Top 10 Rules for Successful Selling on eBay - How to Avoid eBay Scams by Buyers

hello so I've made a lot of videos in

the past where I talk about eBay scams

these are scams that sellers or buyers

can pull on each other and basically

leave you out of pocket but it occurred

to me I haven't given you that much

information on how to actually avoid

those scams and stay safe so in this

video I'm going to give you 10 tips and

tricks for staying safe as a seller on


I'll leave a link to my other eBay scam

videos down below there at the very

least entertaining so let's get on with

the video at number 10 we have

disclaimers if you're selling an item on

eBay put disclaimers in the listings

that are gonna put scammers off so put

things like I record my packaging

process so for your safety

all items have a serial mark so I can

identify the items things that are gonna

basically stop people from switching the

item or trying to claim that they didn't

receive it or that it was broken when

they received it number 9 be thorough

with your listings don't scrimp on

pictures and descriptions in your

listings if something is broken or

missing from the item you're selling

make sure that you describe it in the

listing don't leave any room for

scammers or unscrupulous buyers to claim

that you haven't informed them of a

vital piece of information so just be

very thorough with your listings but

number 8 what safest for the buyer isn't

necessarily safest for you as a seller

the safest way to receive money is

actually believe it or not through check

or cryptocurrency or even cash what I

mean by this is if a buyer buys from you

by paypal and they bought by credit card

they can actually have the payment

reversed at a later date now I'm afraid

there isn't really much advice I can

offer you here because realistically

you're not gonna be asking for checks I

think you just need to be mindful of the

fact that PayPal doesn't actually

protect you really if you can't afford

to lose it then don't sell it on eBay

that number 7 contact a Bay so if you

sell an item on eBay to somebody with an

exceptionally low feedback score or even

negative be

back or you're just kind of worried

about the transactions give eBay a ring

and tell them your concerns at least get

it on file so if something does go wrong

there is a record of it on eBay's system

and if there is something very dodgy

about the transaction there's half a

chance that eBay will actually sort it

out for you and you won't end up out of

pocket but number six change your

settings so there are actually eBay

settings that you can change where you

can block specific buyers so if you've

had somebody repeatedly buy things from

you and causing problems you can

actually block them as a buyer there are

also options to filter out buyers who

have incredibly low feedback scores or

even negative feedback scores so it's

definitely worth just setting those to

stop those negative feedback buyers from

buying from you at number five recorded

delivery with insurance so it's often

cheaper certainly in the United Kingdom

to just send things unrecorded you know

buy second-class post or something

the problem is unscrupulous buyers can

claim that they never received the item

also if you don't send things with

insurance then if the item gets broken

in transit then there you really have no

recourse you're not gonna get your money

back so my advice here is if you're

selling an item you should be sending

things by recorded delivery things that

require a signature at the other end

with the right level of insurance but

honestly if you're sending something

that costs six pounds and it costs three

pounds to send it recorded delivery

you're kind of what was the point in

selling it basically package your items

properly and professionally now there is

something to be said for the psychology

of receiving a well packaged parcel the

number of times I received a parcel has

just been wrapped in a bin bag or full

of old dirty smelly news paper it really

puts you off when you receive an item

like that so my advice is do make an

effort with your packaging because

buyers do appreciate it and then there

may be less light

to come back to you with a problem that

they're less likely to feel like they've

been conned the other advantage of

packaging things professionally is that

they're less likely to get damaged in

transit by a postal service

unfortunately you have to assume these

days that your Postal Service is gonna

throw your package off a building or

something so make sure that your

packaging is very robust and the or item

can't get broken if it's mistreated in

transit number three best offers these

days I don't ever use the auction format

on ebay I always used buy it now or best

offer and what I do is I put a price on

that's slightly too high because

somebody might pay for it but more

likely I'll get an offer which I can

choose to accept or decline now the

advantage of this from the sellers point

of view is that if you receive an offer

from somebody and you don't like the

look of their eBay profile you can

reject it on that basis and then you

never have to deal with them ever again

so it's a good way of filtering out low

feedback sellers it's not what it's

intended for I think it's just intended

to give you a way of choosing what price

you want for the item but I found it's

quite a good way to filter out buyers

that you don't want to sell to but

number two don't sell so this might

sound ridiculous but don't sale high

value electronics or high value items

that you can't afford to lose

specifically I focus on high value

electronic items because I know that

scammers do actually focus on that area

now things might have changed from a few

years ago but I remember selling phones

and things sort of five years ago before

I finally sold an item I'd always get a

Nigerian scam where somebody would buy

it and then tell me to ship it to

Nigeria on every single high-value

electronic item that I've sold there are

some alternatives if you want to get rid

of your high value electronic items you

can take them into certain high street

shops like this one called cex in the UK

I think even Apple has a trade-in

program if you want to get rid of your

iPhone or

laptop but I personally wouldn't sell

those items on eBay that number one

don't be scared so this really covers a

lot of the items in this list although

I've made a lot of videos in the past

describing the various scams on eBay

generally eBay is a safe place to buy

and sell from 99% of the people that use

it are part of the sort of ecosystem and

they're being friendly to each other

they're being reasonable to each other

buying and selling there are a small

proportion of people who are out to scam

you and a small proportion of sort of

unscrupulous buyers but you can't let

those people stop you buying and selling

on eBay just make sure that you follow

the tips and rules that I've set out in

the rest of this list and you will be


selling things on eBay so if something

does go wrong when you're selling it on


maybe eBay will help you and sort it out

for you or you know worst case scenario

it goes wrong and you lose your item but

you know it's just a bump in the road

get over it and carry on and continue

selling on eBay now that's the end of

this list

I'm gonna leave a link down below to the

other eBay videos I've made they're

mainly just describing the various scams

that you can experience as either a

seller or a buyer on eBay let me know

down below if you've got any other tips

any other things that you do to avoid

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