How to Grow Saffron

deep in the rolling hills of

Northumberland County there is a tiny

little town called walk with populations

well nobody's really sure but we think

around seven hundred people

what makes this tiny town special is

that as screen mark sees headquarters

but also it's a unique collection of

writers musicians artists movie makers

and of course farmers one of the

weirdest things about this place is the


saffron farm now if you're thinking

Stefan in Ontario in Canada that's nice

well you'd pretty much be right

Zefram is a kind of crook is called

crocus sativas it is a full flowering

Kirkus it's used to make stuff on spice

it takes fifty to seventy-five thousand

bulbs just to make one pound of spice

making saffron the most valuable spice

in the world


so true saffron was born out of a bit of

madness my business partner Eric and I

had watched a video about a lady growing

saffron in the province of Quebec friend

of ours who was in a series with me and

Sudbury said you should do this and I

quickly watched the video and thought no

I'm busy and within two weeks Eric and I

were to be eating 5000 and I would say

50,000 it said no 5,000 and I the

madness of methane 1 and we ordered

50,000 volts with no proper lint which

to plant these you know never ever ever

which is 50,000 of anything without

knowing where you're gonna put them

because your investment might be a bit

of a gamble hi there I'm the other half

a true saffron producers incorporated

welcome to our field like to show you

what we have in our basket here this is

about an hour's worth of picking walking

up and down the rows and that's

approximately 450 flowers

that's what its gonna be like the next

following days for 12 extended days of

our lives

we started you've probably heard the

story if we ordered fifty thousand bulbs

our intention was just again fine I

don't know how we misinterpreted five

thousand 50 thousand all right no

turning back

innovation and spice can now say saffron


saffron's health benefits and medicinal

parties have been known for millennia

but we've brought it to Canada people

use it for antidepressants some people

will make a tea with it it helps with

improving eyesight or keeping early

onset dementia these are all claims made

by people who have used saffron we are

not medical practitioners but research

is ongoing in Japan with an extract

called Crowe Satine that's found in

saffron and they're using it and

directly on tumors and it's actually

killing the tumors so that's ongoing

right now the the mood enhancing

benefits of saffron are very clear when

you start peeling the flowers this

exuberance of joy and camaraderie and

and you know you're exhausted you just

picked five thousand flowers or thirteen

thousand flowers but somehow you're

laughing you're sharing stories and the

mood is gentle and the people energized

even though they should be tired so each

of these flowers has three stigmas

composing the pistil there are three

here when you pick a flower you gently

bend it they're very flexible you don't

have to worry about snapping it that is

the goal so you just hold it and you pop

it and you place it in your peach basket

which looks like this

but you have 24 hours to pick them 30 if

you want to be exact

cooler days will allow you a little more

leeway in terms of picking time but what

you want is you want to pick them while

they're fresh while the the pistols are

plumped the petals are fresh not that

the petals add anything to the saffron

but after they've bloomed in the morning

the do is is evaporated from the

sunlight if you're lucky enough to have

sunlight because they will bloom in the

snow they will look in the rain they

will blue whenever you don't want to and

you want to break they don't care


place each flower in your hand you take

your snips and yes your fingers will be

purple because picking that many flowers

do you pop it open the petals are now

going to be repurposed into soap speeds

different things like that but you've

extracted the pistol which here you can

see is like our logo you can see the

yellow orange red what you want to do is

trim off all of that until it becomes

fully red snip you now have saffron that

is ready to be dried the quality will be

later in the drying process but you now

know how to trim saffron so you can have

different cuts of saffron with the

yellow attached still but trimmed a

little bit this is called Negin our cut

is when you remove all the yellow and

orange just beyond and it's called super

negative that is the most highly charged

with health benefits it is the best cut

you can achieve