Beginner's Guide For PayPal 2022! (Buyers + Sellers Step by Step + Tips to not getting scammed)

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hey guys how's it going it's your boy

albert back in probably two years

sorry about that for my last update it's

been a while i know it's been a minute

but i'm back to talk about paypal again

i know we've done like a how to do

paypal what is paypal vlog a while back

um i've got a lot of questions i got

likes i got a lot of views thank you so

much um so in this vlog i'm just going

to do like a quick review of what paypal

is how to use it as a buyer and a seller

and then i'll leave some tips as well uh

feel free to like and comment in this

video if there's any questions just feel

free to dm me and i'll do some like uh q

a for the next vlog okay if you're ready

let's get going

so right here assuming that we're gonna

be a buyer

so first thing you do of course log into

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