How to start selling marketing funnels to customers

so you want to start selling marketing

funnels to your customers are you

thinking about how you can position and

sell funnel products and services to

your customers to other businesses but

you're stuck on the kind of well we want

to sell marketing funnels but we don't

really know what to do next are you

struggling to close marketing funnel

deals because customers maybe just don't

get it in this video I'm gonna show you

how to start selling marketing funnels

to customers and tell you what customers

are going to buy if you are selling

marketing funnels

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let's talk about how to sell and start

selling marketing funnels to your

customers the problem is that customers

just don't want to buy from you you seem

to be coming across loads of roadblocks

and barriers and objections about why

they don't want to buy from you and

you're really struggling to get to that

end point maybe you're really struggling

to kind of think well what do I tell

people they're gonna buy a marketing

funnel is so vague and unspecific how do

you actually position that to the

customer it's like a car or a microwave

or a website it's kind of difficult to

define what it is that you're actually

selling to the customer despite knowing

how valuable and useful marketing

funnels are and you understand the

concept in your head maybe customers

just don't seem to get it and you're

really struggling to close those deals

or even attract any new leads in the

first place

the biggest misconception we need to get

out the way is the idea of you needing

to be a full-stack marketer do not try

to be a full-stack marketer if you're

employed by somebody and you're employed

by but by a business in their marketing

department then absolutely add as many

strings to your bow as possible becoming

a full-stack marketer for another

business is very very valuable I'm not

even saying that when you're working

with a customer that you can't provide

more services to them in another video I

talked about focusing on one part of the

process that you love to deliver if you

say that you absolutely love just

working on you know attracting those

initial splinter product sales through

email marketing fantastic that's great

there's no reason why you can't then

look at social media and SEO and

marketing vans and webinars and sales

letters and stuff after you've got the

customer but the biggest mistake people

make is they try to go to market and

attract customers by being everything to

everyone the only way that you're going

to attract leads and sales to your

business is by being hyper specific

about what it is that you do and what

you bring to market only after they're a

customer can you start talking to them

about other services so I want to talk

about these kind of three areas and

three mistakes that you

do and things you shouldn't do and then

three things that you should do instead

so the first one the first rule of

selling marketing funnels the absolutely

fundamental thing that you have to do

first is number one don't talk about

marketing funnels contradictory and

counterintuitive is that sound instead

what you need to do is be specific about

the conversion that you can improve

don't go to customer and say hey I'd

love to talk to you about marketing

funnels we build marketing funnels we

build the world's best design marketing

funnels people will try to add things

like quality and experience and they'll

say we have some of the highest quality

and best customer service for building

marketing funnels in our marketplace no

one gives a about any of that what

you need to do is be specific about the

conversion that you're going to improve

for that customer for example sales

funnels can generate more first-time

customers that's what you do you don't

build marketing funnels what you help

people do is you help them generate more

first-time customers using sales funnels

that's instantly more appealing people

can understand it they can get their

head around it because they're beginning

to see what's in it for them the most

popular radio station in the world is WI

I FM what's in it for me that's where

people want to listen that's what they

want to hear a squeeze funnel for

example can help you capture more leads

and grow an email list so again what you

actually do is you help businesses grow

their email lists and capture more leads

a webinar funnel for example could

convert leads into sales for high ticket

items again you don't build marketing

funnels you don't sell marketing funnels

what you sell is the ability to convert

leads into high ticket sales through the

use of webinars that's what you're

selling the second mistake is people

talk about the feature they talk about

the thing or what can be replaced

instead of talking about email

automation or websites which you

shouldn't be talking about what you

should be talking about is what is

better or easier for the client after

working with you after working with you

what is better for them and what is

easier for them in their day to day life

and in their business for example we

could say that we generate more sales on

automation and with less sales effort

that's actually what we're delivering to

the customer when they say okay's what

is it you actually do say well we help

generate sales on automation and with

less sales effort for the squeeze

option as well you've got being able to

grow an email list and see who's

interested in your products you don't

actually build a squeeze funnel and you

don't say i'll we build squeeze pages

and thank you pages and opt-in forms

I've even had customers who run

marketing businesses say to me what the

hell is a squeeze funnel and instead

when I position and talk to them I say

what we're able to do is grow email

lists and then basically build a list of

people who have demonstrated an interest

in your product they go oh that's

awesome they don't care about the actual

deliverables or the replacements that we

need to actually build out that process

well how about this one in the future

you can sell two leads in customers in

your sleep that's what you're building

that's what you're developing for

customers that's the better easier

lifestyle future that they've got after

working with you we can help you sell to

leads in customers in your sleep and the

way that we do that you and I know that

that's by putting on evergreen mode a

webinar and it's making a webinar funnel

kind of work on automation in the

background and making that evergreen but

that helps the customer sell in their

sleep I mean what's easier than that the

third mistake is don't ask them if they

want a marketing funnel one of the

biggest mistakes people make is yes you

absolutely should qualify and the

fastest way to sell a pen you know is to

actually ask are you in the market for a

pen but don't ask people if they're in

the market for a marketing funnel

instead talk about the better easier

lifestyle that they're gonna see talk

about the better future that they're

gonna have that's for them personally

that's for them and their business

that's their family their friends their

network imagine being able to spend more

time with your family and friends less

time of the office and more time with

your family and friends how does that

sound yeah that sounds amazing what if

you're able to take them on better

holidays what have you better able to

send them to a better school what if

you're able to have a nicer car what if

you're able to take them to a better

restaurants those are the things that

you're selling that type of conversation

is how you want to approach your

customers and so instead your website

becomes a place for your sales pitch or

whatever your networking events they say

what is it you do you move away from we

sell marketing funnels to we help CEOs

spend more time with their family and go

on nicer holidays because we're able to

generate sales on automation why

they sleep that is something that people

are going to want to have a conversation

about yes you get into the nitty-gritty

of it during the proposal stage in the

discovery stage but that is what you're

actually selling another couple of

examples we help build happier sales

teams with more leads if your sales

teams have got more leads and they have

spend less time prospecting and more

time closing that's gonna be a happier

sales team that's gonna be a more

productive sales team and that's gonna

help generate and close more sales maybe

with the webinar funnel again as another

example is we have less time spent at

the closing stage and more time spent

talking to customers we allow businesses

to spend more time talking to their

customers and building relationships and

less time closing because you've already

built up that kind of that exchange

desire we've already built up that

desire enough for people to want to buy

so what is the better future that your

customers have with you what is that

what's better about their future what's

easier about their life let me know in

the comments below I'd love to read that

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