Are Salvage Title Vehicles Worth Buying to Flip?

hey guys Justin at the car flip comm and

today we're going to be answering a

question from Jason this is an ask me

anything question with an email out from

z-cars if you're not a member

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there and you'll get emails like this in

the future but basically it went out and

said what can I help you with and it was

open to any and all questions and I

assumed there would be car flip related

and most of them or actually all of them

or no one is asking anything off the

wall so sure laughs I guess but anyway

the question was are rebuilt or salvage

title vehicles worth it and this was

asked by Jason and Jason honestly I'm

not that big on them you can buy a

little cheaper sometimes you can say a

little bit of money up front if you're

trying to buy maybe your personal

vehicle but if you're I don't know if

you're trying to make money it creates a

barrier or an objection in the mind of

the potential buyer let's say they're

looking at your 2003 Jeep let's say Jeep

Grand Cherokee and then someone else is

another 2003 jeep grand cherokee yours

is a salvage title and there's a clean

paddle you're asking 2,900 they're

asking 3,500 whose are they going to buy

and so if all they have sway not may be

yours but if it was me I'm buying 35

just because I really don't want to deal

with this avocado issue I wouldn't know

why I was salvaged I wouldn't know if

they were existing issues that I might

would have to deal with so on the lower

end of cars it's sometimes difficult for

it to be worth it unless it's for you

and your own personal vehicle now people

that do well with salvage style vehicles

are people that actually rebuild them


so they're going to go to the Copart

auctions they're going to be at the at

the salvage auction that's buying the

vehicles wrecked as they are and they're

going to be rebuilding them and a lot of

times it's really not that bad I mean a

cinder have a frame pulled

door that kind of thing you know maybe

replace the steering knuckle sometimes

it's not that bad and so they can buy

it's a really low price put a little bit

of money into it on parts they do the

labor and they might have a bigger

profit margin for the person that's

flipping it's difficult most of the

times it's difficult now that being said

I actually have a vehicle on my lot

right now that is a salvage vehicle

it's a 1997 Jeep Wrangler it's got a six

inch lift

it's got body armor all the way around

tube fenders 37-inch tires it's got a

dana 44 in the back which is what makes

a Rubicon it's not a Rubicon but that's

why Rubicon is what it is and so for me

I got a really good deal on it and the

fact that it was salvaged was kind of

ancillary it was a good price for a Jeep

Wrangler I don't think people are going

to be as concerned because of the

modifications that it's already had

anyway so that was kind of my exception

to that rule but as a general rule I

don't deal with them because it's not

worth my time it's not worth having to

explain to people over and over again

that it's Salvage when they call and

then they find out at the end that it's

Salvage that's just a headache that I

want to deal with but for you it might

work for me I'd much rather find a car

that needs you fill in the blank it

needs a power steering pump or whatever

I'd rather buy it and replace the $75

part that I would have the stablish

title because you can never get rid of

that so I hope that helps Jason I hope

that maybe gives you clarity on how I

think about it and maybe in the future

you might want to shy away from them

because it makes it feels too easy

sometimes when you're looking at

salvaged vehicles because it feels like

it's really easy to find a good deal

when you go to sell it I think you're

going to find difficult so so I hope

that helps offer you guys in the next