How To Sell Your RV - Tips and Tricks to get the most Money

it doesn't matter if you have a

Motorhome or travel trailer absolutely

nobody likes their trade-in value in

this video I'm gonna teach you how to

sell your RV yourself which websites to

list them which websites not to list

them and little tricks to help you get

the absolute most money when you're

selling it we're starting in three two








hey everyone I'm Matt from Matt's RV

reviews the world's only channel that

gives you the true unbiased review about

everything when it comes to our bees and

again today this is the list of our

agenda that we're going to go over I'm

going to show you how to list it on

Facebook RV trader and Craig's List and

I'm going to show you where not to do it

and also what scams to look for when

craigslist there's a lot of scammers out

there and then to wrap it all up I'm

gonna do it finish it with tips and

tricks to get the most money for selling

your RV 1 million dollars so first let

me show you how to list it on the

internet and over here I actually have

to enter the Internet

for most let me show you how to sell on

Facebook marketplace so when you log

into your Facebook account you click

marketplace right there this takes you

to Facebook marketplace and then right

here this blue bar says sell something

you want to go and you want to click

vehicles for sale and what's your

vehicle type RV / camper now to make I'm

gonna use coachmen mirada of 35 BH a

20-18 for an example so you're gonna

want to put coachmen mirada and then the

model of 35 BH year 2018 exterior color

this really doesn't make a difference I

don't know why they do this brown and

brown price we're gonna put 99999

describe your item you want to have a

good description I will show you at the

end of towards the end of this video how

to do a good description and then you

just want to upload you want to upload

all 20 pictures but I'm just gonna do

four or five just for this video to make

it quick and then you post it just like

that you have it marked on Facebook

marketplace what's great is people are

able to look at all your pictures

they're able to read your description

they're able to see where you're located

and they're able to see who you are to

make sure that you're an authentic

person that's Gary Vaynerchuk I love

that guy great let's go to our V trader

show you how to use our V trader now in

my opinion RV trader is going to be your

best option

but you have to pay for it and here's

what I don't like it says sell anything

for twenty nine nine um that one isn't a

good one so go over here to the sidebar

and you click sell your RV you get

started that you have three packages

basic two weeks four

2099 enhanced eight weeks twenty photos

you're able to add a video and you're

able to be featured that's the best one

well I mean over here is the best one

fifty videos blah blah blah 149 I

personally wouldn't do that I would

select the one for seventy nine nine it

is good enough so then you sign in

continue great once you're signed in I

really like RV trader cuz you're able to

select the class the class year make

coachmen and then check this out you're

only allowed to select the models that

coachmen has so we're going to beat

Murata now a special note you want to

make sure you don't select Morada select

you want to select Mirada cuz there is a

difference between the two and then trim

this is the model number

oops not that one you want to make sure

right here 35 BH enter appraised 99999

price tag make offer can't do that then

again you want to do a kick-ass

description and then fuel type gas and

then this should all fill in by itself

blah blah blah then you go to next

photos then you select a couple great

photos okie dokie add a YouTube video

need help with video this is a great

tool to show you how to upload a video

or you can contact me directly and now

next enter your contact info great and

then enter promo code huh not Taco Bell

if there is a promo code Matt RV reviews

then you check out finally Craigslist

now Craigslist has really gone downhill

and I don't like Craigslist and trust me

before you see any videos on Craigslist

I have a video right up here about how

to spots

on Craigslist but no see how many nearby

Craigslist's I live in Anne Arundel

County which is closer to Annapolis but

you want to make sure you list it in

like if for me for an example in

Annapolis Baltimore and Washington DC so

you click RVs and then you click post an

RV for sale by owner and you scroll down

to RVs by owner now the one thing I will

say what I really like about Craigslist

is you're able to create your own title

so what you can do is you could do a

20-18 coachmen mirada 35 bh oops 35 bh

and then you're able to put bunk house

class a motor home right price $99.99

specific Alok ation Pasadena Maryland

alrighty then then again great

description right

scroll down make and model coachmen

mirada 35 bh fuel gasoline or RV type

class a transmission automatic this has

emails by phone by text and then you

click continue and then it gives you a

map you can have it to your actual

address or you can have it wherever you


then you click continue cry exists

you're allowed to have 24 pictures which

again I recommend you using all 24 but

I'm just gonna use these five for a

quick example done with images rate

publish now with this I just got an

email sent to Matt sells RVs

let me go here and show to you Gmail


all right

click this

great here's the email and then you

click this link one time accept the

Terms of Use great and now my post is

listed and I am gonna take this down in

a second but here it is now here's the

big thing

Craigslist will never email you again

and if they do email you for some reason

they're never gonna ask you to login

that is a Craigslist scammer again I

have a video up here how to identify a

Craigslist scammer so make sure you know

what to watch out for alright great so

now I'm gonna show you where not to list

your RV when it comes to websites

RVT com I do not recommend the reason

