How to Sell Something on Craigslist

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Hey, guys! I'm Bill

Today I want to talk about selling in posting items on Craigslist.

if you've never heard if Craigslist before, it'sbasically just a free site where you can

view and post local advertisements.

It's kinda of like the Classifieds section of the newspaper but is totally free to use.

Now, if you've never sold something on Craigslist before it can seem a little

sketchy or even a bit confusing. Today we're going to show you all the steps to

creating and post something on Craigslist for sale,

as well some advice about how to create the best type of posting and

how to stay safe. To get started, go to in your web browser

Locate and select post a classifies near the upper left corner

Select the type of post you want to make. In this example I'm selling an old bike of mine, so I'll select

for sale by owner. Next, choose a category for your item.

Again, I'm selling a bike, so I'll choose bicycles.

The main posting page will appear. Pay special attention to contact info section near the top.

We recommend using the Craigslist mail relay option

and for this you only want to provide your email address.

Basically, this creates a temporary email address that will be forwarded to your inbox.

We don't recommend providing your phone number here.

Now you can enter a title, your desired price and some information about the item in the posting body.

We recommend you provide as much detail as possible here.