Intro to Salesforce for Small Business

meet Carl small business owner

trailblazer where of many hats

good news Carl just got Salesforce

taking his company to the cloud so he

can grow a small business much faster

succeeding at every step without all the

hiccups first Carl gives the sales team

a quick speech Carl Carl Carl and sends

them off to win more customers sales rep

Carl dives straight into the Lightning

sales console finding a list of the

hottest leads he's able to learn

everything about the prospect like which

marketing campaign led them there and

can see new information the second it

comes in like calls and meetings

tracking the entire deal along the way

other sales rep Carl checks everything

from follow-up tasks to the deal size

and stage following the best

opportunities with the Salesforce one

mobile app always moving deals forward

while on the go and other other sales

rep Carl can close even the biggest

deals right from his phone next should

one of these new customers log an issue

by phone email or social channel the

case is instantly created for everyone

else so Carl's from other departments

can chime in and quickly send a solution

to help service agent Carl keep

customers happier then celebrate their

achievement customers can also find

answers through self-service support

sites during the rare small business

non-business hours then CMO Carl meets

with his marketing team utilizing

marketing automation to find more

customers here they test the latest and

greatest marketing materials to optimize

engagement and they're able to easily

build nurture campaign specific to

potential customer activity helping

accelerate the sales cycle alerting reps

the moment a prospect is ready to buy

and dashboards for sales marketing and

service give him insights to his now

exponentially growing company wherever

he goes back at the office

IT Carl shows CEO Carl the app he built

that morning using the Salesforce

platform then explains they have access

to thousands of third-party business

apps on the Salesforce app exchange Carl

is pleased with their growing success in

such a short time and rallies the troops

to share the news phrases like unlimited

growth potential profits soaring many

new faces and prospective business

developments are heard throughout and

now Carl is in the business of booming

blaze your trail with Salesforce