How to Sell Your JUNK Car - The Right Way! | WheelHouse

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(car engine revving) - You have a car

that's a little rough around the edges, maybe it's junk,

and you just wanna sell it.

Today we're gonna look at the do's and don'ts

of selling a rough car.

And I'll tell you why I made this video

in the first place, might get a little rant-y.

(upbeat music)

Before we get cracking into this week's episode

of Wheelhouse I gotta give a shoutout

to NOS Energy Drink for partnering with the show.

Fun fact about NOS Energy Drink,

it's been around since 2005,

the same year Ford released their 5th gen Mustang.

What do they both have in common?

I'll tell you, they're both sweet, sweet.

Also, that was the same year Donkey Konga 2

came out on Game Cube, sweet.

And Tom Cruise jumped all over Oprah's couch, sweet.

2005 was great.

I was 12 years old.