this vehicle up for sale for six

months or more that's not going to help

you so delete the ad and renew it don't

hide your VIN that will also make people

very suspicious and have as many quality

photos as that site will let you have

and also consider getting some type of

picture hosting service so you can post

additional photos for national ads this

is definitely something you want to do

and for national ads you're going to

want to have some type of video because

not a lot of people do that and that

really really helps people to get a

idea of what kind of condition your car

is in and it makes people much more

comfortable and you are going to put

yourself way above the competition

because not a lot of people do that for

national ads tip number six is to save

your time weed out the wrong buyers as

quickly as possible most likely if

you're selling a salvage title car and

the potential buyer asks for CARFAX

right off the bat the buyer is probably

the wrong buyer because either they

don't understand the purpose of the

CARFAX or they didn't read the ad so it

is true that a Carfax will sometimes

have some service history records on it

so it is a reasonable question ask but

just recognize that that they're

probably the wrong buyer also people

asking for service records these type of

buyers are usually pretty picky you can

understand why they would ask for

service records but it's not something

you're going to have and most likely if

they need service records they're not

going to be able to handle the fact that

the car was a salvage car also of my

experience if the first thing the buyer

talks about is price if he tries to make

you an offer and I don't care if it's a

high offer or a lowball offer most

likely they are not a serious buyer you

have to think about the kind of

questions the serious buyer will

actually ask and a serious buyer who's

ready to buy a car wants to know a

little bit about the history of your car

and maybe why you're selling it now I'm

not saying this is always the case and

I'm not saying you should shoo away

these people and be rude to them

sometimes you can convert these people

to actual buyers but you need to

recognize what type of request or where

this is coming from and realize that

this isn't just a this shouldn't

discourage you because it didn't work

out with this type of person this type

of person may not be the right buyer

also sometimes you're going to get

requests for people to do a PPI or a

pre-purchase inspection which means they

want to take your car to a mechanic that

they pay in order for that mechanic to

do an inspection and then that mechanic

will privately relay that information to

the buyer whether or not you want to do

a pre-purchase inspection is completely

up to you

just know that in my experience rarely

do these deals ever work out and the

reason why I suspect is that show me a

mechanic who's willing to recommend a

previously salvaged car when he's being

paid the exact same amount whether or

not he gives it a thumbs up or a thumbs

down he's still being paid and honestly

most mechanics probably would rather be

cautious about this just tell the

potential buyer keep looking

get paid their $50 fee or whatever and

they don't have to deal with that guy

later on down the road when he finds out

the car's a piece of junk it's just

safer for them to tell them that the car

is not a good car so I might do a PPI

from time to time if it's at a place and

time that's convenient for me but a lot

of times I know through experience that

these things don't work out so it's

important to take that into

consideration and just understand that

there is a lot of buyers out there that

don't have all these high requirements

they always come along sooner or later

and when you do if you do decide to do a

PPI just make sure that you watch that

mechanic like a hawk there's some bad

eggs out there that want to maybe

harvest parts off your car or they might

unintentionally damage your car and just

make extra work for you so don't trust

your vehicle in the hands of other

people common-sense stuff but it's

important to know tip number seven is

along these lines and that is protect

yourself these are just general

guidelines for sending selling anything

or any vehicle but it's good to know

with vehicles but that it's definitely

not a good idea to initially bring these

buyers to your house try to meet people

at a public place and size them up first

if you ever bring them to your house if

you choose to do that most buyers are

going to be cash buyers but some will

want to do a cashier's check and

understandably so some people are not

comfortable with carrying around a lot

of cash so if they do that make sure

that you look at that cashier's check

and if there's a phone number on that

cashier's check don't call that phone

number get on the net

find out the phone number of that

financial institution call verify funds

try to do the deal during banking hours

so you can do that sometimes you're

gonna get people that want to use a

personal check I am not comfortable with

personal checks but if you do accept


make sure the buyer knows that you're

going to need their driver's license a

copy of it and you're gonna have to wait

several days for that money to clear or

you'll just have to go down the bank and

cash it immediately but just protect

yourself in that way know how to

identify counterfeit money because

there's a lot of that going on as well

in the rebuild and salvage title world

if they want to make they want to wire

you money obviously make sure it clears

and try to bring another person to the

deal if if you can just use common sense

if it doesn't feel right walk away and

this is super important if you sell a

title branded vehicle make sure that the

buyer signs some sort of document that

he was made aware that fact because they

could come back and have a legal basis

to make you buy that vehicle back so you

want to make sure they sign some type of

document so if you make sure that your

price and your quality is in check if

you have patience if you get and give

the right amount of information if you

advertise properly and you make sure not

to waste your time and you protect

yourself you can successfully flip

salvaged cars so please make any

comments below up stay tuned for future

videos on this subject follow me on

Instagram for all the in-between stuff I

truly appreciate you guys watching and

I'll see you next time