how's it going hope you're having a

great day today's video I wanted to

share with you some craigslist hacks for

being successful and being safe when

kind of selling on Craigslist

this also goes for buying on Craigslist

but I'm gonna be focusing on selling on

Craigslist if you're new to my channel I

make videos all about saving money and

organization living simple and I just

wanted to make sure that I got this in a

video it's going to take me quite a bit

of time to explain it and I'm gonna talk

really fast so if you're watching this

video for the first time you might want

to just watch it all the way through but

put this video in your kind of watch

later list and watch it again at a time

when you can pause the video and really

listen to what I'm saying because this

won't be a tutorial but I'm just going

to give you some tips and you might want

to rewind and pause and rewind and pause

I have sold so much stuff on Craigslist

there really is a trick to being

successful on Craigslist and I've been

very successful I've been doing this

since about 2002 I know that's so scary


I actually was one of the first people

to get scammed on Craigslist and I work

with the FBI to put out some of the to

get more information out on the scams

that we're going on and people are still

trying to scam on Craigslist I don't

know what's up with that but you really

need to be careful but there are some

real tried-and-true ways that I have

learned to be successful in Craigslist

and for getting stuff sold and sold fast

okay so the first tip is to research

what you want to do is you want to look

up the retail value for your item you

want to look at other craigslist ads you

want to look at the actual retail value

can google it and look to see if it's

still being sold somewhere you can

mention this in the Craigslist ad it

kind of is a selling point it will be a

selling point but but then what you want

to make sure is to the second step of

that is to go on Craigslist and really

see what other items are selling for

because this will really help you to be

competitive and remember you are being

competitive your little rocking chair or

your dresser is probably being sold in

another area or another part of town so

unless you have a really unique item

just be advised Craigslist buyers have

other options okay so the second tip is

pricing you want to make sure that you

list the on the lower end of what other

people are selling their item or similar

item for on Craigslist and remember that

if you sell it for a lot about 50% of

the retail value you usually will get

right about that if depending on the

condition you can gauge from there but

typically the rule of thumb is you're

not going to sell something on

Craigslist even if it's new for really

more than 50% of the value I know it

sucks but Craigslist really is a place

to get rid of stuffing get rid of it

fast okay people on Craigslist really

want a deal so you won't get retail

price just just let it go my husband has

a problem with that it's like you won't

get retail price you know always leave

it leave a bit of room for negotiating

because people will always negotiate so

if you know you firmly want 50 dollars

for something make it 60 because I'm

telling you or 75 because people will

negotiate it just goes with the


okay number three is take good pictures

you want to use at least four pictures

of each item four from different angles

okay you want to add in other life-sized

objects to help scale the picture so for

example a soda can can be next to a

toaster you want to make sure that you

add scale if you can but you also want

to make sure that you're including

measurements it's really important

because people will they'll always ask

you for that use a stock photo from a

retailer if you can but always include

your own photos so you can include like

four of your original photos and then a

stock photo we did that with a little

Power Wheels that we sold we took a

bunch of pictures and then we included

the stock photo because it was only a

couple years old and it was in really

excellent condition and we wanted people

to know that they're getting value for

their money so also make sure that the

gallery photo in Craigslist you actually

have an option for Craig's sort of to

add a gallery photo make sure that the

photo use is like a shining star really

make sure that you're picking the best

one for your gallery photo it's kind of

like a thumbnail picture on on YouTube

when people are scrolling if they don't

see something they like they're just

going to move on to the next one so make

sure you do that okay tip number four is

to create the title of the ad and be

really good with this title you want to

use keywords in the ad especially in the

title that are important

the item and you want to be specific

make sure you enter the price next to

the title there will be a place next to

the title like in another field to put

the price but you can also add the price

in the title always do that because

people see the price and people are on

Craigslist to get a deal so money is

everything okay

my number five tip is to create the body

of the text of the ad so I have a few

sub tips for this tip the first thing is

you want to use an anonymous email it's

very important

use that anonymous email feature the

second thing is to add in measurements

and as much information on the item as

possible how old it is what color it is

the measurements where it originated

from where you bought it from the

condition so you want to be as specific

as possible

you want to repeat the price again in

the body of the text that's really

important another big tip on the body of

the text is to never use your actual

address you want to use the map feature

in the Craigslist ad and the Craigslist

ad and you want to make sure that you're

putting in sort of cross streets you

want to only putting cross streets you

don't want to put in your your actual

address and never ever put your name

your phone number or your actual address

it's really really important I just

basically use everything I put

everything in the ad and then I use my

email my anonymous email or the

anonymous email feature so Craigslist

will give the viewer an anonymous email

but it sends it to my email address it's

a perfect win-win situation but then you

might say well how do people get in

touch with you so that's my my sixth tip

you want to create your ad closing so

you have the body of the text give the

title the body and then your closing and

the closing is basically I have a couple

tips for that you always want to copy

and paste the following and put it at

the bottom of your ad ready I'll have it

up here so it should always say local

pickup and serious cash buyers only

email for an appointment with name and

phone number for a quick reply so that

way you're not getting spammed of text

messages and phone calls all of your

correspondence will come to your email

if you don't have notice

patience on your email you can set your

emails for notifications I'm always

checking my email so I'll always see

that I have a response from the

Craigslist ad and that way I know those

buyers are serious they're giving me

their name they're giving me their phone

number and then I can text them I can

reply back to them with maybe a star six

seven or a blocked phone number to see

if they're really interested and then I

can ask them more questions never again

put your name address or your phone

number and always check your email

diligently because you're saying you're

going to check your responses quickly

make sure you get back to people ASAP

you know I've lost deals by not getting

back to people and being too slow buyers

will go on to the next person it's

happened to me several times okay number

seven tip is to have have a meet up and

schedule a meet up and always think

about safety so once a potential buyer

emails you and asks for your email back

you want to ask them to make an

appointment at a specific time and ask

what car they're going to be driving I

know you're saying this sounds a little

paranoid but it really does work when

making the appointment you want to you

don't want to mention sort of any

personal information or personal time

commitments like oh I'm at work oh well

my husband's not home you don't want to

do that and only mention when you're

available or not available okay my next

sort of sub tip in the meeting and

safety tip is to try to meet at a public

place if you're selling something big

you can mention that you can come over

to the actual house or the location but

always mention that it's your cousin's

house or your mother's house or your

sister-in-laws house never say that it's

your house even if it is your house

on that note always have another person

home whenever someone's coming over and

never mention what time other people are

home or whether or not you live at the

home just say you're available not

available and mention that it's someone

else's house ok never be alone either

so on that same token always try to meet

if you can't if you are going to the

house meet in the driveway the garage or

another outside area put them put the

item outside it may be in the driveway

or the you know the common area and

never invite someone in your house

especially alone always get the money in

your hand

before you give the item away before

it's loaded or before it's lifted and

always try to snap a picture of

a person's license plate or their car

before they leave especially if you're

inviting them over to your house and

lastly just kind of keep text messages

emails and correspondence for at least a

couple of weeks sometimes what I'll do

is actually block numbers and block

names after that because I just don't

want any kind of spam or any kind of

connections but those are my tips for

not only being successful but being safe

when selling on Craigslist if you're

looking for a more in detail tutorial or

something or a screencast let me know I

can do that for you I can kind of do a

walkthrough or maybe do like a little

mini eCourse or something I really enjoy

selling stuff on Craigslist it's kind of

like a weird obsession of mine because

I'm just I've really found that the keys

and the little tips that work so give

these give these tips a try and let me

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