why is because they don't have a good

feature function right this second where

it's showing your local ads now the only

look there's a little exception right

there if you have a used diesel pusher

people are willing to travel for that

other than that I really wouldn't use

our Beatty com consignment at a

dealership or brokers do not use them

because I can't tell you how many times

listen these brokers they charge you per

month and they don't tell you what to do

they ask you what price you want to sell

for I've seen somebody have their unit

for 139,000 and it was literally worth

$90,000 but they paid them to do the

consulting and the per day and

everything and they knew they would

never ever ever sell their unit even if

they weren't able to sell their unit the

banks wouldn't finance that unit for

that amount of money so next I

appreciate you sticking around for this

part of the video so I'm going to give

you tips and tricks to make more money

while Sallah RV follow me say hi to the


hi what's up so when it comes to selling

your RV it's very important about how

you take the pictures again whatever

you're doing it on Facebook Craigslist

RV trader

you want to use the absolute max let's

say it's 20 so for the outside you want

to make sure you take at least four

pictures on the outside I recommend

probably six you can want to hit this

then angle this then go that side view

angle and then

or rear ankle and then you're going to

want to do the same thing on the other

side four times at least six times is

even better so then this isn't a good

shot let's go over here the first

interior shot needs to be the money shot

as I call it

so follow me you want in a Motorhome or

a travel trailer you want to get back as

far as you can and this picture here's

what it looks like thumb where I'm gonna

put up on the screen right now that's

the money shot that's the first

impression of the interior of two

because that's the most part one first

impressions matter then you want to make

sure you get that side and then just the

dinette wanna sit back like this I know

I look stupid but this how you sell

Arby's very important inside the sink

you know bedroom and then when you get

to your showers unless you're in a big

motor home it's going to be a tight shot

so you bring this one sideways this is

how you properly take pictures of your

motor home

great so next you want to have a

kick-ass description what I mean is

don't put high this is a 2018 coach

Murano 35 eh so I'm looking to sell it

say look one owner why list why you're

selling it are you upgrading are you

getting out of the RV industry why are

you upgrading say hey if you have a

class a Motorhome and you're trading up

for a diesel explain that explain all

the maintenance records say look I

maintain this whole thing I've changed

the oil three times don't change it

don't say every year say three times

every single year I go up on the roof

take a picture of the roof I can't

believe I didn't mention that take a

picture of the roof with rvs it doesn't

matter what the value is if the

condition sucks it doesn't matter what

the nad a book says so the better the

condition is the more money you're gonna

be able to get and just be genuine say

hey you know my family and I this was

the first motorhome that we bought we

didn't know what we liked and what we

didn't like and that's why we're selling

it or if somebody passed away that does

happen a lot I'll explain that hey this

is not your RV this is for because

you're so and so passed away and it's

over to you and make sure you have all

your paperwork and stuff already ready

so many times a lot of these are RV

flippers they'll have a title and it

won't be in their name and then they'll

just pass the title off to you make sure

you don't do that make sure you have all

your paperwork ready and here's the big

thing it's going to be very difficult if

you owe more on your RV than what it's

worth it's going to be very difficult

send me an email

Matt sells RVs or no not that email

matt's RV reviews at i'm going

to send you something a little personal

email to let you know because when

you're upside down on your RV you're

going to have to come out of pocket

whatever the balance is from what you're

able to

you gotta take this phone call cool so

my final secret tip is this it's um

Facebook groups so there's a whole bunch

of Facebook groups out there and let's

see if you have a Tiffin motorhome you

got a Tiffin motorhome Scooby Anne

Arundel County yard sales this that

there's all these different groups

here's one Motorhome Class C groups to

buy and sell this one's in North East

Texas but they have all these different

types of groups you then go to RV trader

and you click your URL which is right

here you highlight it when you hit ctrl

C to copy it and then you go to this

group and if you click this and you

click control V which look at that

it brings up your RV trader listing this

honestly is one of my biggest secrets

for selling used motorhomes

at our dealership I will put them in

these Facebook groups so then again you

do this you want to make it short and

sweet hey everyone I'm selling my unit

right blah blah I'm selling my unit and

then you publish it right post

so now here it is so when a custom let

me close this out so what a customer

clicks this boom it takes them to their

to your unit on an RV trader and you're

able to put it in all of these Facebook

groups that is the key the people in

these groups they're looking for our

beast so that's one of the biggest tips

and tricks for selling your RV great so

that wraps up this video about how to

sell your RV yourself if you have any

tips or tricks that I didn't mention

this video make sure you leave them in

the comments below if you have any

questions about selling your RV don't

worry I can help you send me an email

Matt's RV reviews at if you

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you don't know what your RVs worth I

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